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Committing to Not Buying Games (Jan 2024)

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I am unable to maintain long hours of play, namely due to:

  • Mental Fatigue
  • Stopping after tilting 
  • Quickly achieved goals in sessions

By creating so many intervals between sessions, game completion for me has been slow

Here's where my problem manifests: 

Because I'm bored with my current games, I buy more to excite myself into completing them. 

Slow game completion for me is caused by Achievement Hunting or 100% Completion.

Mastering something, even slowly, gives me great satisfaction. Seeing my backlog grow year on year does not.

This issue even extends to F2P titles I've never launched. I feel the FOMO.

I aim to stop purchasing games or start any F2P titles.

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Hello Pocha,

My main problem is pre-occupation.

I want to moderate my thoughts on gaming.

My worst thoughts regarding gaming are anxieties.

For example, today, I learned about Endless Dungeon. Doing so reminded me of Shoulders of Giants and Windblown.

I did not purchase these games, but they do interest me. And I get anxious that I haven't started them.

Alongside the backlog, I want to avoid starting new games because of:

  • Family criticizing my purchases
  • Impulse purchase guilt
  • Every game's learning curve
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I've had my share of F2P titles.

Ironically, the two that affected me the worst were Dota 2 and Fortnite

I played Dota 2 heavily from 2013 - 2015, and I stopped because:

  • Poor treatment from my IRL friends when playing together
  • Zero confidence in personal ability
  • Unfamiliarity with the MOBA Genre

Some teenagers brought me into Fortnite after I met them through Overwatch 1

Many things made Fortnite unenjoyable:

  • Extremely competitive community
  • Playing against controller players
  • Cesspool of collaborations

Dota 2 trashed my confidence, while Fortnite burnt lots of my money. 

Regarding F2P abstinence, Disney Speedstorm caught my interest during the D23 Expo (2022)

I didn't purchase it during Early Access and haven't launched it after it became F2P. 

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Hi Amphibian,

I got a diploma in Interior Design in 2018, so school's way past for me. 

It's relevant since my interests lie in character design and animation

Currently, I work in fanfiction and fan art.

When I can at work, I study Microsoft Excel functions. I'd want to study KNIME afterwards.

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