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Question: How To Deal With Gaming Housemates?


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Hello everyone,

Gaming was the one and only hobby for me and the outlet for my social circle.  From high school, all the way to my second year of college  (now), the only friends that I have decided to keep in touch with were practically gamer's (which does seem sad now that I think about it). 

Since last year, I have leased a house with three of them, and all they do is play PC games such as League Of Legends and Hearthstone all day long. But now that I have decided to close up this chapter of my life and pursue my bigger goals, should I be severing my ties with them? They are real good people, and I don't want to start cutting them off from my social circle just because they enjoy doing what they love.

I have also been reading self-development books and what most of them are saying is that I am a product of the environment around me (or something amongst those lines). If I am spending another two years with my current housemates, would this have a significant impact on my detox journey?

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It is a hard thing, but yeah bro :\ 

My family watches TV all day, and browses mindlessly on their cell phones. One of my goals is to get the fuck out lol, or make an example (but that's real hard). I get caught watching TV when walking around. If you can somehow find new room mates, that would be great. People come and go in life, don't label yourself as part of them. 

Those are my thoughts m80



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Hi Zakaex,

yeah i would try to find smth. new to live, but i won't necessarly cut them out your life. You can hang out with them but if you're in an appartement and can't go anywhere without watching people play games, this will lead to problems. Sometmes you have to look after the things that are best for you.  I would explain them what you want to do(stop gaming) and why you want to do it and go from there.

If you don't find a new place or decide not to move out, there are other possibilitys to avoid gaming. You can go out for reading or studing. You can go outside to learn new things or work on your social skills. And if your not at home, you aren't in danger of falling back to your addiction. Cam wrote it helped him a lot not to stay at home. He would basically work and then go out of the house to meet new people or read at a starbucks. If you decide to find a new appartment, this fact does not mean you have to cut the people you like out of the life. You just won't live with them anymore. If the only thing the like si gaming though it will be hard to find time to do stuff together. But im sure even gamers enjoy going out with friends or play some cards adn drink some booze in the evening ;)

hope my Input helps a bit.


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But im sure even gamers enjoy going out with friends or play some cards adn drink some booze in the evening

Well, I have very interesting case to disagree with you. I have flatmate, who is 100% stay-at-home. Each of us have different room, so I don't know what he is doing in his room. He doesn't speak with me if it isn't necessary, I once asked him for something, and he said to come into his room. I'd been talking to him while he was driving a tank in some kind of video game. This way I can also talk to wall.

He doesn't hang out with anybody, I'm not sure what he's doing in his room all day long but sometimes I see some of his behaviours I used to have while gaming. For instance drinking coffee at 11p.m. to study for night. Once I saw him sneaking at night for sweets. He was crouching and gathering some of them from cupboard. He reminded me Gollum for Lord of The Rings. I though "I don't want to be like him, so I don't want to have anything in common with him".

And sometimes when I have cravings I mention this situation and just ask myself: "Do you want to be like him? Really?" And I do complete opposite what he's doing with his life. So I don't see any correlation between him and me.

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