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  1. Today it’s been 2 years since I quit And I just want to thank everyone in this community for all the help you guys have given me on this tough journey
  2. I know I'm posting a bit late, but I know what you mean and my top tip would be get an old Mac, because you can still do your pc stuff like word processing, video editing, etc, but it sucks at gaming and YouTube and all the useless sites like instagram etc. I would recommend a 2006 Mac Pro if your a PC guy. It's a lot like a pc you can upgrade it if that's your thing, and for older Pro apps it's a very powerful machine And run MacOS X 10.6 snow leopard on it because that is a rock solid OS
  3. Sorry I am also a male but how about watching cartoons they are funny and crazy enough to take your mind off most things try shows like Fairly odd parents(only the first 5 seasons though), Adventure time, and Gravity falls
  4. So since I quit I have developed a bit of a TV addiction but I kinda feel like this isn't much better then my game addiction
  5. Part of quitting is giving up 100s of pounds or dollars worth of stuff and regretting that we didn't do something differently but instead of dwelling on that we need to find something new to pour our attention into so try to find a new hobby you can get obsessed with tiny details of
  6. Get a macbook I got one and I find it way better then Windows(this is obviously my personal opinion) for anything but gaming
  7. I have not been struggling with relapsing or the temptation to relapse but I have struggled with wasting lots of time online and personally I got a macbook a flip phone(a motorola razr v3) and a iPod and it's helped me not waste so much time online so maybe get a flip phone and a iPod and take some time away from computers
  8. I quit permanently back in May but I still can’t get rid of my regrets of never playing Halo and Final Fantasy 7 how can I overcome these regrets