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23 and trying to quit


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Hello everyone,

i have been gamer for as long as i can remember. I'm trying to quit gaming for some time and never really succeeded. I used to play games a lot when i was in younger all my free time consisted of games. I would not see anyone so I have no social life. Although things are better now as i dont play video games as much but I have two brothers who are also gamers. older one is more casual gamer and younger one is more hardcore. So while i manage not to play games for like month or two, i always read about games, watch video on yt and mostly talk with my brother about games.

Every time i fail at college i always find myself holding controller and wasting all my free time on gaming which gets me even more depressed. So my main problem is that i might not be playing video games as much but im certainly spend a lot of time thinking about them, watching videos and so on.

We have some 5 consoles with a lot of games and i would like to sell them all, but i need my brothers consent to do that. Of course he doesn't want to do that, he gets very angry when i mention that.

thats about it, i hope i'll be able to find answer in this community :)

ps. sorry for my inconsistent writing i feel very frustrated as i have played games last night for about 5 hours

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Hi milan, I often have gaming urges if i have to think about exams and stuff wich makes me nervous. I know how it is to waste time strategizing or watching let's plays. I guess the only thing you can change is yourself. I would try to find outdoor activities and other things wich relax you, beside computergameing/watching gameplay. If i where you i would try to go cold turkey with all gaming related activities for some time(maybe try the 90day detox), because the other mentioned abilites seem to influence you in a bad way.

Another thing you can actually do and will help you in the long ,is the creation of positive habbits. Just  find some things wich are easy to do for you and commit to them every day. For example read every day 10 pages of a nonfiction book your intersted in. Study everyday 30min in a  subjekt you feel like your bad at it. Do a stretch/workout routine every morning. Make your bed(yeah actually surprisingly helpfull habbit). With time (maybe 2weeks-2months) they become habbits and doesn't cost any effort and hey accumelate over time. More important if your commited to your habbit/habbits they will most likely have a ripple effekt. You start gooing to bed early enough because you work out in the morning. You clean your room because if your bed looks tidy, why not the rest. I do some of these things for 20days or so and actually feel better. Best habbit in my experience: the daily journal on this site

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Hey Milan! Welcome to the forum, it's awesome to have you here with us. Remember it's not about the games, the games are just the activity that you are doing. Think of it like this. An alcoholic can't get rid of alcohol in the world, so for an alcoholic to truly recover from the addiction, they need to shift the role alcohol plays in their life. Alcohol tends to be a way for people to numb themselves from a pain, to escape from a situation... and the same happens with gaming. Follow the advice in respawn and the youtube videos we have and you'll be able to succeed. Trust me :)

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