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  1. Haven't posted in a while. Made some progress. Realized i need to cut my ties with my video game past self permanently. So I've decided to delete my game accounts, so I won't be tempted to go back to my old games in my digital library. I need to do better with staying away from people I watch on YouTube that discuss video games or related media/news. I struggle with that the most right now. Watching those videos are being a negative influence on me wanting to stay away from video games. Right now I"m working on being consistent with waking up early and staying awake. Thanks for everyone that's reads this message/post. Hope the rest of your December month is blessed & if you don't know what Jesus taught and said I highly suggest researching it up and so you don't have to take someone's else's word (pun not intended) for that topic & how that relates to your life. Bonus: This quote below I have a better understanding on it's meaning now. "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose" - Jim Elliot
  2. Sorry I haven't been posting latley. I took a dive and started to play video games for the last four weeks. I finally got rid of the sources that were tempting me to play. Didn't feel right playing by thinking to myself "all this gaming is going to add up to nothing". Right now trying to focus more on important tasks that need my attention. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
  3. You're right.... also this time I bent my game discs so I can't play them. I think there's a connection with my video game addiction and watching pornography, if I spend time playing video games that leaves me more vulnerable to watching pornography like what happened to me today . So this time the system isn't coming out of the trash. No one knows how long their life is going to last, so I need to be more responsible with my life's time. Kind of how we deny ourselves when we do stuff we don't like like eating healthy instead of like a juicy burger with extra onion rings inside. Giving up video games will benefit me even if I don't see it immediately or at least it will benefit others around me because the choices we make affect people around us. This journal is helping me be accountable, honest, and learning more about myself and what affects me. Also I wanted to thank God and you guys & gals for helping me stay committed to quitting video games. Even If I Stumble from time to time I need to be strong enough to not need them in my life. :)
  4. 07/07/2016 I need to start trying harder. Again stayed up to late, which lead to porn & masturbation. I think the main cause is because some how I feel need to be in a relationship, but if the foundation of that relationship is just to get sex then that's a unhealthy relationship & bad foundation. I know I'm capable of discipline I just need to start out with small steps. First is to go bed earlier. Second dedicated at least ten minutes to learning something new I don't know about and before I take any leisure time make sure other responsibilities are done first like my chores. Again sorry everyone not being a good example. Also since I don't want to lie to anyone here I still have my game system by getting it out of the trash can yesterday afternoon because I still want to use it as platform to talk about the bible & other topics.
  5. Thank you for your words and keeping it real.
  6. 07/05/2016 I'm sorry I've haven't been posting for the past couple weeks. I basically deceived myself that I could have self control if I went back to videogames. So I bought a system and wasted money I barely got (most of my first ever tax return & part of pay check )to buy it when I should have just saved it, instead and then only recently I stayed up all night playing which made me feel tired. Then that led to looking up pornography and masturbation. Today I decided I can't go back to videogames no matter what. Videogames are just going to set me up to do bad habits and not improve myself at all. So what I decided is to throw the system I got in the trash to show how serious sin/mistake was and I shouldn't make some stupid decision like this ever again. I need to start being more responsible. Please again don't let my mishapes/ stumbles discourage you, hang in there from videogames if you're trying to quit. During my time playing video games always had this thought in my head that I should haven't been playing them in the first place again and God wanted me do something else instead. Even my friend through text messages could tell I seemed off, but I guess I lied to myself and told him I'm was okay. This decision I made giving up video games again today has brought relief to my conscious. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this post and may God grant you endurance to stay away from videogames if you're trying to quit.
  7. (Detoxes complete) (Post Detoxes Day 28 officially) Sorry I haven't been posting in a while. Last week I got caught up in all the video game announcement news. With this week too, yesterday i wasted time looking up video game stuff. By God's grace I avoided buying a portable gaming device. Also last week I got into a wreck and was rear ended as a result. I fill okay, besides a little pain & stiffness in my neck. This week I want to practice my writing clarity because right now my handwriting isn't that clear unless I take my time. Hope everyone's detox is doing well and please don't let my mishaps discourage any of you to move forward on in the detox.
  8. (Detoxes complete) (Post Detoxes Day 15 officially) This week was going okay until I feel like I opened a door I shouldn't have. Over the weekend I watched a part of a documentary about Video game event. With that and other stuff I did today wasted a lot of time looking up & seeing video game related information and visited some forums. I would say a total of 5 or 6 hours wasted. I need to realize video games aren't my platform God wants me to use to reach people and instead is something else. Like today I decided to talk to one person at my college about the bible and accomplished that. Also need to organize my time better with the suggestion Cam brought up of having a schedule. Also even if i put only 10 minutes into a new skill it will build up if I stay consistent everyday. Thanks for everyone reading this and I will do better with God's help to not be a bad example for people wanting to quit video games. Thankful for this wake up call regarding video games and able to publicly repent & talk about it with y'allGetting along much better with my momBeing more patient with people & events that occurred throughout this week.
  9. (Detoxes complete) (Post Detoxes Day 8 officially) Going to keep this journal kind of short. Didn't really look into new music genres this week. Been busy & my mom had go to the hospital because of a mini stroke she had. It was a combination of stress and combination of myself & sister arguing over dumb stuff, that we shouldn't have a made a big deal out of in the first place. By God's grace nothing damaging happened to her and to describe in her own words. "It felt like a warning". So I take it as a sign to stop making a big deal out of tasks she wants me to do, don't interrupt (no matter how I feel at the time), and most of the time don't talk back because it makes the situation worse. As for staying away from video games I didn't listen to any video game related music, but i wasted a hour or a little more than that looking at articles & watching a video about FGC (Fighting Game Community). So there was gameplay shown. Besides that I finished two books. Still reading my bible and started yesterday Pilgrims Progress by john Bunyan.
  10. Hope your detox goes well and bares good fruit! hang in there.
  11. Welcome... Enjoyed the drawing you posted and may your detox bare good fruit!
  12. Welcome and may this detox bare good fruit for you!
  13. (Detoxes complete) (Post Detoxes Day 1 officially) This past week has been going well. Still continuing Skype accountability meetings. I was going to watch a game play video, but i stopped two minutes or so into the video by God's grace. I listened a couple of video game songs, but received no enjoyment out of it. Going to research a new genre or band I haven't heard before. To help me stay away from video game music. Getting back into the groove with spending time with God and breaking in my new bible because my old one was damaged. Grateful for my new bible even though it might be hard to read, since it's 1599 versionGrateful for he ability to get a clean glass of water whenever I want in my houseGrateful to hangout with my parents
  14. Thank you for the encouragement and the same back to you times two!
  15. (No Fap 87) This week has been a experience. With all this free time I've used some of it wisely, but most of it unwisely. Most of it was listening to music, (some of that music was from video games) visited some video game websites (only read articles) and watched people talk about video games & reviewing some of them on YouTube. By God's grace I didn't participate in any forum talk or view people's opinion about video games on a forum. With spending my time wisely I finished a book about how depending on a person's experience with their earthly father can put God in a box and that isn't a good thing. Cause God be put into a box. Also participated in an accountability partner discussion over Skype. He brought up a very good point that I never thought of before. With giving up video games a person leaves behind all the stress that was there & potentially can brought on to one's self. So a lot of the time we bring up a positive things we may miss, but might forget about bringing up the negative side of video games. This last point I'm going make is personal and going to relate it to "No Fap". For some reason two days ago I had a wet dream and in that dream sex didn't occur only the person of opposite sex was leaning towards me closely/attempting to make out with me (We both still had our cloths on). I woke up though as they were leaning towards very closely. Does anyone know why wet dreams occur sometimes, especially if I don't look at sexual related material before I go to bed? It just happened out of the blue to me.
  16. Enjoyed this intro and may this detox bear good fruit.
  17. (No Fap 79) This past week and weekend have been very bumpy ride for me. Wasted time watching video game related media and on websites. Recently too finished up the semester and college. So now I have much free time that I can't just leave unorganized or else it can lead to temptation to waste time with video game related stuff. Continuing to be honest so I can be accountable and not discourage others to tell the truth & make sure the problems of wasting time with video game media doesn't get any worse. So this week I need to set some small goals or activities to do, that I will eventually increase. Another reason that I fell back into that habit was I missed communicating with my friends that I played video games with. So even though I like them very much and pray they will have a blessed life through Christ I need to stop communicating with them, unless they contact me over some non video game important related discussion. I'm considering to start a short story later this week and hope that goes well. Lastly I graduate tomorrow and I hope i don't trip on stage. lol - Thankful for hearing and that opportunity brings to enjoy the good and bad sounds out there P.S. Hope everyone has a blessed the rest of the week and stand strong against video games. <3 P.S.S Enjoyed this quote below. " If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up" - Shia LaBeouf
  18. (No Fap 73) So I finished school for this semester yesterday. Also on Tuesday I wasted some time looking a video game related media & websites, but not as much compared to Monday. Currently watching a movie called "Beware of Christians" pretty good so far. A group of college students travel to Europe and rediscover what it means to be a Christian and not how America defines. it. - Thankful for other day of life and more opportunities to learn, help others, and improve myself.
  19. Congrats! This is a new beginning for you and I am so glad you made it. I am excited to get there too. Thank you very much for this encouragment.
  20. I'm from Texas and live near Garland. Would be cool some time to meet up and talk about stuff over food some time. Hope everyone is having a blessed day!
  21. Thank you for letting me know i will do that.
  22. Day 94 (No Fap 70) I came back from my conference yesterday. When I got home around 10:00PM I decided to watch a video game trailer. Which lead to 3 1/2 hours of wasted time. Today too I spent about an hour reading some video game related info and watching gameplay. All this shows there is no way I can go back to gaming and just need to stay away from it as far as possible. With this occurrence of these events i listed above occurred because I didn't put any effort to prevent myself. I just sat in there and didn't even get up. I know that I'am passionate about video games, but just need to realize that can't be part of my life anymore if I want to move on to the next chapter of my life and be more responsible & independent. Also maybe this occurred because I was being prideful when, instead I should be more humble and thankful that each day of being video game free is a big blessing for me. With all that said I'm currently at school researching an essay I need to work on over what I learned in my linguistics class. Once that gets finished I hope to work on my writing skills over the summer. I hope everyone is having a blessed day! Thanks for everyone reading this and listening to the journey and process of overcoming my video game addiction/temptation I'm dealing with. (For some reason it wouldn't let me remove the bold letter in the words above)
  23. Well completed the final days of the detox. Enjoyed it and I liked how with journal I can see the progress I made from the beginning up until now. 1. More clear headed 2. More social, but not on the level I want to be on 3. Less frustration & more patience 4. More money saved and spent to help people like my mom 5. Learned different things because I had the time to listen and wasn't occupied with video games.
  24. Day 91 (No Fap Day 69) Finally completed the detox with God's help. Thanks for everyone for the encouragement you gave me and anyone that may have read this journal even if they didn't post in it. Now I want to continue with the No Fap as well. The only way I would go back in video games if God told me to, but I'm sure he wants me to improve other parts of myself like study habits. Hope everyone that is in the detox will complete it too. Stay strong many game announcents are coming. Also if anyone lives in the Dallas Texas area or is coming by. Please PM me if you want to try hanging out sometime.