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NEW VIDEO: I Replaced Gaming With Real Life (Nicco Transformation)

HAIKU for Gamequitters


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This came up in destroyah's journal, so thought I'd start the thread.


Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry, rrrrreally short, no rhyming or fancy stuff needed.  If you can count the syllables in the words (of any language), you can haiku.  http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/lists/7-hilarious-haiku


All you need to know is the syllable count for each line:

Line 1 = 5 syllables

Line 2 = 7 syllables

Line 3 = 5 syllables


My offering for today:



The mouse is a rat

gnawing the bones of  my days.

I'm setting a trap.

-- KDY


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"Haikus make bad poems <- These are 6 syllables, man!
But gamequitters is cool, so
I made one anyway
"  <- This too.


and my own poem is wrong too!




"Just how many lives
I must have borne office chaired
demising my soul


So much filler now! O.o

Edited by destoroyah
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Strawpiles:  work to do. 

Rodents:  mice clicking sharp teeth,

chewing time to shreds.



Rotors in neutral,

helicoptering to Earth: 

touch down, grow up, live!

-- KDY


PS:  is there a way to get single linespacing?

Edited by KDY
faulty boldfacing by poster (me) doesn't show in original, only after posting
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Zero, one, two, three,
Solve the equation: freedom
equals infinity

Transporter Room
Ready to beam out:
the only way off the ship
is when shields are down.

I guess creativity was one of the taps that got turned off when gaming took so many hours, cuz I kinda can't stop this . . . .


Marshall MacLuhan called it
the glass teat.  Now, when we curl
inside?  the glass womb?

Glass womb, classroom, flat
screen to hide behind.  Breech birth
messy, painful, real.

Who has ears to hear,
hear voices unmediated by
electrons:  singing.

Who has eyes to see,
see colours unbalanced
(no RGB):   free.

Who has hands to touch,
touch the living world again.
It might touch you back.


PS:  Cam, thanks for the shift+enter tip!

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Zero, one, two, three --
Solve the equation:  freedom
Equals  infinity . . .



fails, machines halt.  Everywhere
a fresh perspective.


Stars come out to play,
Tumbling across the night sky,
Pixel-free, sharp, bright.


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Feeling lost: seeking
a mountain of achievements
I can’t see for trees.

Toxic gaming leak
vented into cyberspace:
warp core is safe now.

If I meditate,
just who will I encounter
when I click “enter”?

Anakin's Observation
Om mani padme . . .
hmmm.  A galaxy drifts ‘round
this black hole’s heart

Astronomy non-Dominé
Spiral galaxy:
two arms, black hole for a heart.
Data loss:  guaranteed.

Snow's White
Turned seven hours loose
upon the day.   They reported back,
put their feet up, napped.

For Tom Lehrer
“prime” time can’t be divided
between games and me.

-- KDY

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Egad, it's been a loooong time.  I have actually passed the 90-day mark!
The first two are inspired by Cam's June 12 post on responding to a shitty day.


Stormy, cloudy day
Grey and unsettled, moody. 
Wind blows gloom away.

Dump on me, go on --
I'm not playing your game, see?
Your moves expose you.


The Long Game
Two weeks was easy,
Two months hard -- third month hardest. 
Ninetieth day -- in sight!

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  • 9 months later...

I feel kinda weak
Sadness is rushing in me
Is this a real feel?

Eh, complaining...
You failed? You should explain it.
Explain it yourself.

Success or failure
Your life versus your pleasure
Everyday's pressure

Edited by Alwaysnever
Fixing linespacing. I also added two more haikus.
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