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  1. Make a vision would let you happy. Please share with us after you finish it!
  2. (Day 6)Game Quitters Challenge Pause (27.11.2016 Sunday)Time I woke up: 6:05 a.m. Time I went to sleep yesterday: 11:00 p.m. Received a warm call in the morning which make me feel great in the whole day. It was my first time using the skype phone and receive a call from foreign country. It's amazing that the quailty of voice is very good, even better than general phone call. After the call, I was shocked that it seems that I have not been having a phone chat with friend for such a long time. Actually I just have a few friends, not more than 5, we seldom have phone chat, even if they give me a call, I don't know what I can talk with them. It is a new problem I think I need to deal with. There were some moments on Skype call I counld not hear very well and give instant reply, I hope I can reply better and share more next time. Some of my routine cannot be finished, I should rearrange my time to do them.The challenge need to be hold for a while, will be continue after few days. What I am grateful for todayReceived a Skype call which I never imagine I would have one week beforeFull lunchFinished meditation , excercise and read 30 minutesTry to cook bak kut teh pack , not bad Extra List Study for 15-30 minutes (Failed)Mathematics formula (Failed) How many more days I have left to live 20,050 days
  3. That's really helpful and give me direction on how to social with people
  4. Yes, if I go to Europe in future, I will go to Poland too. I've learn some historical issue and building in my history lesson when I'm in high school. It's great and beautiful.
  5. Hi Wolfy, welcome to our community. I recommend you to watch some of the Cam's Youtube video such as What other activities should I do after I quit playing video games? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f98t6OVjsiE What If You Find Other Activities To Be Boring? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4q649mZfr0 How to Get Motivated After You Quit Gaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IFAOiJDegE They may give you some idea of your situation.
  6. HI Robin, it's good to see your new YT viodeo. Would you also share your daily food besides of the supplements? Rest is very important, in this few days, many people get sick including me. Take care!
  7. (Day 5) Game Quitters Challange Day 5 (26.11.2016 Saturday)Time I woke up: 6:05 a.m. Time I went to sleep yesterday: 11:00 p.m The following is my vision board.1. I want to live with my boyfriend and happy forever. I want to be nice. I want to be a accountable person. I want to improve my social skills and make more friends.2. I would like to be fit. I 'd love to go to Thailand, Tokyo and Europe. 3. I want to be more productive. I want to pass my part time degree course. I want to help others. My morning routine finished very well today. I am able to follow my commitment. What I am grateful for todayGet up on timeFinished meditation and exerciseTry two new restaurant at lunch & dinnerGet the photosBuy a bookThe staff is nice at lunchNo need to wait for the dinnerIt's cheap to buy photosMy boyfriend finished his trip and came backNew package of chewing gum Extra List Study for 15-30 minutes (Failed)Mathematics formula (Failed) How many more days I have left to live 20,051 days
  8. Hi Robin, your team's performance is really good. How many teams are there in the competition? If the video's quality can be better would be great! Look forward to your journal.
  9. Hey I am 26 and can confirm everything that Robin said. So I don't think a generation gap applies here. The main Thing about socialising isn't to have smth. interesting to say. It is to be interested about other people. Ask your colleagues after the problems they have and be interested in these Problems. Not just nod and say oh that sucks but ask further details. Most of the time you can share some similar problems you have in in your life afterwards. This is a slow Progress from superficial to more and more personal stuff as you start to trust each other. Also make it ahabit o smile look others in their eyes and walk straight. This little things make a big change in how the world will see's you and how you feel. I did these things and feel like I have great conversations wiht my colleagues all the time and I am an introvert. It is no magic. Try it out. Stepping regulary a little bit out of your comfort Zone is also a great way to improve your self confidence. And self confidence is great for socialising. I think with working out the main idea is to stay consistent. Just find a reasonable Routine and do it for 3months 2-3times a week. Eat a lot of Protein. You'll see changes in your Bbdy pretty soon if you stick to these two rules. Maybe Robin can give you more insights about specific training plans. I found that I am interested with one of my colleagues, we always have a chat. She shared her experience, and I would ask further. I can chat with her normally and laugh together. But for other colleagues, I seldom chat with them, you are right, I am not interested in them, so I can’t socialize with them. One of them usually tease me or says sth that seems harmless but is actually a criticism, insult or attack when I talk about other things such as food, girls with him, it makes don’t want to chat with him, and he always say my feedback is cold or no feedback upon his works. I always smile and look others eyes when talking. But my face has no expression when I am walking. People said I always black face. Some of my friends said I look lack of confidence as I didn’t keep my back straight. I think I need some time to correct it and step out from my comfort zone. Thank you for your advice Work In Progress.
  10. Game Quitters Challenge Day 4 (25.11.2016) The time I woke up: 6:05 a.m. The time I went to sleep yesterday: 11:00 p.m. My morning success routine 6:00 Get up 6:00-6:05 brush teeth & wash face 6:05-6:15 meditation 6:15-6:30 exercise 6:30-7:00 shower, prepare breakfast and have it 7:00-7:10 get dressed 7:15 leave home Today my alarm clock rang at 6:00, I turned it off and would like to sleep a while. But when I close my eyes, I realized that I would get up at 7 and do nothing in my routine. So I get up immediately to start it. During meditation, my brain cannot stop thinking; I don't know if it is normal. It's same as I was having yoga when I close my eyes and say Om..., I still have many things running in my brain. For exercise, I found some 10-15 minutes youtube video to do, maybe I did not exercise for a period, I felt tired and keep gasping. 15 minutes seems such a long time. I finished meditation and exercise at 6:40, a little bit late than I expect. So the rest was in a rush. When I go to work, I 've got a feeling that I did many things in one hour in the morning, it's interesting. What I am grateful for today • did not crawl back in bed • prepare healthy breakfast (Muesil clusters & almond milk) • Finished meditation & exercise • Make a fast dinner ( Tortellini, dumpling and pork chop, all frozen food) • Write down some Mathematics formula Extra List • Study for 15-30 minutes (Failed) How many more days I have left to live 20,052 days
  11. Oh....thank you so much Cam! I just checked the email. It's very surprised for me because yesterday I thought may be I was not be choosen as I saw you said you received tons of application. Thanks again!
  12. Will you post the name list here? If yes, What time will you post?
  13. 84 and 95 out of 100? The target is really high and difficult! You are always hardworking to get this result, it's amazing!
  14. That's good to spend many time on studying. I hope I can do that too. It seems that you can control gaming, how come the psycholigist said you are diagnosed with gaming addiction?
  15. Thx Robin. You are so nice. I would try to take action on the things I need to do. How do you socialize with people? Don't you afraid dead air and have nothing to talk with? Do you read newspaper everyday to get some idea in conversation? I seldom talk to peopke and just have a few of friends in secondary school. Now I leave school and go to work everyday, still don't have much friend. I join the gym in April this year, you know there are many guys in the gym, I think I rarely stay in an area full of guys so I feel nervious. You are right, I need to step out of my comfrot zone and get a try, I need to make it as a habit and go to gym more often to let myself familiar with the cicumstances. I would like to lose weight. I am 27 years old, 168cm tall and 60kg weight. I would like to lose 5-10 kg and get 25 inches waist. What do you think I should do? It seems that I am older than you a lot, hope we don't have generation gap.