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Hi. Just short today, it's quite late, have to go sleep already.

I've decided to quit playing games about half of May. In order to do this, I choose to come back to my past passion- long distance running.

So 13.05 I,ve started my first training and began to use Endomondo application from first training. At the end of June I've decided to go further and to make kind of videoblog, videojournal when I post short relation, video-proof from every training---that's how I began my BestOfYourself project and same name YouTube canal:


What more I've decided to start a lifestyle blog. For beggining I write there about running, and ofc about computer addiction, some free thoughts. In future I plan post there more articles about computer,Internet and gaming addiction. Of course in my native,Polish language.

For now I don't have time for even thinking about games and that's a great feeling;)



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I wish you much strong as you can possess. I'm looking forward for your blog! So post link afterwards. Polish language is not much obstacle for me because when I was younger I really enjoy trip to Poland especially Polish Tešín and shopping in general.

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I wish you much strong as you can possess. I'm looking forward for your blog! So post link afterwards. Polish language is not much obstacle for me because when I was younger I really enjoy trip to Poland especially Polish Tešín and shopping in general.

Hi there.

My blog is already working from 1 week;) but for now not too much about game addiction topic, more Various thoughts and kind of my own memories, like o journal. But Im working hard collecting data- preparing for articles about quitting games.


That's cool to hear You don't have problems with Polish language. Wow, I always admired people speaking few languages. Good job sir;)

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TODAY went donate blood so I choose not to risk and didn't run. But I've focused on paper work- few hours took me "translating" and trying to understand all aspects of Gary's Willson TEDex speech The great porn experiment.  Cause my English is on medium communicative level, it took me a lot of time with online dictionary. But I got through it. Wow, there is SO MUCH interesting information and topic about behavioral addiction, dopamine, Delta-FossB  proteine, natural and artificial  reward mechanism in our brain. So much topics to be survey more...The biggest problem for me is now language barier- will take me few more times to read it in English. but still, have found many clues and marks- I know now what may I search also in my native, Polish language. Fortunately some books are publishe in Polish too, just to find and buy them;)- like prof. Zimbardo "Demise of guys".perfect position,

One more time- thanks Cam for pointing to these specific TEDex speech. probably will check few similar that YouTube shows next to it, on side bar. Maybe will find some new, useful  info there too;)?

Ok,  1 A.M. here, going to sleep. cya GameQuitters

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Ok. Sofor the weekend zI went to my home city, to visit and help a litlle my parents. On Friday was quite exhausted (maybe still after that blood sharing?;) On Saturday I was tired and quite lazy in the afternoon, but after a short nap I managed to go on the road...I ran about 10-11 km then.


Today I came back home and had longer run. I've lost Endomondo signal twice, so Iąve lost about 2-3 km in final counting. Made about 20 km (1hr 40 min running...), but Endomondo shows only 18 km.



So it was quite intensive, physically and socially;) weekend. Tommorow I'm going back to my addiction thing researches in the Internet;)



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Here's an article you may find interesting: http://www.sparringmind.com/supernormal-stimuli/

Wow Cam, thanks a lot. yep, it's very informative article. Another brick to support theory, convincing nowadays people that some of them may be literally addicted to games. Thanks for the link, apreciate it

what more, I've read yesterday that in clinical psychology (at least when we spoeak about depenence to substantions, like alkoholk or drugs) we can say about 4 "stages": experimenting, using, ill overusing and last stage is dependence, addiction. So even if some hard core gamers couldn't be described as addicted, they are probably ill overusing games- spending to much time= too little sleep, don't eat correct, don't have enough move, fresh air, etc. Not addicted, but overusing for sure.

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Next report;)

Another running days. In fact there was even few km more, but have some problems with Endomondo turning on and off in my cell for. Therefore the fewer kilometers.

And off course more reading, researches. I began making beetroot juice;) for my condition and health improving. Even wrote an article about it and made my first infographic about it;)- it took so many hours..;)  will show it off in few days;)

As always, the only thing I haven't got enugh now its TIME-that precious time I wasted in hundreds of hours sitting in front of games...

But I have to make it all more scheduled, more regimed- cause there are still few things I should do every day. In little pieces but sistematicaly- for example working on my English;)

Maybe one day somebody from GameQuitters forum would like to speak with me from time to time on Skype? Who knows?;) would be awesome


Good night world. Will try to go to sleep earlier but Im afraid my biological clock is still deregulated. I go to sleep at 1-2 a.m. and sleep til 9-10 a.m. That really bad. Would be perfect to go earlier and wake up about at 5.30-6 a.m. every day. That's my another personal goal.for now- hard one to achieve;/




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Today is big day. I finally got my proffesionall running watch- Suunto Ambit 3 Run. No more problems with losing signal on my old cellphone and Endomondo on it...

I wanted to run awesome distance today as it is my first run with this watch. Made huge distance but Heart rate shows that was almost my limit, shouldn't train so hard...will have to run slower next time;)

but who cares, today runnig was hard but feeling is awesome;)



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Ok, I'm still alive;) Log actualisation

After taht looong trip and discovering, that my Heart rate is way too high for such effort I've made (I didn't run too fast, didn't do any sprints,etc) a mede two more trainings on Thursday and Friday to check, if my sportwatch is working correctly.

I've made 2 very easy, slow runs to test my heart rate. Still, even with these slow tempo 5.40- 6 min/km my HR was about 160, which seems way to mych for this tempo. I wasn't tired at all.


1. So I decided to pay a bit and signed up for proffesional sport efficiency tests. I had them on Monday 31st.

Yep, it came out that with my HR is really sth strange : 1. will have to check my heart  2.maybe it's genetic 3. maybe I messed my heart rate by myself- I never ran with HeartRate meter, didn't care about HR and maybe by running once fast, once slow, with different effort durin single training I made my body went crazy.

That's why specialist advised my to try run 1 mont, maybe 2 in my oxygen rate (which is 164 bpm for me). that will be very slow running, about  and 5min50 sec and more per 1 km ;/ but I will try. hope that in time my heart will get used that I start slower and it won't jump to high HR level from beginning.

Hope in some time I will be able to run faster and further in that oxygen rate, which will be important for my ultramarathon plans for the future;)


2. And I have finally finished my little e-book that I will use in my freebie e-mail for my blog's subscribers. It's about computer addiction, gaming and porn. I've built it around Gary Wilson TEDx speech The great porn experiment. I've translated it, added some research and my own thougts about possible similiarities between porn and computer game addiction, its mechanics, etc. Ofc I couldn't not to mention about Cam's great job here with GameQuitters and inspiration he gave to me, for my own fight with problems.

I took me a while  but I'm really proud, satisfied about what I managed to write. Hope it will help many people to think more about computer addiction issue.





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Congratulations on your ebook! That sounds like an excellent and relevant topic! Too bad I can't read Polish. ?

Don't worry, question of time when there will appear multilingual translation. Just one, little thing left...- to get to the top of Times' bestsellers list. from then it should be easy;) :D

so have faith my friend;)

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