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LunchSerpent's Journal.


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18:30 - Dinner - Chicken porridge. It's a rainy day.

18:56 - Opened amazon packages. I am grateful that I have a caring older brother who is willing to buy me necessary items.

19:01 - Thanked Mother for the monthly rent! Continue reading 'Improve your Social Skills'! 


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Dear Journal, 

I attended IOP.
I helped landlord with work
I applied for food stamps. 60% done.
I looked into stopgaming community and its reading list. I remember making this thread a long while ago. I was one of the first posters here, if I recall correctly. I could read the stopgaming books.  I am/have giving/gave up masturbation last month. I have bookmarked the /r/stopgaming community. 
I searched Adult Children with alcoholics and computer gaming addicts anonymous. Also, I have been to a 12 step video game meeting years ago. AA is not for me. I edited a Dependency override grievance letter  for financial aid. 

All in all, today seems is a good day.

The day before yesterday. I looked into personal finance, personal finance and stop gaming seems is good material to process in the coming days.

I read Nicholas Carr's The Shallows. It's unnecessarily long winded, I thought.

I think that I  will try to finish the book since it's absolutely suggested reading for /r/stopgaming community.

Minimal Tomorrow:
Organize my IOP folder, Attend IOP
Apply for volunteering near my area.
Complete food stamps application

Help the landlord apply for UC cadaver.



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I want to prepare for my career path.
I want to take a intro programming class.
I want to read a book about the Great Depression,short history of nearly everything, personalfinance, stopgaming. I want to watch educational TV shows like Adam Ruins Everything. I want to learn a German/Chinese/Spanish. I want to solve some problems on rigorous online courses. 
Organize IOP folder
Took an hour long afternoon nap.
Attended IOP.
Watched Adam Ruins everything s01e16, malls, e17, animals, e18, immigration, e19, housing,  
60minutes Luxxotica, 
Listened to Planet Money about bankrupcy, national flood insurance, equifax data breach
Looked into Germany and Denmark. 
I don't want to move to denmark because people don't eat out. They cook all of their food because take out food is so expensive. I spend much time cooking. Cooking takes a lot of time. I also looked into Germany. Moving and adapting to a country is tough. I don't have much social skills. I don't have a bachelors degree with work experience or entering master's degree education. I need to settle in the US first before I consider moving to another country. Later, I could look into moving to other countries with good work-life balance and least work hours. Maybe later, I could move to a place like Germany. I don't have to be a citizen to live there. I looked into a lot to consider moving to place and become a permanent resident or citizen. I would much prefer the 30 hour work week in Germany, but many men seem to work about 40 hours a week in USA already. Average full time working time for men in Germany is ~40 hours. 
Apply for food stamps 
apply for volunteering
Help the landlord apply for UC cadaver.
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Hey Jin.  Thanks for the update.  It sounds like you've been really busy lately!  How have things been going on the gaming front?  From your intro post it sounds like you are a really accomplished player.  That must be a really tough thing to distance yourself from.  

How are you finding IOP?  Anything good coming out of that? 

Hope you're having a great week!

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Hi Jin!

What does IOP stand for?

And Chicken porridge sounds..... weird.... almost hideous.

Have you watched the documentary Ecstasy of Order? Fantastic piece of work, but one thing that always stood out to me was how the super competitive players would see tetris blocks falling down during various events, like water droplets in the shower. I can totally relate to that, when I was a huge game boy player back in the day with the original, I used to see things pixelated sometimes. Probably explains why my eyes are so shot now.

Hope things have been going well for you!

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It was tough to distance myself from Tetris. I was super into that game. :)

IOP is Intensive Outpatient Care, it is a 10 day group meeting. I learn new coping skills there. It is helping so far.

I have watched Ecstasy of Order. It is a nice documentary. :)

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woke up at 8:30. Browsed tumblr, ate breakfast. Set a 1.66 hour timer for exercise schedule. brushed teeth. washed dishes.
Applying for food stamps. Food stamps ask for too much information about my housmates as if they are my family. I will get direct help from a family resource center next Wednesday. Helped my landlord translate UC Irvine cadaver program.
Walked my 2 dogs for 30 minutes.
Watched Adam Ruins Everything, s01e20-, drugs, prisons, wild west, internet, justice, Christmas, Going Green, s02, having a baby, weight loss, 

I got scabies on my right hand and I have to schedule an appointment tomorrow morning. I know that I have scabies because I had it once.

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