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  1. Hi, I quit gaming because it makes me ill. Literally. Anxiety, persistent brain fog and the constant depressing feeling that I am not in control of my life makes me sad to a degree I am not willing to bear anymore. I started gaming because I needed something to cope: There were times in my early life which were hard to endure due to external reasons. Unfortunately, I let myself seduce into the destructive escape of gaming. Now, many many years later after I started, the original purpose of me gaming long gone, I need to concede that I should have disposed of this pain pill a long time ago; instead, I let myself be poisoned by it, causing more problems than it originally helped to solve. It is time to let the ballast of past times not let me drag down anymore. I need to start anew. I would be happy if you were the observers of my journey. I will surely read through some of yours. I wish you all success.
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