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Schwing's Art


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I may post on here occasionally.

For now, this is one I drew a year ago:


My art is often very dark. I take inspiration from fantasy and mythology mainly.

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Next time on the dickless cyborg show-our robotic albino hero heads to the takeaway across the road searching for a lead on the sex trafficking ring in cyberpunk city! he won't get anywhere without a fight though.


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In the gloomy smog filled gamma sector 3C, our hero enters a takeaway. But noodles and prawn crackers aren't the only thing they have in the back! Stay tuned for more action!


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After years on end of intense meditation
In the solitude of the himalayan mountains
The buddhist zen practitioner, Hideo Yagami, had an epiphany
He realised
Meditation was a waste of his sweet fucking time!


He fled his mountain peak cave with due haste
And formulated a sacred path of unparalleled wisdom
He named it
The idontugivafukkado!
Hideo: SUGOI!


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