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  1. Really appreciate you being a part of our community! Likewise, really appreciate all of you creating this community!
  2. This has also been the main cause of my pain and anger for years, not only the gaming years. I know it's very difficult to imagine anything good coming from these years of gaming, but it's maybe the ultim act of auto-destruction that triggered the act of deciding to change something deep in us. At least, it was for me. Same for me! Without gaming I wouldn't be on this forum with all these awesome people! You can't change the past but you can change the future, right now, in this moment, with every decision you make. I know that I'm a better person and doing everything I can to be even better! That's why I try to remember, that better me, comes from worse past.
  3. Firstly, I am very happy to hear that my words are getting to someone. To be honest, the only thing that games brought to me is English language, even though it's very useful to know this language and I like it more than my native, this still isn't rewarding like 9 years of every day gaming. Secondly, about that beer, I don't advise to be alcoholic, god no. I meant to try be an organiser, this gets your time, keeps you away from games and makes you more social. Lastly, have a nice month! Can't wait to hear from you!
  4. Journal entry #20 24 days post-detox I'm a bit tired after work, swimming, laundry, cooking, studying and housekeeping. I've stabilised my situation and feel no cravings so far. That means my previous theory works(about source of cravings). I've talked today with my colleague, which is around 5 years older than me(freshly married), about our lifes, achievements etc. I havn't said that I'm a game quiter, because it's still a thing, which I don't want to be known about me. Instead, I've told him about my studies, courses, money management, plans for future, things I'm trying to change, etc. He was very impressed by my personal development. He said, that he regrets investing nothing in himself, since ever. Reminding his previous party-life, where he was buying more overpriced alcohol in clubs instead of doing something useful with money and life. Since he decided to get merried, he changed a lot. I'm glad that he, by himself, took this decision to live a better life. This taught me, that it's never too late to change our lifes and we should do it as soon as possible, without waiting. Shit happens, our life can get down but we should not lead to this. I've looked back at my life and realised, that the worst kind of pain I've known, is lost time.
  5. When you will have cravings next time, you should call your friend to go for a beer, "bouncing ball back" can be helpfull and get you more into organiser personality.
  6. You are strong and will do it. Can't wait to see effects of your improvement. Post regularly and don't give up, because results will surely be beyond your imagination.
  7. Piotr

    Journey diary

    This words are so beautifuly true.
  8. I love programming, I had a bit of experience with matlab in my previous university. Unfortunatelly it was this time where games were my problem, thus, I havn't learned it enough to help you. Besides, it's not that hard. Good luck on this. Greetings, Piotr.
  9. Journal entry #19 20 days post-detox Although, I'm 110 days game free, I still have cravings sometimes, but I think I know why. I've analyzed situations when I wanted to play, and I realised that it was situtation uncomfortable for me and I was looking for temporary escape, for this safe feeling, cause you don't argue with NPC and money isn't a big issue in game etc. So I know now what to work on besides that I think I need to smile more often. It's something that needs to be implemented. I'm also thinking on starting my own website. Gotta go back to learning website programming, this will certainly help. Greetings, Piotr.
  10. Where can I listen to some of your music?
  11. Piotr

    Journey diary

    As you progress in your detox, you will discover even more positive things in yourself! Just be strong and don't give up. Also it's good to have that activity list, I advise to write a bit more, so you could exchange acitivities to avoid boredom. Greetings, Piotr.
  12. We often forget, how important is to relax in our lives. It's great that you didn't forget about it
  13. Another one proves, that quitting video games, changes life for better Journal is only one of many things to help you on your journey. It's great to hear that you made it without. Live a life worth living!
  14. I love to hear that you changed your attitude into positive one. That's something I probably, have to do, too. When video is ready don't hesitate to post it
  15. Three weeks ago, I've struggled with forcing myself to study. I don't say that now I do it without an effort but sometimes I feel empowered by learning, like you wrote. I try to focus on this feeling, it really helps in hard times to get work done.
  16. Admiring, that one have a problem is a first step to solve it. Just be strong and post regularly, this helps keep track on your progress. Greetings, Piotr.
  17. Piotr

    Journey diary

    Past was my problem too. Then I realised that I can't change it. It happened and one way I found working for me to deal with it, is to become a better person, live better life, and say: this bad past leaded to better me now. Oprah Winfrey was fired at age around 25, this changed some punk girl into a woman we know today as Oprah. Bad past shape us, but it depends on you where this shaping will go.
  18. Piotr

    Journey diary

    Best decision in your life. Just be strong and post regularly, I'm currently above 100 days free and all I can say, it's worth it. You won't believe how better person you will become. I'm looking forward for your success.
  19. Journal entry #18 15 days post-detox I had three final exams this week, passed all of them with really satisfying grades. Only one exam left, mathematics/integrals on Saturday, to fully pass first year. Unfortunately, my grade average lacks something like 0,1-0,2 to apply for scholarship. Although, this sounds really sad, I am proud of myself, that my grades are really good right now, I can focus on studying and passed everything without corrections(is this the right word?) so far. I eat healthier, considerating nutritional values, but still I like to eat cheetos chips from time to time. Holidays are coming, so I will have more time, due to nothing to study, but I am willing to spend this time on learning website programming. Although weaker, I still have cravings to play, does it ever ends? TL;DR things are going good overall. Still working on myself to live better life. Greetings, Piotr.
  20. Journal entry #17 10 days post-detox Yesterday, I was so tired that I fell asleep at 4 pm. I've dived into daily habits and activities which made me forget to take a rest. Besides that, things are going very well. I've took two days off in my job to prepare better for session final exams. I'm going to study this whole day, only taking breaks for meals, swimming and a bit housekeeping. Let's see how this method advised by my accountability partner works After your detox, did you had this urge to achieve as much as you can, in your life? This constant feeling or even craving to gain more, to go further and even farer? Is this something I should be proud of and listen to, or something which can be potentialy dangerous? This "new me" suprises me, it's kinda like I'm rediscovering myself. Was games addiction so destructive, that I don't even know my real personality?
  21. I feel that video is about my signature LOL which is a quote from "resilience" by Eric Greitens
  22. Journal entry #16 4 days post-detox Another counter goes on with post detox days. I had a dream today playing minecraft. I woke up with the feeling of destroying everything I worked for since last three months, than I realized it was only a dream. Past haunts. It's a known fact for me. But it's not past which define us who we are, it only affects us. Present actions says the most about man. What can I say about me? I've started swimming regularly, once a week. Every two days I'm exercising. I eat healthier and more(not so skinny anymore, gained 6 kilos thorough detox, current weight 70kg). I have a job, I'm studying to be an engineer, I read books. Became more social. Learned HTML and more about website programming waits for me. I get things done, instead of procrastinating(although it's still a thing I'm working on, but change can be seen). And now I think about my own business. I'm proud of what I become and can't wait to see what brings tomorrow. Still, this doesn't mean I don't have anything to work on. I must keep focused to not fall into the procrastination. Being more outgoing to people would be nice(although in balance with my introvert character). Also, I have to sort out this feeling for constant measurable growth, because lastly I think that life doesn't give me as much progress as games, this can lead to relapse, I should be careful about it. Now let's enjoy the peace of mind and get to work. Keep tight
  23. Its nice to hear you progressing! Don't give up and keep it this way. Cause already we can see that you living a better life each day!
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