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Real Life: the game!

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Hey guys. 

'Life is a game' is a metaphor that I often hear around here, and it reminded me of this article I read a few years ago which I've never forgotten - a game review of 'Real Life'!!


I find it quite inspiring in a way. So many possibilities...

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Very nice metaphor. This greatly shows how life is the ultimate game, which gives us so many opportunities and everything depends on our will. No virtual game is so flexible and gives us so many opportunities. Let's make use of it, and create our uniqe gameplay ;) 

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The article was very funny, though it seems to me that life is too serious to be compared to game, which is after all something what is done for fun and which we can opt out if we do not like it, which is of course not the case with life, and most of all, everything we do in life has consequences, sometimes very serious. While for me, game is characterised by no consequences, first and foremost, when your character dies, it is revived and you can play again, while in life, it is not possible, and second, in a game you can take a difficult quest many times and do it until you succeed, while in life, you usually have only one chance to complete an important quest, such as getting a dream job or asking your beloved to marry you, there are no second chances :( Once it is gone, it is gone forever.

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