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  1. I know the struggle with Physics. It is so fascinating to learn about, at the same time it sometimes feels like pulling your hair out slowly. For me the best way to start is by writing down what I already know about the topic or concept I want to learn about. Even if it is just guessing and totally wrong. Then I start filling the gaps while going through the material. I also add new questions and "insights", even if they are arrogant and sassy. I sometimes even insult physics when I think the formula is completely wrong and stupid and has nothing to do with how it actually works. As I learn more about the topic, I correct myself and explain in my own words.
  2. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through recently. I just read your first post and skipped through a few of your diary pages. You are strong and I am sure you can do it! It is amazing what you already achieved and it is okay to feel bad and down and complain about how much life sucks sometimes! >.< It seems to me, that you are a very sensitive person. Which is good, but also can make it easy to be hurt by others or yourself. What do you plan to do tomorrow (sunday)? Will you draw something perhaps? Do you show off your art somewhere? 🙂 (Sorry if you already mentioned that before, I only read a few posts from you.) Perhaps you are so tense because you work too much... inner tension can make your body tense and hurting, too. But I guess you know that... Do you plan to invite people over for the movie night?
  3. Not quite sure how to start and I am sorry if my English is weird and this gets too long. Hi, I tried to blind out my gaming addiction for a long time. I’m in my mid thirties (I honestly don’t know if I am 34 or 35 and I can’t find my wallet) and played quite obsessively for about 20 years now. I found the videos of Cam Adair by accident while browsing TED - congratulations for the Talk, what a great achievement! Because of that, I arrived at this forum. I lurked around for a while, made an account yesterday and deleted all my games about two hours ago. First time in my life without any games (except for formatting my PC). Yay. Most people here seem to be amazing for me, really. I feel like a complete looser and I am more of a burden for society and the people around me, than anything else. My main goal is to decide what could be my goal, I guess. I am old, depressed, demotivated and I have very little experience with life as a human being. I have a crappy job and am stuck at university for years. Mostly because of anxiety and the loop of: I am scared -> Play some games -> now the problems got even scarier! -> play some more..! My biggest obstacle (besides the addiction) will probably be that I am not in my twenties anymore and I feel I have missed out on pretty much everything. I never finished anything. Also, my whole life resolves around the computer. I work as a programmer from home, I study bioinformatics (without much success), my other hobbies are digital art and programming. That’s it. My PC is my home. I mainly played single player games (extensive Steam library of 200+ games) and when I get in contact with other people, it’s my sister who lures me out of my apartment occasionally with Magic the Gathering, Anime and boardgames. I know her friends don’t like me, and I am super awkward in conversations. Basically, imagine a neckbeard without the beard. Thank you for reading and for this great forum.
  4. Did you check in with a doctor on this? My sister had really bad cramps with migraines and it turned out to be Endometriosis - after about 15 years of pain every month. She was able to get help and getting rid of that pain gave her a lot of better quality of life. If you are like me and you "just" have the usual amount of cramps, you don't want to move around a lot so gardening etc. doesn't have a chance. The secret is to find something which gets you into the flow. A state of mind where you are just the right amount of relaxed but also mentally challenged. Obviously this is different for everybody and you will need to try a few things, probably. What helps me during those times: drawing (some coloring books are great but you need good pencils, otherwise this can be frustrating) playing the guitar programming (obviously stay away if your computer is a trigger) modern cooperative board games with friends and then cry when you loose because you are overly emotional during your period Additionally, everything lavender. I drink tea and have a pot of dried blossoms to smell at from the pharmacy, which makes me feel better when in pain and uncomfortable.