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Journal - Gresa


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Day 51 - Whoops

Played hearthstone for like 2 hours.It wasn't even fun , but it was an escape.I don't feel bad that I relapsed for 2 hours really,because these 50 days I saw quite an improvement on myself that it's not just gone because I played.Of course gaming isn't something I want to get back to any time soon,there are more serious things I need and want to take care of first.

So what led me to game again?Not hard to recognize at all,  I get strong feelings to play when I want to escape, when I have something serious to face (in fact in most cases it is not even that serious),or I believe that I have messed up somewhere (in most cases it's not as bad as I think it is).

A side - effect , I had done a good job ignoring people inviting me to games and now that they noticed I'm back, well I get invites again.

Day 2 - Game Free

Rules are rules though so here we go again.

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Good that you realised the reasons behind it and stopped that fast.

I have the same issues with facing problems but it is getting better slowly. This doesn't take away any of the achievements you made so far. As more often as you be aware of your feeling in such moments the less likely it will hinder you. Sometimes it is possible to be aware of the troublesome feelings acknowledge them and the just do it anyway. As I managed this from time to time,the urges to escape get less and less.

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It's almost a month since my last post, I kind of feel bad that I've not been updating this.First of all, this last month I did game like 3-4 hours total as far as I can remember plus some youtube video game related content.However I'm still struggling with browsing the internet much more than I should, and this is such a killer for so many things I want to do.

Part of studying I don't find myself being productive in any other chapter of my life recently.

So anyway, just wanted to make an update here, will try to post more often.

Have a nice day.

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Day 4 - Game Free

Hi everyone,

last few days have been quite good.I'm almost everyday outside either running or biking and that alone makes my day very nice.Yesterday I had one of my personal records on running almost 10km non-stop.I'm so inspired by the Olympic Games.Also managed to pick up my pencil and draw something after a very very long time.

peace out :)

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Day Zero

Hey guys,

got to start again from scratch since that summer was quite messy + missdirected me hard.

I have once again deleted everything (well it was only hearthstone this time) + installed a software called Cold-Turkey (not trying to promote) to help block distractions.For older users who may remember me when I first started my 90 detox I had a drawing a day challenge for one week.I'm going to do that once again for one more week.I really need to get more serious in my studying, workouts and hobbies.Looking forward eliminating as much as possible my "bad" smartphone usage.All ideas on the "smartphone usage issue" are welcome (although I have made a different topic for that :P ).

So anyway back to work!

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