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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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I stayed up all night to tried and fix audio problems on a movie I downloaded for Halloween. Well, of course it didn't work so I might watch it tonight instead. Then in the morning, I didn't wake up until 11am. My day was pretty much gone so I couldn't do anything. I got the aux cable I bought through eBay today but once I opened it, I found that the tip of the Aux is broken. I'll need to resend it back tomorrow.

My goal tomorrow is to wake up before 8am. Go and post the broken aux back, clean my room, go out with friends later at 6.30pm.

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Moving out will be great! I believe two things that help a lot are moving out of your parents place and moving out of your hometown. Both are crucial for your own independence as a person. Thanks for the update, you're doing great!

I am very excited about moving out, I can finally be, me. It's a scary thought but I am sure once it happens, it's going to be the best few months of my life. It's good seeing you again Cam!

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Hey guys! Man, I miss this forum. 

I have to speak out, I have fallen again. Not even a month of playing video games again, I have become angrier, it's very hard to concentrate,  playing video games when something else is more important, anxiety has developed back in the worst case, ditching friends to play Counter Strike and just tired, 24/7. It feels that I did 3 months for nothing, and now I am spending loads of money for no reason into video games. 

I need to stop again, even just quitting Counter Strike, single player games I can play 2-3 hours a day and I'm fine, but again it's a gateway. I don't know what to do, this is so frustating. 

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Hey there. Welcome back. You know how to start again. Sometimes it needs a relapse to realize that gaming is seriously damaging for yourself. This knowledge is valuable

I really understand now how video games affected my life. I don't believe after all this time, I convince myself "Just have a game or two"

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