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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

A new start!


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Hello, Journal. I'm sort of in a hurry (to study, yess!) but I need to let you know, that the week prior I uninstalled and removed everything game-related, even Mudlet. I felt ready. My ATITD subscription runs out in three days, and I'm happy. I've said my goodbyes in-game, and did not wait for responses - I just logged out. There was a "final straw" moment for me, which I'll share soon. I now have time to study... I've gotten an A on my first quiz... I don't feel "weighed" down...

Most of all, I feel that having taken this action, something in the universe shifted. It saw that I was ready to energetically open my life to more ... more abundance. I will write more soon.

Thank you for being here.

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Glad to have you with us, Svet. Uninstalling games is an important step. Having to download them to play them again makes a moment of weakness much easier to get past.

Hopefully you continue to feel that shift in the universe by sharing your thoughts here daily. At least for me, the act of having to write in this context further solidifies my resolve.

Can't wait to hear more!

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Hi Svet, its great you've started a journal!

Just simply having a journal to track your progress combating your gaming habits gives all the more reason to keep going!

Feel free to ask us any questions and the community will help you stay on track!

Btw your letter idea has really worked well for us, including Tom, myself, and Koyotelcarus.

All the best for your recovery!

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Thank you so much!!

I am back. I'm ready to participate in the 90 day detox now. Is there a specific thread dedicated to the 90 day detox somewhere? I saw it on Reddit, but can't see it here.

My greatest addiction of 11 years - the virtual world of Second Life. I absolutely have to let go. I've let go of all the other games. This is the last hurdle. Alex, your signature was sorely needed right at this moment.

It's holding me back from life. During the past on and off 11 years, I can't think of anything it's given me. Except distraction. I guess I should delete the character too.


90 Day Detox, Started 05/08/2016!

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Okay! Files deleted, and account deletion requested. This time I'm going through with this. Why:

Words used to describe how this game makes me feel:







Today I'm going sky diving for the first time in my life (I hope the weather will allow it) with my friends. I wanted this to be a marking point of a new start in my life.

In August I am going to Burning Man in Nevada (also for the first time). It will be a very sacred thing for me, and I do NOT want to be weighed down by this here issue.

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Hey there Svet,

Welcome back to the forums.  I hope to read more of your progress and what kind of habits you're going to develop for yourself over time.  This detox is a day-by-day thing.  All little achievements add up, which is why I encourage you to keep a journal going, whether it's on Game Quitters, blogging, another website, or hand-written.  Keep track of what small steps you are making because then you can look back on what you've achieved.  It 'will' give you sustaining momentum to carry forth your new lifestyle without gaming. 

Best wishes,


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Hi Svet,

I am humbled to hear that my support helped you to make an important decision in your life, I will gladly provide what support I can into the future.

Considering how gaming has made you feel, you've certainly made the right choice! Often it's difficult to choose the path that is better for us in the long run; as opposed to the path of least resistance. I applaud you for your decisive decision to quit, and we're here to help you make it through with a positively fulfilling lifestyle.

As Dannigan has explained, please keep us posted on how you're changing your daily life to keep yourself accountable to make the more difficult decisions that'll likely be easy to ignore and easy to avoid. To explain it's effectiveness, I have to admit my own hypocrisy, as the past week I've had hasn't been very good at all because I haven't been reflecting on how I've been doing in my daily life. I've been proving to myself over and over again that I need to keep consistent with my journal entries to improve my life in general, as when I do so I am rewarded with a distinct knowledge of how I can make my next day better, and receive feedback and support from others on the forum.

In case you weren't aware, it took me three attempts to finish the detox, but I made it out triumphant and doing the detox has certainly made a positive difference in how I now live my life. In a similar way, there's a wealth of hope for you to quit gaming for good after relapse.

I hope you had a blast skydiving, and I wish the best for your journey to having a more fulfilling life! I look forward to being part of your unfolding journey.

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Thank you so much..... I will reply individually in the morning, but for now I wanted to update the journal and triumphantly write that this act is a great gift I've just given myself. 

I feel infused with life. There is color in my cheeks. I am not weighed down. 

So far, I've read a lot yesterday (about Snowden, actually) and listened to wonderful music today, in place of what I'd normally do when I'd reach for a game. And: it felt really good and refreshing.

Be back tomorrow.

Edited by Svet
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(Thank you, Piotr. I like your aura of gentle wisdom.)


I haven't touched a game since May 11th. I'm very glad that I took this big step. My September calendar said that my 3-month Second Life subscription would have expired at the beginning of this month, had I never cancelled it. I can not imagine how I would have had space in my heart for Burning Man (yes, this was my first year!), had I not made this effort. I would not have had the presence of heart and mind worthy of a transformative Burning Man experience. I also had some time to think about ways to earn an income, and decided on professional pet caregiving, and reselling clothes and jewelry online (Poshmark, Ebay). (Exciting discovery I made was that what I was seeking in Second Life was to contribute something to the community, get paid in return, and create a following. I just didn't know what it really was that I was looking for. This longing could be perfectly replaced with thrift reselling!)

I must share though, that upon returning from BM and experiencing post-BM blues, I saw images of the games I used to play and felt a missing for them. They were just images I observed, without acting on. I was most tempted to log in to a MUD I tried once or twice, but I have not, and this desire is now withering. I still can't figure out what it is inside of me that gives birth to this archaic longing. It must be a childlike part, yearning for her "pacifier". O.o The BM trip was quite rough (which is the ironic beauty of Burning Man), also involving a train accident, though no one was injured. My boyfriend and I came back a bit shaken up. I wish I understood what this inner part wants. I only know that deep inside I came back in a tumultuous emotional state, hurting... 

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Hey, welcome back Svet!

Every now and then we'll get cravings after quitting gaming, but just know that it'll pass, even if it takes a few days. For me, my old friends talking about games and such has gotten me nostalgic before. In that scenario once I reminded myself of why I quit gaming in the first place, how much better I've become without them, and how much time would be wasted playing video games, I felt much better without them. Perhaps you could apply similar thoughts to your current situation.

I'm glad you've gone so long without gaming, awesome job! :D

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