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NEW VIDEO: Gaming Addict Answers Most Googled Questions

New Fitness channel by Robin


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Posted my first video's!

I've never thought of putting myself on the internet. I know the quality isn't good yet and the topics are a bit everywhere, but this feels like a huge

accomplishment for myself. I was always the shy and unconfortable guy who was addicted to gaming. I want to change that to someone whose motivational, confident and

who can have an impact on other lifes. I will not rest untill I've become that person and keep improving myself.

Thanks for the support guys :)!

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Robin, I have watched your 2 videos. It's amazing to see you get 6 packs! 

I look forward for you to share new video on your youtube channel !

I believe it will be a good story to share.

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Still waiting for a new video :)

New vid coming tonight! I had the mindset off creating content instead of documenting my journey. I will put out a lot more content consistently from now on. Thanks for motivating me bro ♡

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Robin, I love the videos. I really do.

I thought, since it is a very strong topic and very popular, you could also create a video where you talk about motivation. Like, generating motivation to work out, the consequences of workout, e.g. feeling confident, strong and so on. Combined with self respect and all that goes along with it. Because I feel many people have issues with starting to work out, keep working out and seeing the results of the workout.

As said, really like it and I would love to see more of your stuff!

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