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  1. So... Holiday, with my family. Let's continue. Miharu's Log - Day 33 Mm... I still don't know what to write. Are you guys interested in statistics?
  2. Miharu's Log - Day 26 4 days before I passed 1/3rd mark.
  3. Do you still try meditation? I prefer seiza position usually, with some pillows(?) to help me get comfortable.
  4. Huh... what day is it? 25? Anyway. Yeah, the end of the month. I had no internet connection other than those odd hours to wake up. Right now it is 1.32 AM here. Mm... I've (been forced to) upgrade to windows 10. Next step would be Linux I suppose. On the other hand, dental problems. I'm always having these headaches and apparently it is caused by my teeth.
  5. Day 21. Today's rather... I'm not feeling good.
  6. So, you have problems with fan fiction? what fandom do you particularly enjoy reading? You are worried about the poor quality of fanfiction works you are reading, is that the problem? If you read something which is trash you can always stop, I agree that there is a lot of kitschy fanfic, though there are also many stories which could be publishable if they were not fanfiction. It also depends on the fandom, e.g there is quite a lot of quailty fanfic in Tolkien fandom, especially on websites devoted only to Tolkien fanfic such as Silmarillion Writers' Guild. Do you have some moral qualms about the content of the stories, e.g. erotica or slash? if this is the case, I guess you should stop reading them, though I do not understand your problems with fiction. You read bad quality stories, and you want to stop it, is that right? Honestly, I have idea how one can become addicted to poorly written texts, only well-crafted stories are addictive If you are concerned about the quality of your reading, you can always choose printed books which go through editing process and should be better. If you do not know what to write about, try freewriting exercise: simply write whatever comes to your mind, without censoring yourself or correcting your grammar, typos etc. Do it for 10 minutes (or longer, if you like, but 10 minutes is the minimum). It helps you focus and understand your emotions and thoughts, and what is the best about it is that you do not have to show it to anyone, you can even throw it away or even tear it apart after you're done with the exercise. Not exactly the content. The time I've committed for this hobby is the problem.
  7. Miharu's Log - Day 20 Let's be positive. I really don't think that I could do meditation. The benefit is really good. But it is really scary to mess with my own head (with guided meditation). I wonder how the sport athlete do their meditation or mind training. Then again, my reference is from manga. Damn. To be aware of each of my words, to select the word whether if it is positive or negative words... Is it wrong to try to eliminate negative word from my mind vocabulary? So... this one is not positive at all. It gives me feeling of discouragement, like I'm in spiral of failure. Mm... I don't really want to experiment with my head, to be honest. But without experimenting, I won't have progress.
  8. Miharu's Log - Day 19 Let's see. I picked up a new lens, crizal Eyezen, for my glasses today. So... yeah. I still don't know what to write. If it is about not gaming, the day counter is already there. Almost 2/9 part there huh. I'll try to have something to write at the end of this week.
  9. Miharu's Log - Day 18 I'm planning nothing special today. I wonder, how to have integrity? I am kind of going with the flow guy. I rarely make plans for what I've done, instead just tackling whatever problem in front of me.
  10. If you could meet any famous person dead or alive who would it be and what is one question you would want to ask them? Who would it be? Any famous person huh. I don't have one coming to mind... The alive famous person, I have little interest in them. If they are dead, what I know is only from writings. Let's pose this answer to people in this criteria: Any statistician who had been immortalized by their knowledge, methodology, etc. The question is: How can you bear the weight of knowledge? I am not sure, knowing that I can easily screw with lives with my decision. The expectation that I have to be always right, that kind of thing?
  11. @Primmulla The problem is that the fiction includes other kind of fiction (fan fiction, web fiction)? Those two kind of fiction is extremely accessible, and its quality is not really QCed. Anyway, As I've said, there is no way fiction is bad. This is I always agree with you. But,I consider many things that was done excessively bad. The excessiveness (what should be the word for this?) is what I want to control/moderate. For relaxation, I still have my music, either guitar or piano. I never had problem with gaming, @hycniejsy, I already used rescuetime for that purpose. If the data can be extracted though... is it? ___________________________________________________________________________________ Miharu's Log - Day 17 So. What do you want to know? I major in statistics. I don't think that statistics is my passion. To be honest, I am more interested in data analysis part in statistics, instead of statistics in its wholesome. I am grateful though for all the knowledge the lecturer taught me. Let's turn this into AMA for this day.
  12. @Primmulla yes. There is nothing wrong with fiction. The problem is me. I am so addicted to reading fiction that I placed it quite high in my priority list. Once I got my hand on a reading material, I procrastinate everything until I read it, or stopped somewhere when I am too tired to read. In fact, I enjoy reading stories or gaming that when I was in exam period, I still read. The problem is moderation. I think it evokes my brain chemistry the same way gaming to me. I have no urge to game. But the desire to read is more pronounced. ___________________________________________________________________________ Miharu's Log - Day 16 Let's see. I don't know what to write. recommend me a topic that is not too private?
  13. Hello, my aim is to take a detox from GoT so that I will totally lose interest in this franchise and have no need to follow the series or the books anymore. As for blocking, I have already done it, as I mention in the first post, and so far, it works all right. During the day, I usually have no cravings, though I still get dreams about GoT. And now to the post about writing which I promised yesterday. When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a writer In fact, I wrote a lot of poems and short stories as a child and a teenager, not to mentioned numerous "unfinished tales" which were meant to turn into novels but never did. However, with time I started to write less and less. Ideas and inspiration used to come to me in most inappropriate moments, for instance when I was studying for a test or late at night, when I should have been sleeping. There was also the time when school was more and more intense, there were more subjects to learn and I had less free time. Also, though good grades at school had always been important for me, it was then when I had to spend much more time studying, as I wanted to get best grades also when I was not particularly talented at a given subject, such as maths or physics. And I came to the conclusion that I was in fact not a very good writer, so it would be better to spend my time studying rather than writing. And when these ideas and inspiration came, I pushed them away, until they ceased to appear. I was a very good student so maybe there was no need to give up my writing, but I had high demands of myself, and during my time as a pupil and later to some extent as a student, the only thing I was interested in were school subjects, homework and grades. I had virtually no interests outside of school curriculum. And do not talk to me about delaying gratification, for this is what I was constantly doing from the day I started school. I did not watch interesting films when I had classes on the next day, during school year I usually read little outside of the curriculum, for reading books could take my mind away from studying. My parents never demanded of me to excel in every school subject, but I demanded it from myself and nobody could stop me from making these demands. And writing went to the margins of my life together with our pleasures. The Muse was offended by this treatment and stopped to visit me. I had a huge writing revival during my extramural studies, when I had to commute to Krakow every two weeks, watching the changing landscape and listening to music during an hour and a half long journeys provided me with a lot of inspiration for writing short haiku-like poems, which my Mum enjoys very much. I wrote a batch of poems almost after every journey to the university. However, when I graduated and I no longer had to take such long commutes, the inspiration went dry. I still write poems sometimes, when I see something which strikes me as especially beautiful etc. but this happens very rarely in comparison to the frequency I wrote during my studies, I usually write a couple of times a year, I may write more poems during one month, but this month is followed by a couple of other months when I do not manage to write anything. Now I want to write more because I want to give my Mum some poems for Mother's Day, which is celebrated on May 26 in Poland. I wrote a little more and I also started to use writing prompts, which helped me a lot. The problem is I am mostly inspired by nature, but now I am suffering from severe allergy and cannot take walks outside as I am allergic to the pollen of many plants. I have a terrible cough and can hardly speak, when I try to speak I am almost choking. So, this also clips the wings of my Muse I read a lot of creative writing websites, e-books with writing prompts etc. and they usually say how important it is to write every day. I guess they are right, yet in spite of this I still cannot make myself do this exercise and write every day. My attitude to writing has not really changed, I still consider it a bit of a waste of time, and believe that I am not very talented and because I have no idea what to write about, there is no point in trying to write anything, since it would be worthless anyway, reading or learning something new is a better and more enjoyable way of using my time than writing when I do not have any inspiration. The result of this approach is that I do not get anything written (but what to write about, if I do not have any ideas). When I have a lot of work, I do not write anything, but even on a free day I prefer to read somebody else's texts instead of trying to create my own. Maybe I really should not bother writing? Eh... even the reddit one? How about making it into a ritual? Try it for 90 days, at the same time each day, at the same location? Like making a habit, make a cue for writing time. Make sure you're conscious enough for the task.
  14. Miharu's Log - Day 15 Should I continue writing this daily, anyone? To be honest, I never wrote a journal before. Let's see. May target: Relearn SQL and relational database and OODB -- Learn SQL [COMPLETE] -- Learn relational database and OODB [0%] What I've done in may: Completed a basic course in Ruby, JS I began collecting data of my computer usage. Considering that I use computer for average over 14 hours everyday (including android), I think this data would be beneficial to me. Well, I think I am obsessed with personal analytics right now. What I want to infer from this data is: 1. My cycle of Rest - Work - Fun. first, optimizing rest. I have not had time to experiment with this one. Maybe this project should be delayed. 2. My focus length. I am thinking of building my own personal analytics. The data I've gotten from rescuetime is good for cursory information. Though, I cannot use that for analysis (that's for pro feature). It is also scary to entrust this kind of data to others. Making mobile support, with voice recognition as a way to log too. Wish me luck, ok? What I lack: Personal development. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I should plan for June target then. On june, I want to learn about android app development(tentative).
  15. Mm... So. Blocking google keyword related to game of thrones, maybe? followed by blocking sites you can access. A lot can be done with this. Do you want to quit cold turkey or do you want to limit your access to GoT content?
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