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  1. Thank you The website you recommended was particularly useful, after a short browsing I found a 30-day challenge to fight hypochondria, which sounds great, this sort of thing really motivates me. I will try this challenge out and see if it helps. I guess it would be good to visit a psychologist but I cannot find time for it now, I started working full time and I would have to take a day off, since the doctor works during the time I am at work. Have you suffered from hypochondria? How did you defeat it? Would you like to share your story with me? Write me a PM if it is too personal to share on
  2. I know it is rather off-topic, but I have this huge problem, and I am too ashamed of talking about it with anyone I know so as not to worry them, and I trust you guys and gals here Since my Dad passed away this February, I have been having a really bad bouts of hypochondria, I constantly think I have the same cancer as the one Daddy died of, I know this is completely unfounded, but these thoughts keep returning, it is very unnerving. I know I should probably visit a psychiatrist, every night I feel as if I was dying, I constantly check for "symptoms" on my body and read countless websites abo
  3. I guess there is no need for you to use a "gamey" astronomy software if there are plenty of other applications that do not include this element. For instance, this one: http://www.stellarium.org/ I was also very keen on astronomy, however, I had never had enough maths skills to study it, other than reading astronomy books. I remember using some planetarium simulators like the one I mention above, maybe I would look into it when I have some more free time and let you know about interesting astronomy apps.
  4. I am sure that you fall asleep because the content of what you are reading is uninteresting. I cannot imagine falling asleep while reading something engrossing or fascinating for you, no matter where you were reading, on the desk, in bed or anywhere else. Try to read some other book (one which really interest you, which you wanted to read for a long time, do not choose something boring or any "obligatory reading"), start reading it and find out whether you would fall asleep as well. If not, then the problem is with the first book which is apparently too boring for you. I cannot think of any ot
  5. Have you started the blog yet? It definitely looks interesting, I would like to read your blog
  6. I am slowly returning to the forum after completing this year's NaNoWriMo challenge I managed to write 50 000 words in spite of falling sick in the second week of November, and now I continue to write (though of course I do not write as many words per day as I did in November) since my story is far from finished. Cam mentioned that many other people from the forum also participated in NaNo, I wonder if you would like to share your experiences?
  7. Maybe choose a book which is more interesting for you?
  8. I know I was not terribly active on the forum of late, but I will be even less active in November. I participate in the NaNoWriMo challenge and I will try to write 50 000 words in November, so I would be pretty busy with that, taking into consideration my other duties. See you in December
  9. About night time, maybe listening to audiobooks or music would be a good solution? I am not a big fan of audiobooks because I am a "visual learner" and to remember something well I have to see it so with audiobooks I have to concentrate closely on what I am listening to in order to retain information, and as a result I cannot listen to them while doing something else at the same time. So I gave up on listening to them, since there is really not much point in doing so if I don't remember them well. But if you don't have problems like that, audiobooks are definitely an option to consider.
  10. I am a bit worried as the cravings started to increase significantly since I finished the 90-day detox, I wonder why is this so and what can I do to make them go away? I was hoping for some advice from you guys and girls here, though I guess you cannot help me much because, as mentioned earlier, the book/series cravings have different reasons than the gaming ones. Maybe you could suggest another on-line place where I could get help? Thanks
  11. A quick update: a couple of days ago I completed the 90-day detox from "Game of Thrones" in all forms and shapes, I am still curious what happens to the characters (particularly as my best friend constantly discusses books and series in her emails), but I know that my life is better without GoT than with it. I decided to continue avoiding GoT-related articles even though my detox is past. How to get rid of the cravings? I guess they must be fought differently than the gaming cravings, since they fulfil different needs than gaming, I don't want e.g. challenge or constant measurable growth, but
  12. I wonder if I am in danger of relapsing to GoT? I was reading an article about legal streaming and piracy, and it said that pirates have an easier access to films, series etc., the example was given of one of GoT episodes appearing in HBO streaming service much later than it was supposed to be there, so that fans pirated the episode rather than wait for the release on HBO streaming website (behaviour I cannot justify from a moral point of view, anyway, but let's not diverge). Of course there was nothing about the content of the episode in question, naturally I do not read any re-caps or anythi
  13. Hello @Sashiku, I can totally support what @WorkInProgress is saying, I have never been heavily addicted to games so maybe it is easier for me than for other people here, but writing is really a wonderful replacement of gaming, it feels great to create something which is your own. I don't know whether you heard about Camp NaNoWriMo? It starts on the first of July, and it is a "younger brother" of NaNoWriMo in that you do not have to write exactly 50 000 words, you can choose your own goal. Maybe you would like to participate? It would not hurt to try, if you do not like it you can always quit
  14. I have just reached a year of doing Duolingo exercises A year! I still cannot believe it is actually happening. The streak was often in danger of being broken, such as when I was sick and later when there were massive thunderstorms, but I made it
  15. @Dannigan, if you enjoyed documentaries about food, maybe you would like to participate in the FutureLearn course about royal feasts? I starts on June 20 and it looks exciting, here is the advert of the course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPHqx1JDUyo I enrolled as soon as the course was announced, as it may be useful as a research for my novel. Most fantasy stories take many elements from history after all.
  16. Hello all, my fiction writing is going well, the story is taking me to some totally unexpected places, and I manage to write more and more of the tale, usually I continue writing past the obligatory 10 minutes and now I concentrate on the story and not some autobiographical journals which I used to pen when I had no ideas for the story. GoT detox is OK as well, I removed the Leechblock since it started blocking a dictionary I was using, no idea why, but I do not have time to add countless websites to exceptions. It is far easier to uninstall Leechblock as the best blocking software is my brain
  17. Hey guys and girls, I decided to be less active on the forum and concentrate on my writing, this is something I re-discovered after a long break so I want to give it all my heart and energy now. I know I did a lot of writing here, but it is not the kind of writing I want to focus on now: I want to return to fiction writing and finally start working on my short stories and maybe a novel I was thinking whether to keep weekly recaps here, but I do not think there is any need to post if nothing interesting happens, so this is a sort of a goodbye post. Maybe I would check the forum from time to ti
  18. Hello, @dullage It is nice to have you here on the forum, I can understand you perfectly because I am not addicted to games, either. I thought I was, though You can find my long story in my journal, you are not the only one who does not problem with gaming, so you definitely fit here I am doing a detox from the TV series "Game of Thrones," and there is another person who did a detox from sugar, so I guess the forum now includes various detoxes
  19. I drink only one mug a day, and I am not interested in coffee detox, either As for the book detox, the most important thing is I would never be motivated to undertake something like this. Books are the vessels of knowledge and wisdom (of course, there are also many stupid books, but they were invented to preserve and share the knowledge), so by giving up books I would be making myself dumb rather than doing something productive with my life. Recently, I also had a bit of introspection about my TV series problem. The fact is, I was not remotely interested in series before my university days.
  20. Maybe it would be convenient for me, but the people who send me the translations already know my current e-mail for a long time, so it might be problematic for them, they would have to remember the new e-mail or change their settings in their software. I am not so much distracted by the inbox as by the fact that I can never plan anything even as mundane as e.g. watching a film on TV because I can get new text to translate. Today, an e-book I was looking forward to was finally released, so as long as I do not have any translations I would probably be reading I could do a 90-day gaming detox,
  21. Yesterday, there was a longish thunderstorm, but I spent it rather productively, writing another part of my short story, and then I completed a colouring page with a fox which I found on one of Polish websites and printed out nearly half a year before I felt a bit guilty about not reading on my Kindle but decided to finish the fox. You have to finish what you've started Today, I have a more relaxed way, I read some chapters from the Sanderson book and writing course on FutureLearn. I realised that the reason I start so many courses is that my interests are really wide and diverse, and it is
  22. I'm having a much more relaxed day than yesterday, so I started to gather my notes, observations and poems to type them into Evernote for backup, I do not want to lose the pieces of paper with their precious contents it turned out there were quite a lot of these notes, taking into account that I haven't been writing for very long yet. It's good to have them all in a safe place. I would have to type my freewriting which forms the parts of the dragon story, too, in case I would not be able to decipher my scribbles later on.
  23. I have both a laptop and an old PC, and I do not keep the laptop on my desk (where it is placed when I work on it, I love having it in my room as can concentrate better here as it is much quieter), when I am done with whatever I was using the laptop for, I turn it off completely (not into a sleep mode), unplug and put it in my bookcase, there to sit until it is needed again. The laptop on the desk is very cumbersome as it takes up most of the desk ( I don't know how much space is left on your desk with the laptop on it), and so when I read or write (my university days are over, so no studying
  24. Congratulations on completing your detox Are you going back to playing moderately, or are you done with games forever? I like what you wrote about discovering things outside such as birds singing, these are really beautiful things. I love listening to the birds singing outside my window in the afternoon, birds are generally great as they can be observed through the window and as could not leave the house much due to my allergy, I could watch them through the windows and they inspired many a poem Though the thing which helped me to appreciate and rediscover the world outside was the book on c
  25. A terribly stressful day, I was just finishing a translation when a huge thunderstorm came, and I had to turn off the computer without completing this text. Ugh I hate this stormy weather when nothing is certain, I need to hurry up with all kinds of work that has to be done on the computer, as once a thunderstorm starts, it may last for hours on end, I remember one which took an entire night and a part of the morning. Luckily, the storm is now gone and I managed to finish the translation as well as do Duolingo and the rest. For now. But my marvellous learning streak on Duo is constantly in da