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  1. First off welcome to the forums and congratulations on 60 days! I'm in the same boat as you as far as only having a couple days here and there being particularly difficult. The rainy days seem to be extra hard for sure which is why it's good to have things to distract you on days like that. Way to go on getting off alcohol and drugs, I know how hard that is and it takes a lot of dedication so congrats :). Really sorry to hear about your father's passing but I hope that you have family and or friends that can help you through this to make it easier. If you ever need someone to talk to I'm sure someone in hear would be willing to help and I'd be more than willing to chat with ya if you want. Take er' easy man and I look forward to seeing ya on here some more!
  2. 11/4/2019 Day 29 Howdy folks, JoJo back with another diary entry. Most of the last 3 days were good except for yesterday evening. A couple days ago I had found out that Blizzard was going to be doing some gameplay stuff for Overwatch 2 and at first I ignored it but last night I ended up looking it up and watching videos of youtubers play it... That was not a good idea, I felt like I had to literally peel myself away from the computer to keep from downloading Overwatch again. I managed to pull away from it but that was the closest I've been to "failing" during this whole thing. Today is going good, I've been keeping myself busy with things beside the computer for the most part so I could recover from what happened yesterday and regain some control. Hopefully everything is good on your guys' end and I look forward to speeking with ya'll! @Self made miracle Thank you!
  3. Welcome Chris! Congratulations on taking the first step. This kind of stuff can be hard but it's always helpful to talk with those that have struggled or are currently struggling with the same or similar issues as yourself. If you ever have any questions then feel free to ask or type something into the search bar and I'm sure you'll find plenty of information. Again, welcome and I look forward to seeing more of you ?
  4. 11/1/2019 Day 26 Howdy folks! So not much has happened since my last entry except for an exam I took today and I've already received the score! It turns out I got a score of 93.65%! I was in shock when I saw this. I believe that if I had kept playing games while going to college that this wouldn't be happening because I would be wasting time playing the games instead of studying and preparing for tests. I did have a little urge to play some Overwatch but like normal I managed to push it aside rather fast and occupy myself with something else. Again thank you all for taking the time to read this and I look forward to chatting with you guys later!
  5. You should check one out someday! I'm sure you'll get the chance ?
  6. Welcome to the the forums and congratulations on your second day! If you are ever struggling then feel free to come here and post a question or look at previous forum posts :). In noticed you mentioned that you struggled when it came to figuring out what to do with your time. One thing that has worked for me is to write down things you like to do in a journal and look at it whenever you begin to feel lost, bored or are not sure what to do at that moment. A well known but very true quote is "Idle hands are The Devil's workshop." I'm sure you've heard it used or at least seen it before. It's basically saying that when we are bored or aren't doing anything is when we are most vulnerable to temptation. I look forward to reading your progress and if you ever need to talk or have questions then feel free to message me :).
  7. I'll post some pics in a bit, studying at the moment ?
  8. 10/29/2019 Day 23 It's been 5 days since my last update? Man how time flies! Firstly, I'm doing great. Haven't played any games and have had very tiny urges that were quickly shoved aside. Now, on to other things that have happened. So, the trip to the Japanese garden was awesome, the trees and whatnot were in full fall colors and it just looked amazing. I got the score for my math test and that came to 94/100! I was so excited about this and it was a big morale boost in regards to school and a big project we did for the class as well came back at 100/100. It's just been a great week so far and I can't wait for what's to come. I'll talk to you guys later! P.S. Feel free to chat, I'll be back.
  9. You're still very early into your detox. Keep focusing on those daily improvements but don't stress over them. When quitting something I've found that the beginning and around 2-3 months in is the hardest. In the beginning you stop doing something that you did for hours each day (most of us) and at the 2-3 month point you become complacent and may think "it won't be bad to play just a little." At that point you risk falling into old habits. I would suggest getting a notebook and write down things that you can do in free time so you can avoid being idle. Being idle in the beginning can be very dangerous. Just to reiterate, take it one day at a time and make sure to have backups just in case you get bored. If you have anymore questions then just feel free to ask ?
  10. Do you still have interest in the sport? If so I'd try playing again and if you don't know then try playing anyways, you'll find out. If you find that you have lost interest in the sport then take this as a chance to try out something new, what that is, I leave to you. ?
  11. 10/24/2019 Day 18 Last two days have been great! I had a test today for my math class and I feel I got a B or an A so I'm really excited to see what the score will be tomorrow night. Getting ready to sign up for winter classes and going to a Japanese garden this weekend with some family. All in all, it should be a great weekend. ? Feel free to chat and I'll make sure to get back to ya as soon as possible!
  12. I have thought of the barriers and have looked at many but I just haven't found one I like really... I'll have to look into them again, thank you for the reminder. ?
  13. For sure! I'm tired but gaming was draining in a different way. Not really a strategy but if I get the urge to play I'll just leave my computer, put it into sleep mode, start doing some homework, call someone or just ignore it. It takes a lot of resolve and willpower. I've tried quitting gaming before and it didn't work out at all but I think it's working out so well this time because I've joined a forum where I can talk to others and I also have this goal I want to achieve regarding school and work. Not sure if this was useful but hopefully it helped in some way ?
  14. 10/22/2019 Day 16 Howdy folks! I've been gone for a little over a week haha. I just spaced off the diary. I would remember it but would end up getting sucked into homework or studying and end up not doing it heh. Things have been going good though! Still haven't played any video games, so that's nice and I haven't really wanted to play any games either so yayy. I'm going to a Japanese garden this week so I'm looking forward to that :). Anyways, hopefully ya'll are doing good and I'll talk to you later!