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ByrdMath's Artistic Dexterity Build


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Dude , your drawings are so fucking cool! Especially the most recent one , gives me a weird feeling while staring at it :) . How do you even come up with these ideas?

Aw thanks Remigjus.  I guess from reading and watching other fantasy stuff.  I also spend time writing down ideas when they come into my mind. Treat yourself like George Lucas and write down all your ideas like they could turn into Star Wars someday.  haha.  I guess once i do that, i have all these weird ideas sitting around, then i l pick what i want to draw, look up some image references and sketch them.  Once i have sketches, then i can pick what i want to work into finished pieces.  

Here's something else I did a few years ago, if you like the fantasy art...



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Amazing art dude. What would you recommend to do if I wanted to start drawing? I always appreciate art and want to sketch but I always feel like Its a large skill gap to get good at

It depends on what resources you have at your disposal.  Learning the foundations of drawing is helpful.  There are online resources, and going to a local class or workshop is helpful.  Community colleges have affordable drawing classes at flexible times. Buying a book on drawing could be helpful.  I took a lot of art courses in high school, and then went to college for fine art.  If you learn all the foundations you can do anything.  

There's this awesome school that teaches a seriously solid approach to drawing and painting: https://www.wattsatelier.com/

I recommend them for sure.  You can also catch some of Jeff Watts videos on youtubes.  

If you want to do digital drawing/painting http://www.ctrlpaint.com/   is a great website. 

There's nothing like learning in a studio with a teacher and other students though, cause then you're physically there which adds a lot, and they have critique and you get all the individual attention of a professor.

hope this helps, @Bladezz

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