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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I feel like we're all exiting The Matrix


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Alright.  This is an analogy that came to mind tonight.  I thought I'd login quickly to write about it.

Everywhere I look online, there are advertisements for games.  And it seems like so many people are becoming addicted every single day.  Gaming has become such a huge part of our Western culture, and also growing across the globe.  It's never going to stop.  The gaming community is expanding by the second, and reaching younger people each day. 

And then I look at all of us here, on this forum....all of us who are attempting to break out of this hypnotic cycle of gaming.  It made me think of the movie The Matrix.  Like, we're unplugging ourselves from this massive network which is ultimately the building block of a fake digital world.  

I'm not anti-gaming, but I'm completely anti-addiction, don't get me wrong.  If you can moderate your gaming, kudos to you!  But it's kind of eerie just thinking about how thousands of gamers are addicted, and fall into one of two groups:  those who embrace this addiction as the only way to cope with life, or those who deny their addiction. 

Neo.....you out there? 



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Nice analogy ^^

The only difference is that our world is a beautiful place while reality in the matrix is kinda shitty...

On the other hand maybe this could also represent the times after you quit where most activities seem dull and boring.

The breaking through the clouds in the third movie is the first ray of hope 

Ah I am overanalysing again :D

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