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  1. 10/23/17 I sold my Xbox again! This time it's different though. I went directly to the bank, deposited the cash and went directly to the nearest 24 hour fitness and opened a membership with the money. Here's to replacing the time spent on my console. I have my first appointment with a personal trainer on Wednesday.
  2. 10/13/17 Wow. My last entry was 2 Julys ago... That makes me feel kind of pathetic. I have been back and forth but the games have won. I want to stop. I keep selling my Xbox and re-buying another. I'm going to sell it again. I found I have a deeper problem with procrastination. Obviously, gaming is the easiest way to ignore important things that I need to be doing. I want to start with that. In fact if I don't get a handle on the rest of everything I may end up in a very bad place in my life. It's already sinking fast. So, no time to waste. Re-setting and shelving Xbox (again) for sale. I'm just tired of how horrible I feel after eating another day and trying to hype myself up for the next day and doing the same thing. I know what needs to be done, I've listened and read. I just need to follow through. I hope this is the one. Send positive vibes please. Thanks guys.
  3. 3/30/17 Part 1 - Catch Up Ok. So the day after my last post was pretty good. I had some trouble selling my Xbox. They were all like "Will you take $90 for it?" When I posted it for $200. I hate low ballers. Anyway, I had some ups and downs but eventually, a few days later, I did ... plug it back in ... Nooooo! I even did ok the day after Black Ops 3 finished installing. I only played it during lunch on a timer. I was like "its ok," "I can actually manage my time" I realized that I was in a good space that day. I got stuff done, managed my time, etc. Until the next morning when I got some stressful work related news. That day I ended up playing for 3 hours instead of my 30 min. timed session. I found that when I needed an escape, that's exactly what it did. I didn't turn it off because I didn't want to face my work problem. The next day I had come to terms with my work situation and was in a "good" space again. This time I played for 1.5 hours instead of my allotted 30 min. time. I wasn't "escaping" the same way I was the previous day but I still played more. (During the height of my spiral I would sometimes play the entire work day and not accomplish anything) So, 1.5 hours wasn't necessarily bad considering my past. When I stopped for a minute, I took a breath and concentrated on how I was feeling. What was I putting out into the universe? I felt terrible and negative and foggy. I immediately unplugged it again, wiped the HD again and put it up for sale again. This time for $160. I had multiple offers and accepted one. Long story short, I just sold my console and I feel good about it. I'm feeling more each day that this is now my path. My new chapter. I'm excited to make new friends in here and out there and respawn myself as a new and improved person. Thanks for the support. Part 2 - Today I spent a significant amount of time browsing the internet. Then I watched a movie on Netflix. This is the same procrastinating behavior as playing games. I finally pulled myself out of the rut and started working. Which feels good. I need to be careful to not waste my precious time anymore. During working hours is not a time for checking Facebook. Watching a movie is one of my resting activities. I also plan to read some books. Did any of you come up with tricks to stop yourself from screwing off at work? It's tough for me because I'm the boss and the only one in the office. No accountability to co-workers.
  4. 3/21/17 Long time since my last entry. I started over yesterday with the help of Respawn. I'm not sure how I feel yet. I do feel a relief (deep down) under the nerves and fear. I'm also excited to start this new chapter of my life. All of the things that were ignored and procrastinated while I was gaming are now all surfacing and "angry." I know I can work through and will eventually be caught up. Being "caught up" alone is a time that I look forward to greatly. Ok. Back to work. Going to read some more Respawn during lunch.
  5. Craig

    Freaking out...

    Ok. Xbox One S erased. 5 TB HD Erased. Pre-orderd Game cancelled. Console on Facebook Marketplace. On to page 20.
  6. Craig

    Freaking out...

    OMG! I didn't even think of that. You rock! They canceled it with no problems because it hasn't been released yet. Boom!
  7. Craig

    Freaking out...

    I'm back again. This time it feels serious and I think I've come to terms with the fact that I have a problem. I finally bought Respawn today and I'm stuck on page 19 "Action Step" I've sold my console before and bought another in order to relapse. Now I'm having a hard time making cancel my subscription to xbox live. I assume I also have to wipe my hard drive with the games installed on it too. Do I go as far as going into my favorite game and deleting my character profile? I identify greatly with the pages that speak of the "Sunk Cost Fallacy" I recently preordered a $100 game that comes out tomorrow. I'm definitely at an important crossroads today. Any advice or support would be welcomed. Thanks Guys
  8. I'm not sure what the deal is with me. I have sold and bought Xbox Ones 4 times now. I realize that selling them is not the answer if I have the means to go buy another. I'm going to put it in the filing cabinet this time. I hopefully won't freak out and panic that it's gone which may enable me to work on my detox. I have always been a terrible procrastinator. The game makes it so easy to "tune out" for hours. Before I know it it's time to go home. I beat myself up every day and say I'll get to it in the morning. I feel that if I am caught up on my work that I won't have that negative need to procrastinate. There is a game coming out in about 90 days that I am looking forward to. Maybe that can be a reward if I have developed good habits by then? I know if I can get a handle on my work habits and compartmentalize my time properly, I believe that I can game leisurely when there is time. Detox should be the answer. Any thoughts?
  9. 9/30/16 I've been able to keep busy enough to not think about gaming (for the most part.) I did veg out watching some mobile DVR'd TV and today I watched 20 minutes of Black ops 3 videos. Overall I'm satisfied with myself. I feel less guilty when going home from work which has translated to better communication with my wife from not being defensive. I also lost 4.5 lbs. not eating pizza and wings while I'm playing. So, all good here. So far. I'll check in again next week.
  10. 9/26/16 Ok Bitches! I sold both of my consoles and re-started my 90 day detox. I feel good about it. Trying to keep busy and not think of fragging noobs. The moment of clarity was when I was thinking that online multiplayer shooters were the problem. I was like "I'll just play a 1st person game once in a while for fun....no problem" So I bought the Bioshock trilogy for $60 (which I've played before) for my leisure gaming. Two work days later I found myself at the end credits of Bioshock 1 and no work was complete. So I obviously have a problem with stopping gaming once I start. I go into a meditative state and play. No good. I dramatically dropped the prices I was selling my consoles for and they went like hotcakes. Now it's just me and the backlogged pile of work to deal with. I'm looking forward to catching up on work so I can do a few non-game tasks.
  11. 9/14/16 It's been a while. I guess what you guys would call what I've been doing is "relapsing." I decided that I could cut back. I said to myself that I'm an adult and I can play video games if I want to etc. Whatever I thought I was going to do better didn't work. I've been playing non-stop. I need to get on the track with all of my new friends in here. I used the excuse before that nobody would buy my xbox consoles from Craigslist. I'm just going to lower the prices dramatically, I bet I can sell them both tomorrow. I can't detox if they are sitting in my office begging to be plugged back in. Here I go again. Reset, unplug and try to sell. Wish me luck!
  12. 7/15/16 Good news and bad news. The bad new is that I played Black Ops 3 all morning and past lunch (I'm not too happy with myself.) The good news is that I reset, erased and unplugged my console again. I feel more liberated this time than when I first decided to quit the first time. I want the consoles ..gone.. I'll check in tomorrow with updates on cravings. I really don't forsee another relapse though.
  13. 7/14/16 I actually caught myself with console in hand, fumbling around with cables and getting ready to plug it in and start downloading my game yesterday afternoon. Many aspects of my job are stressful enough to give you the sense of dread in the pit of my stomach. I realize that gaming was also a wonderful escape from that stress. Even though it's still there later, while the game is on, I am unplugged from my life. That's the thing. Gaming isn't truly "relaxing" it gives your consciousness somewhere to go that is exciting enough to distract you from life for a while. I recall someone mentioned that gaming releases adrenaline into the bloodstream. Maybe Cam in a video? I wonder if it releases other chemicals as well. Endorphins? It will be difficult today as I can feel my willpower slipping. I guess I'll lower the price that I'm selling the consoles for on Craigslist. I hate giving them away though.
  14. 7/13/16 I got a lot of work done yesterday. It was, however, a constant craving to play. I powered through like back in school when I put off doing my research paper until the last minute. The tricky thing is what ti I do when I'm caught up with my work? I have a list of other things to do but... It will be way easy to justify a gaming session. I just have to make sure the consoles are sold by then. Aak. The problem with my Detox/Recovery that I can forsee in the future is the fact that I really have no time for a new hobby where I "get out there" and "meet new people." I own a company which is busy work and when I get home, I'm needed by my wife and kids. The weekends are filled with home projects and family time. I felt that gaming was my only escape because I could squeeze it in and not leave the office. That obviously does not work for me. Any suggestions of ways to fill the entertainment void? I'm afraid that if I do work, home, work, home etc. that I will eventually fall back to gaming for escape. Well of to my next power through session. Thanks for listening.
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