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  1. Do ya'll think playing a phone app game for learning Japanese is a bad idea? I found an app called earthlingo and it's really cool. You walk around clicking on different objects/people and it tells you the name and how to say it in Japanese. I don't want to ruin the progress I've made in the past 7 days though so I thought I'd get some opinions.
  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I'll take a look at the video you link, that sounds interesting. And the free time thing seems to be something that most people deal with, I mean most of us spent hours and hours on gaming and suddenly that time isn't being occupied by gaming. A good thing that has worked for me is setting up a rough schedule or write down a list of things that you think you will enjoy doing besides gaming, that way if you do end up with some free time then you have a list or schedule to look at to try and keep you from hovering into games. Keep on truckin' and I'll talk to ya next time! 🙂
  3. 10/12/2019 Day 7 (1 week!) Howdy folks! I'm going strong at 1 week! Gotta make this one short because I need to get back to studying but today was great. I'll see you all tomorrow 🙂
  4. Good luck with all of this! I'll be checking in on your diary each day (assuming it's up before mine.) XD
  5. Howdy! How ya doin'? Yeah, these past 6 days have gone pretty great! I'm kind of shocked that I've managed to come this far going cold turkey. And thank you by the way 🙂
  6. 10/11/2019 Day 6 Howdy howdy folks. We are now on day 6. Slept much better today so that's a plus! Gaming wise today went swell except for a moment where I saw an ad for a game. It was a game I had just started playing not long before I started all of this and I found it a bit hard to pull away from the ad. After a moment though I regained control and went back to homework and youtube to get it off my mind. Went to the gym as well today so that was nice. Other then that, this was a good day and has been a great week so far. I'll see you guys tomorrow! 🙂
  7. 10/10/2019 Day 5 Heya folks, it is now day 5. I'm really tired today because of school and lack of sleep so I'ma make this a short one. Haven't had any troubles with gaming today. There were no urges that I can recall and when I saw an ad, lets play, or something of that sort I just scrolled on past it without a second thought. Well, got some more studying to do so with that I'll see you guys tomorrow. 🙂
  8. Hopefully everything works out for ya!
  9. 10/09/2019 Day 4 Howdy ya'll. I'm on to day 4! Today was really good! I went to town today and while in town I went to the gym, studied and just hung out. Once I get home I relaxed a bit and studied. I had a slight urge to game when I saw an ad for one but I easily blocked the ad and moved on. Last night I stayed up till nearly 2:00 am making a weekly schedule that way I don't get stuck doing nothing. Today was my first day using it and it helped out a lot. Hopefully there are more days like this to come 🙂
  10. Ahh, thanks for the tip 🙂
  11. 10/06/2019 Day 1 Today I began the process of quitting my gaming addiction that started in high school or roughly 8-9 years ago. At first it was just a little bit here and there and it slowly kept becoming more and more and there were days where I wouldn't leave my room. Well, that all stops today. My first step was to join a group with like minded people where we can encourage each other, talk to each other, get advice and whatnot. My second step was uninstalling all games on my computer. That included but was not limited to, steam, runescape, battle.net, Uplay and much more. Third step was creating this diary. I know this will be hard but I look forward to the day I can confidently say games don't run my life anymore. 10/07/2019 Day 2 Alrighty, so I'm doing day 2 about an hour early because I have to study and I'll probably end up falling asleep or spacing this off. Last night and today were rough. I kept on thinking about games and I was kind of lost, thank God I had some work to do and some schoolwork to finish. I study Japanese daily so that helped as well. I'm not looking forward to this first week but it'll be over before I know it? Anyways, I'll see ya guys tomorrow! 10/08/2019 Day 3 Yosh, today I had school so it wasn't that bad! I was at school from around 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Once I got home I ate, studied a bit then messed around on youtube and facebook for a little while. After a while I finished tidying up a rough draft for an essay and now I'm here. All in all, it was a really good day and I didn't have to really keep myself from jumping into any games. See you folks on day 4!
  12. Howdy folks, I'ma go by JoJo! I'm from the rainy state of Oregon and I'm quitting gaming because of how addicted I've become. I've lost control over how much I play and now that I'm in college I need to get a hold of myself and control this. My main goal is to stop playing games entirely. I want to get back into reading, put more time into college and stop spending so much time around the computer. I believe overall this will help me in the end but it's going to be hard. Looking forward to talking to everyone!
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