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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Patrick here.


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Hello, I'm Patrick, I'm currently fifteen years of age in the United States. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember, from slamming away at my controller on the Xbox when I was ten to moving on to the computer and getting wrapped up in World of Warcraft and Garry's Mod at the age of 12.


I'm going to say that the sandbox-esque game known as Garry's Mod is probably my biggest issue at the moment, I've racked a whopping 12,000 hours played in just three years of owning the game, and it's effected me mentally, socially, and physically. I gained just over twenty pounds from playing for eighteen hours a day every day for a summer in a dark locked room while my parents were at work. I've failed two courses this year, and have a 2.4 GPA with absolutely no motivation at all whatsoever to succeed in life or pursue my desired career in the field of law, and just feel so trapped and dependent on the outlet provided by gaming.


I hope to start a journal and get active on these forums to try and mend my addiction, the longest I have detoxed was 14 days before relapsing on break, and have issues with my dependency that has formed on the game as a social outlet and not just a means of entertainment. I have very little friends and have been bullied to the point of considering dropping out in the past, and working and gaming is practically my life at this point.


Gaming has caused a huge schism within my family as well, which I won't go into much detail in, but divorce has been thrown around in the heated arguments we have on a daily basis in the battle to get me off the computer.


I sold my computer, and they took my other one, but I've gotten a laptop with my own money that I game on now, but it's time for me to stop. It's effecting me in so many ways, and I can't wait to try and meet my goal of 90 days without playing.

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Welcome to the forum Patrick!

Great to see another young'un on here, I'm 13

I can't wait to see how your journey goes, I'll be reading your journal :), and I'm glad you've made the decision to quit. Gaming can take such a toll on our lives, but some people refuse to acknowledge it, or lack the discipline and/or courage to quit, but I'm happy you do.

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Welcome dude great job on taking the big step in acknowledging your addiction! My biggest tip to you is to keep yourself busy and try to avoid any game-play footage etc in the first month or so.

You'll find this forum to help you loads. :)

All the best!

PS: I never heard Schism before...you learn something new everyday! :D 

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Welcome! You are in the right place, and setting yourself up for success in the future. You might feel things are rough now but they'll get better if you commit to quitting games and improving your life. You have time on your side!

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