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Question of the week: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?


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  1. willardorwud

    Should i get a gaming laptop ?

    Get a macbook I got one and I find it way better then Windows(this is obviously my personal opinion) for anything but gaming
  2. willardorwud

    I'm not sure what to do

    I have not been struggling with relapsing or the temptation to relapse but I have struggled with wasting lots of time online and personally I got a macbook a flip phone(a motorola razr v3) and a iPod and it's helped me not waste so much time online so maybe get a flip phone and a iPod and take some time away from computers
  3. willardorwud

    The Hobby Corner

    I got into apple and all their history and audio equipment and I'm looking into trying music production and I also watch a lot of animated tv shows
  4. I quit permanently back in May but I still can’t get rid of my regrets of never playing Halo and Final Fantasy 7 how can I overcome these regrets