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  1. I had problems with acne too, I still have to be honest, but much less than like two years ago. You should stop touching your face. Also, you should visit a dermatologist to have prescribed some pills and ointment(to cure it both from outside and inside). If we talk about drugs, only isotretinoinum helped me, or to be precise, it was the only drug that worked on me in this case. Now I don't take drugs in this matter, I just eat more products which are supportive for skin, containing witamin A and zinc like: carrots(I prefer juice), eggs, pumpkin seeds, liver(I eat this rarely because it's not so delicious for me) and more you can find on the internet. Hope this will help you and don't hesitate to message me if you would like to talk about it. Greetings, Piotr.
  2. Are you planning to run on some marathons?
  3. It's nice to see that you're making progress. Your commitment into 3d models amazes me. Keep modeling
  4. Journal entry #22 0 days game free Relapsed. Whats even funnier, on pokemon go, where this was already discussed. Many reasons contributed to this, nostalgy, my bad time and activity arrangement, need for quick measurable growth and main reason: false social feeling through gaming(meeting others on the street and having so easy conversation with a stranger was something really beautiful, until I found out that we were just looking on our screens more than on each other). I've just fucked up my detox(136 days streak), nothing more to explain.
  5. Although love is very important in our lives, it should not make us blind on self development. We need to grow, no matter what your relationship status is.
  6. First things first, certainly workout and mowing lawn will give you more than new pokemon. Great decision.
  7. I know that problem with gaming friends. It's interesting that every of them reacted offended although it's me quitting games, not commenting their choice to game. It's hard to leave them but they will only bring you down. Stick to the ones who are willing to be better person. Cause this is how life goes, some people stay in our lives and some people pass through our life. Stay strong.
  8. It's good that you prioritise your activities. Reading books can wait, while school can't. You doing great.
  9. For your strength stat I would give you the highest grade for your successful struggle. Keep it this way.
  10. Most people get this feeling of trying gaming in moderation, or in free time, but if you read other journals this almost never works out. That's why I advise to quit gaming forever. As always, it depends on person, but if you see that gaming doesn't work out for you, there is no other better proof to prove that you should quit forever. Greetings, Piotr.
  11. It's nice to hear that things are going well for you! Hope it will stay this way. You're a good father for sure, it's nice to read about whole parent part. Keep posting. Greetings, Piotr.
  12. Your daily and quit list is very sleek! Keep strong. Greetings, Piotr.
  13. These consoles are staring at you, because you are stronger and they can't do anything with your ongoing change! Greetings, Piotr.
  14. Good luck on your journey, and gratz on your porn quitting! Keep strong and a live a life worth living.
  15. Getting rid of games and consoles is a very wise decision. You will not be distracted by them, which lowers chances for relapse. Also, this gives you money to invest in a new hobby perhaps?
  16. Journal entry #21 29 days post-detox My friend was playing poker on his smartphone. Since last three months he was learning how to play and tried a low stakes games. Lastly, he won few games making a really nice income. I must admit that this got my attention. Playing for four hours a day and making money equivalent to good job. Besides that, I was always good at logical thinking and liked all those type of mind activity. This made me think about playing in moderation. Watched videos in this subject and realised that there are two problems with it. First, it's still a game. Is it worth to risk a relapse? On the other hand, I haven't relapsed on my Game Quitters journey, so I don't have any knowledge how I'm dealing with this. Secondly, it's gambling. I'm a bit confused about this, thus I made this entry, to have time to think and hear some wisdom on this from you guys. Greetings, Piotr.
  17. Beautiful work! As you wrote, with struggle, comes knowledge.
  18. Clown course? Lol, surely I have to learn a lot in my life
  19. I'm amazed by your work. Keep going!
  20. I'm doing driving licence course (trucks and trailers category). I must admit that it's very good activity if you like driving. Also, this gives you new experience, new document, more possibilities and gets you out of the house. Good luck with your lessons! Greetings, Piotr.
  21. I like your plans. It's very important to keep track on things. Good luck on completing them! Greetings, Piotr.
  22. Very good decision for living a better life!
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