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Sad for no reason


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So I just came back from school, and I'm feeling really gloomy. The day went well, so that wasn't the cause. I haven't played any games for the last 3 days-ish (would usually play everyday), and im wondering if thats might be the cause for it or if im just really tired from writing down loads of notes?

Thank you guys!

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I agree it is higly likely it is an effect of gamequitting, I did feel it in the begining aswell. Our reward system in the brain is chemical and hardwired to 

getting nuked by fast dopamine when gameing. The detox period will change the chemical balance in your brain. You will become more calm, think more clear and gain increased emotional control as you progress. This is why fintess activities is very helpfull, You will get dopamine by exersice you body, but it is a more slow reward that acts like a replacement in your detox i belive. For me fintess was incredible helpfull in the begining because you get that "healty" dopamine instead (and you get a nice body as a bonus!).


Healthy Dopamine is much better, ask David Beckham!


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There are quite a few things that can make you unhappy, seemingly without reason.

If you are feeling sad and you can't work out why, it could be a good idea to examine the following areas of your life:

  • Sleep - Most of us aren't getting enough.  Conversely it is possible to get too much.
  • Exercise - Helps keep you healthy, and has repeatedly been shown to improve people's moods.  Also as an added bonus, being fit makes you look better.
  • Diet - Crap food is going to make you feel like crap.  Good, healthy food will help you feel better.
  • Sunshine - I've found I feel a lot better when I can get outside a bit during the day.  Some areas it might not be feasible now but some people have claimed to get good results from taking Vitamin D supplements. 
  • Social - Even those of us who crave our alone time still need to interact with other people sometimes.  Catching up with friends or family can help to pull you out of a slump.

It's still possible to feel crap, even if you have all these things sorted.  But when you have all these areas going well it's much more likely you're going to be feeling great.

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