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  1. So I've had to delete the content of all but one of my posts just for reasons anyway. I've realized about myself as of late that a large challange I face is that I'm afraid to take the next steps. I've procrastinated and pushed things off like they would go away but reality is that my path dictates that I am to become a well adjusted functioning, happy and full filled person. As painful as it is my soul wants to heal and that's what happening no matter how painful, its necessary and inevitable. Love you guys. And i hope yall are doing well!
  2. This journey of "escaping to reality"
  3. So I've been working my full time job for just over a month now,.
  4. I need to sit in the woods and mediate for a while.
  5. So I'm on day 14 thing have gone by so fast Well I went 250 miles with my to get my car but we'll shit happened and the trailer we rented wasnt going to work. my mom passed back in July I stillI've been trying to do 2 things for 8 months but didn't have the resources to finish the job, since her house is so far away. I moved my mom's possessions to a safe place so they won't be discarded once the house changes owners and took her cats back to Atlanta and gave them to my sister. Back in july, I spent 2 weeks after her funeral packing cleaning and sorting her stuff but I was only able to move half of it to my uncle's shed for long term storage. It's hard walking into an empty home and down a hallway where you said your goodbyes for the last time. I went into her room for the first time since the funeral I never thought I'd walk back in their her bed is still how she left it and her closet was cleaner than I remember leaving it. I went into her bath room and saw the cat bowls I had left so long ago, and in the sink I saw where a bird had made it's nest in the sink from the open window near it. She would have loved seeing that. Seeing something so beautiful in a half way abandoned house the stark contrast really puts things into perspective. Life always finds a way During my trip to the house I decided i get what tools of my grandpa's I could from the garage before leaving not knowing when I'd be back. I got more than I could ever ask for. I rummaged through workshop he had set up and then filled with junk so many years ago. Remnants of order and organization buried under the countless triftshop and yard sale trips he had spent filling the place. I got out with a craftsman 3 stack tool box I had to undoubtedly unearth like some ancient relic. A milwalki corded drill (milwalki is really good btw). About a dozen different house clamp pliers and floor jack and jack stands and filled the rest of tool box with all kind of miscellaneous stuff. That was 4 days ago The last 2 days I have spent cleaning, dissembling organizing and fixing all of stuff I got. The day after I got home i realized that within my grandfathers infinite wisdom he had left a bottle of motor fluid on its side and somewhere between now and the gulf war it had spilled over everything, I mean litteraly.....fucking......everything. So I spent these last 2 days taking care of this with wonderful results. Also I haven't been able to stop listening to the fallout 4 sound track. And the car she left me a volvo 240 or a Swedish brick as some call it is in better shape than I had previously thought. Here are some pics!