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Day 31

Just a tiny bit more productive than yesterday, still some distractions in the morning but I only wasted around 20 min. Just trying to forgo anything before doing headspace and exercise. I'm trying to get more productive in the afternoon, I seem to be losing most of my time there. I need to get in the habit of pomodoro right after I get home (Dinner time)

On with the next day tomorrow, let's see if I can get more pomodoros tomorrow

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Day 32

Got headspace and exercise in the morning, minimized distractions. I got 30 min more in than yesterday in studying. I'll keep at it. I realize I waste a lot of time (1-2 hr) when I come home in the late afternoon. Need  to get into pomodoro ASAP when I get home to save more time. Also hungry at that time so maybe I should eat a snack while everything is cooking.


Onto the next day!

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Day 33 (yesterday)

Got a lot of work done, exercised and pomodoro in the morning. Hung out with my friends late at night. Went to sleep pretty late


Day 34

Woke up pretty late because of yesterday. I should have kept on track my headspace/exercise first but I was hungry. This threw off my groove and I only got around 3-4 hours of work done today. But I still did some productive studying. So I'm going to focus on keeping my morning routine on point tomorrow

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