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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened



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Hello I'm new here I recently came across the subreddit which led me to the you tube  channel and also this. Well I'm 19 from the UK and I am having such a hard time quitting I didn't even realize how addicting video games were but when ever in the past I have tried to uninstall the games I struggle with (CS GO, DOTA2 AND LoL) I always seem to find myself re installing them and wasting even more time away, but recently I have been doing better in not playing them as much and now I plan to make this the final time I ever do. 

My sort of break through came because of two primary reasons one being over time I have had a lot of friends and used to be a sociable person getting along with most people I met, But over time as I became a person reluctant to leave his room because I would always be mid game and back then multiplayer stats mattered (for some reason) and I would see online my old gaming friends from school moving on with their lives and I was kinda envious of it to be truthful I'm wasting my life in front of screen causing damage to my eyes and other parts of my body too over video games whilst people my age are doing things with theirs. The other one which was possibly the bigger one was whilst sat in a game of League my team just started typing abuse at each other and I don't mean light abuse I mean telling them to kill them self or other things along that line and I was really taken back by it was I maybe like that when I get angry in a chat I mean I don't really recall typing that much in the chat but they were saying this over a video game and that really made me decide I want to quit.

I want to get my life back in some sort of order because right now its a mess but hopefully with the help and advice from cam and other people on here I can do that.

Sorry fro rambling on 


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Hi there.  Ironic name you got there :) League of legends and Dota/Dota2 where my biggest downfalls too. Many good things like finding fun in my engineering studys, better social relationships and way better self security where some results of doing the 90day detox. If You want you are welcome to read my journal(http://forum.gamequitters.com/topic/705-marios-journal/) but it is pretty much ramble with some insights ;). Hope things are going your way. If you have any questions or need some points to start feel free to send me a message.

Greetings Mario

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