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Hearing your story is encouraging.  I'm a creative, too.  The negative thoughts really make me want to escape and be numb... kills creativity.  good diet has helped me. though.  I figured out certain foods actually create low energy and compound my depression.  For me personally, staying away from lots of sugar and wheat help minimize the negative spells a lot.  Also, drinking lots of water and exercising.  On the days i am overwhelmed with the negativity i remind myself it's not me, I'm a happy person... and take a chill pill to get over the hump.  Find out something that works for you to get through those moments so it doesn't snowball into a worse situation, and keep from the unhealthy escapist activities (like gaming).

As for advice on what to do. I find that learning a new tool to help me create in a new way has led to months of awesome output.  If you like immersing in fictional worlds, collaborating with someone on a comic book might be cool for you.  

Keep going.  I'm running right along side of you.

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Hey nice you started a journal! You could do some drawings in the evening and listen to music(or even a podcast). Relaxing but not such a  time sink. Also it would surely be nice to draw sketches of a face(girls) in a few minutes. Or just anything which comes to mind. These sort of creative activities can be a nice balance to work. Exercise works fine too. Being able to exercise regular, boosts your self esteem like nothing else.

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