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  1. Hello everyone, i have been gamer for as long as i can remember. I'm trying to quit gaming for some time and never really succeeded. I used to play games a lot when i was in younger all my free time consisted of games. I would not see anyone so I have no social life. Although things are better now as i dont play video games as much but I have two brothers who are also gamers. older one is more casual gamer and younger one is more hardcore. So while i manage not to play games for like month or two, i always read about games, watch video on yt and mostly talk with my brother about games. Every time i fail at college i always find myself holding controller and wasting all my free time on gaming which gets me even more depressed. So my main problem is that i might not be playing video games as much but im certainly spend a lot of time thinking about them, watching videos and so on. We have some 5 consoles with a lot of games and i would like to sell them all, but i need my brothers consent to do that. Of course he doesn't want to do that, he gets very angry when i mention that. thats about it, i hope i'll be able to find answer in this community ps. sorry for my inconsistent writing i feel very frustrated as i have played games last night for about 5 hours
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