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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

The best possible version of myself


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I would suggest webprogramming. Especially the internet the demand to learn this quickly things is pretty high. And you could Show off a a result afterwards (your own flashy Website for example)

I was actually considering the same thing! It also comes in handy for blogging, which is essentially the thing I want to do + webprogramming is definitely something a lot of people struggle with...

Yesterday I started a coursera course 'Learning to learn'. This course got me so excited! After having a bad dream I woke up at 4 am .. I didn't feel bad, as soon as I woke up I thought about the course and I though it was probably 6am and I could actually go work on it a bit. Then I realised it was 4 am and I only slept 5 hours. Since today was a working day I think I made the right decision by going to sleep again

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Awesome thoughts on that!

I think you'll manage to have awesome career, because once you fail something, you instantly stand up and fight like a gladiator on the arena.

That's why you have your third journal here! Keep it up!

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

Thanks man!

I'm not having a great day today. I feel really uninspired, unmotivated and I don't want to do anything. It's really nice to read a message like this!

I'll get off my lazy but and play some guitar + work on my goal setting stuff further (I want to completely finish it this week)


Edit: 45 minutes of guitar playing, turned it so loud I could actually smell the tubes of my amp. Not good for the ears, but it was a good outlet for my frustration today I feel a lot better now :D

Glad to see I made your day, and then your guitar with amp REALLY made your day :)

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Weekly update

It was a pretty weird week, but a fun week. I didn't work on my business at all. I didn't feel the pressure of it, FeltGoodMan However I still miss it a bit. It's still something I want. So I'll continue it. Sometimes it's good to take a step back.

I almost didn't play any guitar this week, which is surprising, but it was also because of pain in my hand. 'No guitar' means no serious guitar playing. I still played a couple of hours.

Exercise .. wtf happened, I bought myself a turbo trainer for my bicycle and I love it. I didn't even connect it to the pc yet and I really enjoy it! Had it on friday, set it up. Trained saterday and sunday for about 1,5 hours combined. Also did my pushups every day (except for saterday and sunday offcourse). Monday, tuesday and thursday I also did my pullups, the other days I did crunches. Also went out walking during my lunch break on wednesday and thursday ..

Nutrition: Saterday and a part of sunday I concluded I wouldn't do anything about my nutrition just yet. But sunday evening for some reason I changed my mind. This morning I actually weighed myself. To be honest .. I thought the scale was broken. I knew I gained some weight. I lost a bit of weight in September (dropped from 77->75,5 kg). Since then it was terrible. I figured I would be around 78, maybe 79kg ... 81kg ???? Ooooh shet, almost at my heaviest weight again .. I'm not panicing though, actually it explains why my clothes don't feel comfortable anymore :$ So yea! Back to proper nutrition. I just made myself a basic plan, without restrictions on portion. I want to get in the habit of eating healthy first.

Meal plan:

7-8 am : Oatmeal, whey, milk, berries

12pm: Bread (fiberous) , Chicken or cheese, 1 piece of fruit

5pm : Brown rice, vegetable mix/brocolli/spinach , Lean meat

9pm: Egg with chickpeas (in dutch we call it 'froggpeas' btw) and a piece of fruit as a snack

10.30pm: Nuts + a piece of fruit

The meal plan consist of high caloric food like rice, eggs, nuts and oatmeal. But compared to my current mealplan it's a huge improvement? My first goal was getting a healthy amount of fiber. I also focused a bit on micronutrients. By eating this I'm also getting a better caloric intake and better macronutrient distribution (more protein and better fats).


Broke the chain, didn't read on friday, but I did study a lot. Also got back on track saterday and sunday.


Did this every day for at least 15 minutes. Yesterday it was a shorter session though. Will get back on track today for sure.


This week:

Guitar: 10 min technique, 10 min transcribing, 10 min theory, 10 min repetoire or improvisation + record stuff

Exercise: 3xcycling for 30 minutes, 1xgym (squats, stiff leg DL, planks), 1x Zwift bunch ride(?) , Off days: 15 push-ups, 15 crunches , planks OR pull-ups.

Business: Finish my goal setting stuff I started here, work on it at least 15 min daily + do some further immersion work on quora, FB and reddit

Read: 1-2% of the mastery book daily --> 10-20% total this week

Meditate: 15 min each day (don't want to increase this yet, 15 min is pretty hard but doable for me)

Food: Follow meal plan

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So I just did this...

I quit gaming again AND Twitch (which is even more important). I'm watching twitch, playing games and it isn't adding any value to my life. Like literally, I'm watching streams and often not even enjoying them. I was searching for new games the last few days, I downloaded Stardew Valley and played a couple of hours today. I had fun but Stardew Valley also makes me realise how hard I'm wasting my time.

So when I realised I was wasting time, I turned on Twitch and decided to google some new stuff about guitar to get on track again. I came accros advice from famous musicians and suddenly I see this:

In an interview with NME, Jack White had some pretty straightforward answers to the three things every new musician need:

“They need to quit playing video games, throw away their Auto-Tune program and cut three strings off their guitar.”

At first I didn't really think about it. In my head I was just like .. well that's right, so much wasted potential. I closed the Twitch tab immediatly. Without thinking too much I opened steam again, deleted all my games and uninstalled steam. I re-opened the Twitch tab. I stopped my subscription, and closed it again. No emotions. I don't think I will miss it. Yes it wil be tempting, but I'm not missing any value here.

The only game I'll play is Zwift (which is actually riding your bike in front of your pc, so it's not really a game .. or well maybe it is, but it's a game with actual value).

What will I do to replace it?

- Stop making silly excuses

- Read more books that I really want to read. I already have 4 books waiting

- Study some stuff about learning to learn and Meditation (and a bit of buddhism)

- Work on my business again, but make it fun instead of frustrating

- Play my guitar more and actually start recording... I spent $200 on recording equipment, didn't even use it once!


Thanks you Jack White and thank you Game Quitters (Cam)

Now let's get back to becoming the actual best version of myself.

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Good job! Quitting twitch is huge. 

My balance was definitely better since I started watching again after my detox. But to be honest. For my ambition, I just don't have time. Yesterday I read for 1,5 hour. I had fun reading. I'd rather read than watch Twitch. I acually only watch Twitch for a couple of funny moments.. I could also just watch a highlight video (which I'm not going to do, because it would trigger me going back to Twitch).

When I first quit gaming and Twitch I wasn't convinced about my decision. But I just did it to prove I'm not addicted. This time it was easy. I'm pretty sure for me it's not a real addiction but it still takes a lot of my time and it shouldn't.

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I guess it's the third day without gaming? Didn't even miss it. I'm not even going to count it this time. The only way I see myself going back is if I lose all motivation and ambition in my life. I don't see that happening in the first years. Possibly I would game a bit in a holiday in the future, when I really have a little too much time, but I guess it's better to plan a trip to somewhere instead.

Will do an update soon on my journey towards becoming the best possible version of myself. Also I will make part 2 of my goalsetting entries pretty soon

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I did a lot of fantastic stuff today! I'm feeling pretty proud. I woke up and rode 50km on Zwift!!! And I did it fast for my norms.

Then I had a misunderstanding and missed guitar practice, so I practiced on my own. I also read a lot and I did some brainstorming on my business and I feel excited for the first time in a month!

I did not waste a lot of time up until now (7pm). I really crave gaming right now. I really want to chill a bit on stardew valley lol.. such a silly game :-) I kinda feel like I 'deserve' it. But hey .. I won't. I still got some stuff I can do. Didn't really expect to get tempted this fast !

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About that ... I still ended up playing even after doing the extra stuff :$ I had so much time. I also played the days after. I played 5 hours in the last 6 days. Which is not that bad but, I promised to not play at all. I think I was a bit too self confident.

Thinking about a big change in my life

So I'm doing all these things to become the best possible version but something doesn't feel right. This week I was really rushed for time. I felt I didn't have enough time for some things. At work I was stressed. I mean I felt good, but I had a temper. I was sick of people making a problem out of nothing. When I'm at home I confronted with so many things. The internet is overwhelming especially when Ad-Block is off. At work I can lose myself in e-mails.

After searching for some new idea's for my future home I actually realized I don't want many possession. I don't want a tv. I don't want a lot of decorations. With this fresh in mind I actually remembered something as decision fatigue is a thing... and I think it may actually be something that's really hitting me hard sometimes. I began to do some research and I found out about minimalism.

What is minimalism?

I think you could almost call it 'extreme prioritizing'. You deliberately think about what you want and you focus really hard on it.

The website 'the minimalists' describes minimalism as:

Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

Doesn't that sound like heaven on earth? Getting rid of all those tiring decisions? Having to combat against distractions like television? Having a simple and clean living environment? I basically hate going out to a lot of things because it feels to busy. The #1 thing I hate at work is the busyness, the noise, the negative attitude of some people.

After researching I found a lot of things that would help me:

- Do less things, but focus really deep on the important things

- Don't jump from one thing in another, stop being so impulsive

- Money is not you main goal, it's about quality of life

- Think about what success really means. It's not just about the money and fame

- ...


All these things just connected. Instantly. Awesome. From now on I'm leaving all my projects aside to study minimalism. This weekend I will determine my goals. What will I be pursuing and what won't I be pursuing. Which object will I move to my next house and which objects will I get rid off.

Because. Sometimes.







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My priorities this weekend

- Study minimalism/essentialism by reading theminimalist.com and zenhabits.net --> find my priorities, reflect about what makes me happy

- Exercising

- Journalling (= reflecting)

- Guitar practice = creative outlet, is also a bit of a social skill

- Meditation = calming, reflecting

- Tomorrow, eating with friends = my most important friends. I should think about who I want to spend time with.

- Think about career. I think I want to start generating income and quit my job in the following years.

- Read about willpower (also talks about priorities)

The big picture is prioritizing.

Now I'm going to delete steam + no more Twitch. Block a ton of websites and stuff I don't need on my desktop. I'm actually thinking about maybe not using my desktop anymore except for Zwift (exercise).



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Ok so what I did today regarding minimalism.

- Cleaned my room. It's still busy but that because all my stuff are in 1 room right now.. so I can't make it a lot better than it is right now.

- Cleaned my PC. I only have a couple of programs on it. My external hard drive is empty, my other harddrive only has 50GB used (most probably by windows and essential stuff)

- I got rid of my second PC screen. It was just begging me to multitask all the time.

- I made myself a guitar practice schedule so It's clear what I have to practice.

Now I'm going to start reading zenhabits.net and pick out some cool stuff I want to apply to my life. I want to set a lot of priorities. There's a good chance I will not make any goals anymore. I've read some stuff about people that don't make goals. They just focus on what they 'should do'. It's interesting to think about. I feel really happy right now. It may just be one of my impulses (I change my mind a lot). But I'm really feeling this concept :-)

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Aaaaand then I got sick...

I've been sick for the last days. I think it was the flu since I has really nauseous and had a fever. So the last days I did nothing but lying in a couch, trying to eat and drink while watching entertainment (tv, youtube and twitch). It didn't really bother me to watch those things while sick, but today I'm better so I'm going to get back on track or at least set my first few steps in the right directions.

For today I will focus again on the right things:

- Guitar

- Journaling

- Maybe a little bit of careful exercise

- minimalism/essentialism

- meditation

- reading


I don't have to do much of each, but I just want to get back into the habit. I don't want to push myself to hard on the first day back.

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