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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Time to get rid of this big ROCK i've been carrying all my life!

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Hi fellow Gamequitters! Just wanted to introduce myself since i've now finished respawn, and have done all the exercises. Probably have to go over them again once more, especially the activities and hobbies section. It's hard to find clubs and organisers for the hobbies where i live (by the countryside) but i guess geocaching works everywhere and so does a lot of others!

Anyhooooow!  :P

My name is Nicolas i am a 30 year old dude and i've been playing video games since i was approx. four when i got hooked on the (goddamn you!) Super Mario Bros.1 with it's lovely music, gameplay and secret minus world and what have you. I've since then played a lot of different game genres like Strategy games (Warcraft, Red Alert, Starcraft etc etc) ARPG Diablo etc, Racing games, sports games, puzzlers, WOW, LoL the latest mobile mobas YOU NAME IT! And i've used the usual thinking biases like the usual "Just one more hour doesn't do any difference" and i can keep it in moderation bla bla bla. I actually ended up selling my new computer and the game consoles before i bought respawn just to do something to distance myself from all the gaming that was getting out of control and actually do the things i want to do like Study abroad, get a job that i would like, get a good gf, find my true passions, start a home business, workout more etc. So i decided for the last time now that ENOUGH is ENOUGH my dear Nicolas!

I also was bullied when i was in elementary school so have been struggling a lot with built up emotions my parents also split up when i was 8 and i moved to a completely different town in southern Sweden where i didn't quite feel at home. So i was back and forth a couple of times before settling at the town where my family first moved i'm from Gothenburg originally. I have had friend but they have been few and i've always had extreme social anxiety that have been working on my whole life with "self therapy" it's not until recently i've actually been reaching out for external help in the matter. It's a weird fact though that everytime i mention to anyone that i suffer from social anxiety people often becomes surprised as if i'm joking, because i don't seem like i have no problems at all talking to ppl. It bothers me that people don't believe i'm feeling this intense anxiety, but through the years i've become sort of "numb" to it and have developed a couple of methods and strategies to deal with my anxiety so slowly but surely it's getting better.


 I'm not going to bore you anymore with that story so back to the NOW and the FUTURE.

I joined Gamequitters because i've tried to quit playing video games since around 5 years ago when i realized it was truly beginning to interfere with my life. Me and a friend traveled to a portuguese island called Madeira and we lived there for approx. six months we were looking for jobs because we both can't stand Sweden anymore (i absolutely hate it here) So i thought i could resist playing games by traveling, but even that couldn#t completely stop so i bought a PS3 at the time and played through the nights. So we traveled and explored during the days but i still couldn't stop playing games at nights so i could play non stop for 6 hours or more, and that's when i realized i have to something about this right NOW!

So the last months few months of our stay a good friend of ours also stopped by he was having a vation and came down to visit us and i believe it or not actually managed to cut down (altough not completely)  on the hours i did game so that felt really good and made me motivated for i while. Then we eventually had to go back to back to Sweden this was in June 2011 and i fell back to my usual gaming patterns but i at least saw a little bit of light in the tunnel (and it wasn't the train coming :P) But i couldn't completely kick the habit so it's been hemorrhaging away my life since then.

I've also lost all my friends since moving to an apartment in a different side of town. And its a 30 mile ride to the nearest town where i live where you find ppl going it out and for ALL activities so it's not easy getting there but now that i feel a little bit motivated (even writing this feels like climbing the Everest!) i'm going to get out of my comfort zone and kick meself in the butt and do it!  I'm also going to outline my plan to study english abroad, haven't decided on the place yet but i've always wanted to go to Hawaii so i think that's where i'm going. If anyone have any other good ideas of places to go i'm all ears! :)

Ok i'm going to end this now, but i hope you've got to know me at least a litle bit! :)

And i wish you all Gamequitters good luck on your new journey towards a new LIFE!




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Thanks everyone! :ph34r::) I'm sorry i have been busy lately, just want you to know that i truly appreciate you all for welcoming poor old me! :) So thanks again and looking forward to seeing and discussing things in the future! And "tack så mycket" to the swedish guy :) 

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