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  1. 3 months without games! Well it is something to celebrate! The best thing is I don´t miss it. During these 3 months I have filled my life with new activities especially music. I have purchased instruments and started practise, it is hard work learning your favourite songs since childhood but the emotion you gain when nailing a song is really something. I have also started with dating. Not so much to get a girlfriend actually, but more to talk to women and get used to be around them. I am a strong beliver in the fact that anything you get exposed to will sooner or later become second nature, communicate with women included. I hope I can step it up perhaps 6 months from now and try to find a girlfriend. But it is all a part of a life changing plan, I am not stupid, I do realise I have to have somthing to offer a female. Thats why I try to maximize myself in anyway, I spend time on the gym to get a athletic body, I try to improve my cooking skills, I continue to trade the market to gain better financials, I continue to upgrade my wardrobe and clothes, to sum it up: I really don´t have time to play games!! And that is a fact! You might think, all that sounds booring, especially if you are a gamer, well it can be sometimes (especially coocking!) but playing music really have replaced gaming for me as a fun activity. And I am very blessed and thankfull I have found a new passion in my life
  2. Welcome mushroomhead ☺ I took a long moment to read your story and reflect on it. Believe it or not, but gaming won't help because it actually steal energy from you and valuable time. Time you need to straight you life back up. You have several things working in your favour. You are young. You seem healthy. You are in a athletic state good enough to apply for armed forces. I read between the lines you are not really tied to your location, that is an additional plus if you can move. If you feel burnt buy you employeer, well let me tell you it is not the end of the world. When I was in my early twenties i got FIRED because of inviting friends to my workplace at night and having a huge party trashing the place. Well I joined the armed forces after that (infantry) 1.5 years later finished with ok grades and moved to a new city and studied engineering and that was the most challenging time of my life. 10 years later I graduated (way after everyone else). Today I work as an engineer. My point is life can be shit, I have been there. My best advice when you feel stuck is: - Relocate. Move to a new city get a fresh start. Or even move to a new country. - Study. This is the best way to get a fresh start. Choose a new field in life. You previous employment won't mather that much, your education more and the needs on the labour market even more. - Armed forces. If you are in the US or UK you might get salary and additional benefits. That might help you with studies later on. Lots of great experience comes from serving. You cant change the past that is an absolute true fact so don't live inside it. You can only live in the present moment and thats whats shapes your future. Take small steps to work against a goal. Don't point your nose back, point it forwards. Eliminate anything that pulls you back. And hey we are here to help you on the way ☺
  3. For me it is all about getting a healty lifestyle and grow the f*uck up to be honest. I see no reason that I shouldn´t reproduce (getting a family and children), but gaming is not the most attractive lifestyle in womens eyes. Further more I see no more reason to be a slave under cooperate and financial firms, buying games like a slave, always with the "pressure" to have played the latest product, to be accepted by other "slaves" (gamers) to fill some kind of 2000-century f*ucked up role. Sick and tired of it all.
  4. Thanks for sharing Suritus I higly enjoyed those videos, had no idea they whereout there. I have to pick this video as my favourite at the moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-N_NVOQEaw, had some really good pointers
  5. I agree it is higly likely it is an effect of gamequitting, I did feel it in the begining aswell. Our reward system in the brain is chemical and hardwired to getting nuked by fast dopamine when gameing. The detox period will change the chemical balance in your brain. You will become more calm, think more clear and gain increased emotional control as you progress. This is why fintess activities is very helpfull, You will get dopamine by exersice you body, but it is a more slow reward that acts like a replacement in your detox i belive. For me fintess was incredible helpfull in the begining because you get that "healty" dopamine instead (and you get a nice body as a bonus!). Healthy Dopamine is much better, ask David Beckham!
  6. Hi Torleif I am glad to read your journal You are taking some very impressive steps and you should be proud of yourself! I am proud of you Remeber games are booring. They are repetetive and represents a simplistic version of real life, thus they can never grant the satisfaction real life activities do. You will be amazed in the future how much fun life is outside gaming. A good tool if you feel relapsing feelings is to take a walk and observe nature in the present moment. Norway is one of the most beautifull countries in the world, so it could help you on the way.
  7. Hi Mark Glad to read about your progress. I think it is awesome you have set goals including yoga, fitness and sleeping. That is exactly what I am trying to do aswell Have you been playing football since you were young or is it a new passion? Do you work on a special project on your car or is it generall maintenance? I am a mechanic myself and enjoy everything with engines and horsepowers
  8. Thanks Mark Glad to hear we share the same view in so many ways. I find that mindfullness is a wonderfull tool (form of yoga) to practise to improve living in the present moment. It is logical aswell, there is really nothing one can do about the past and the future is formed in the present moment. So living in the present moment not only increases life quality and every second we are blessed with life, it helps shaping our future goals aswell. Doing less in life will increase quality instead of quantity. Monks have practised this for thousands of years. There are wisdom that a modern human can apply. In the end it gives you control of yourself and your life.
  9. Välkommen Torleif! Du är inte ensam. Det du upplever är precis vad många av oss upplever. Läs journaler och ställ vilka frågor du vill, tittat också på Cams videos dom är väldigt hjälpsamma. Ser fram emot att läsa din journal inom en snar framtid.Vi kommer hjälpa dig igenom det här English: Welcome Torleif! You are not alone. What you experience is what many of us do aswell. Please read the journals on this site and have a look at Cams videos they are very helpfull. I am looking forward to read your journal in a future soon. We will help you
  10. Thanks a lot Cam! It means a lot coming from you so I am very thankfull for your comment Onwards 2 months next!
  11. Hi Robin and welcome I can promise you this, you will be surprised how fun life is outside gaming. You will have an entire new life filled with quality and fun. We have your back buddy!
  12. So here comes a quick update I have been "clean" from gaming for 4 weeks now. Today I also canceled all my pre-order games. So I have no connection to gaming anymore. I also made clear to my old gaming friends I have quit gaming. I feel my entire life has taken a new turn and I can honestly say I feel much better in so many ways. I feel I have control and I have no desire to ever game again I am strong and very optimistic about my future. I want to thank all of you for your support and wish you all the best in jour journeys to a quality life aswell. My daily rutine in doing less and relaxing more is working good aswell, I sleep better and are more healthy, I really love my life at this point.
  13. Thanks Cam ☺I think I will follow your advice and explore meditation.You been in Southeast asia? That is awesome, where did you do?
  14. Thanks mate, no it is a internet picture but I loved it. Glad to hear you enjoy living in the present moment, I am all with you on that being the favourite of things quitting games ☺
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