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  1. and my own poem is wrong too! Oh, jeese. "I don't like Shakespear Iambic Pentameter Is worse than Haikus"
  2. "Haikus make bad poems But gamequitters is cool, so I made one anyway" –me
  3. Users speaking other languages can type using their native keyboards. For example, "niño" works fine. There may be some languages that are less (or not) supported, but that is the case for the vast majority of websites. It would be possible to add some, many, or perhaps even all special characters to the editor, but it would require an extension to this web application that I don't have time to make.
  4. That's one of those things that might sound nice, but it IS possible to push one's self too hard. And too hard is just that: Too hard. An eighty hour work week (as an extreme example) might be sustainable for .5% of the population, but for every other person it will exact a toll more significant than the benefits. But you're right in that preparing for occupational stresses and hazards should be seen as an inevitability and planned for. Lots of people wait until it hits them (or well after that point) to do something about it.
  5. Slacking off is one way to deal with it, I suppose.
  6. rulesguy

    DnD Video

    A video that address pen and paper and online skype/d20/tabletop simulator dungeons and dragons. I know I'm not the only person curious about it. I pretty much know where I stand on the matter, but it's a video worth making I think.
  7. What do you guys do to prevent the dreaded "burnout"? How do you know if you are pushing yourself too hard? What do you do if you feel burnout coming?
  8. Could even be made into a daily/weekly event or contest. "Three most liked posts get put onto the list" to encourage community activity. We could put up one reason a week and let the community rip into it.
  9. Would be interesting to see a list of arguments in favor gaming, followed by a list of rebuttals gathered from our community. It'd be a good way to strengthen the resolve of members (I think) to see the reasons TO game shot down. It would allow members to find reasons they DO identify with and feel compelled by, and hear compelling arguments against these very reasons. IE: Argument 1: "I think gaming is good because X" >Response by Cam >Response from Fat Eddie Also, I don't know how to format this well.
  10. For those who share my sense of humor, here is a background (It certainly does not have a good saying on it). It's worth noting that Cam didn't say this.
  11. Title. Put the posts in a "Found" subforum or something so its easy to check who IS and who IS NOT looking.
  12. Good old Nietzsche. One hell of a man. I'll be honest. At first I only read the title, then I read the last post and saw that OP might be leaving. Then I read why. I'm an admin now, so I'll admin. There's nothing morally wrong with seeking one night stands. Different people want different things. Nobody here should be casting moral judgements. Even if you're just trying to help, the fact is that when you try to help somebody who doesn't want to be helped, you'll only push them away. Did any of you have family members, friends, or relatives say that you needed to quit gaming? How did you respond? I'm not here to discuss the merits of the research on nofap, just understand that MANY people disagree with the movement, including many potential (and current) members of our community. Pushing away a Game Quitter for not agreeing with a separate community (nofap) is not in the best interests of this community. Please try to make this a welcoming environment for those who want to improve their lives and move past gaming, whatever that means for them.
  13. The further south a node, the more toward the front it ought to be. This will improve appearance substantially.
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