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Hello all female game quitters,

the time when I feel most tempted to play is when I have my periods, I have tried various painkillers but they only dull the pain. I am looking for some activity which is intellectually undemanding, but at the same time engrossing enough to help me forget the pain. Gaming fitted the job description perfectly :( Do you have any suggestions? What about colouring books for adults, which are all the rage nowadays? 


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I hope you're not too offended by a male replying. I noticed you didn't get a response yet so I figured I'd pitch my idea.

Have you ever tried jig saw puzzles? I used to love those as a kid, and they would seem to fit your criteria. There's even a whole crapload of them available online, apparently.


Hope this helps. :)

Haha we're rebels :P

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Try audiobooks, or podcasts.  If you're up to it, I know a lady who is into gardening, woodworking, and restoring furniture. Even reading a real-live paper book is better.  I have at least 3 good-ish books on my Kindle in my phone.  There's nothing like putting on my headphones and listening to a book while doing chores.  I even have bluetooth headphones I can use when walking.


Hope this helps.

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Did you check in with a doctor on this? My sister had really bad cramps with migraines and it turned out to be Endometriosis - after about 15 years of pain every month. She was able to get help and getting rid of that pain gave her a lot of better quality of life.

If you are like me and you "just" have the usual amount of cramps, you don't want to move around a lot so gardening etc. doesn't have a chance. The secret is to find something which gets you into the flow. A state of mind where you are just the right amount of relaxed but also mentally challenged. Obviously this is different for everybody and you will need to try a few things, probably.

What helps me during those times:

  • drawing (some coloring books are great but you need good pencils, otherwise this can be frustrating)
  • playing the guitar
  • programming (obviously stay away if your computer is a trigger)
  • modern cooperative board games with friends and then cry when you loose because you are overly emotional during your period

Additionally, everything lavender. I drink tea and have a pot of dried blossoms to smell at from the pharmacy, which makes me feel better when in pain and uncomfortable.

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