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  1. Yes because usually people use calculator when they write portion so meticulously with grams etc. I also must add that i use whey, but due to my nutrition already being rich in protein (i use weekly schedule for my nutrition and in one week 3 days i eat around 75 g of protein per one dinner) i only use 15-20g daily.
  2. There are way too many factors to consider. But shortly speaking on the rights of my humble opinion. Do a 90 days detox. If you still will be feeling like playing games that means the reason is not a willpower but something deeper. You can try that, if you will really manage to game only on weekends 1-2 hour then congrats but chances are high you won't be able. If you will relapse do 90 days again and reevaluate your life choices. I had experience when I didn't play games and then when I tried to play again in moderation slowly it started to take over my life in unhealthier way, including ocuppying my mind when i was not playing. I mean sure gaming in moderation does work for some people but it didn't work for us hence we are here. In the end the choice is yours but be carefull about it.
  3. Hmm, maybe not (lol), could you send me a calculator or something so I can check it up. I mean if i compare our nutritions i eat way more, and I am losing weight. I mean i have slow methabolism and it's my goal to be more shredded. Maybe your nutrition plan has more carbs though while mine has way more protein.
  4. Those are very small meals, I do less physical activity and I consume way more calories. I mean I do jogging 2-3 times a week around 6km and I do a calisthenics workout 3 times a week around 40 minutes-1 hour. I will wrap some stuff in my journal soon but my nutrition will be probably crazy for ya. Aslo bread is a big no unless you bake it yourself.
  5. I have a question could it be that binge eating in your case is an aftermath of your gaming activity because usually those come together with each other.My suggestion would be to prepare meals in advance to avoid that. Usually I prepare a lunch meal for 4 days and then a second one for 3 days, dinner meals you can have some quick meals like spaghetti with something that don't require a long time to prepare.
  6. I know the reason why I left first place and I know the goals that I am pursuing here. When you have both of those you will be doing fine. Because if you have reason you won't go back and if you have a purpose you will know where to move forward. Same principle can be applied to many other things even if you workout you should have some goals both short term and long term. Like for example you don't wanna work out to become strong you wanna work out to be able to do 10 pull ups. Like goals ideally should be as concrete and measurable as possible. The reason why I have mentioned physical activity is that I work from home so I already spend time sitting at home in front of the PC. And as many of us (I assume) I don't have a super specific hobby, PE is something that doesn't require any big thinking and that everyone (unless you have a serious disability) can do, in fact I believe that many gamers have that issue of overthinking things which results in no action instead of any action. So yeah PE is the easiest and the best thing to begin with if you quit something and don't know what to occupy your time with. Plus you know most games also apply to our inner masculinity and it's hard to have that masculine "warrior" mindset if you are unfit not just on spiritual level but simply due to a hormonal balance in the body. In 99% of games we don't play as a guy who sits at home and does nothing but mostly we play for a person who shapes the world around itself through it's actions.
  7. Thanks, from my experience once you have managed to make an initial detox even if you relapse it's easier to get back on track because you will have the memories of how good it was when you were grinding IRL instead of a virtual world and actually enjoying it and how big the positive influence of that on your mental health was. I mean I must be honest I had some days and weeks when it spiraled all the way down the hill with gaming, junk food, sleep deprivation, porn etc.(all those come along very often and it can escalate very quickly). In my case most of the time I gamed in order to escape from some real life stress factors or problems. Positive motivation is a key here. What helped me the most are physical activities as they prevent you from sitting at home when you don't know what to do with your free time while also helping you to get a healthy dopamine and sense of accomplishment.
  8. Hah it's been more than 3 years since then. I did game occasionally after that for sure , but not in a drastically amount, and I am pretty sure that I did 90 days not even once. I been mostly playing videogames when i was on vacation as my job by that time was at sea and during that time I didn't play videogames nor had to deal with computers at all. Overall been doing good despite the fact that I had some troubles in personal relationships and a depression which caused me to play more during the lockdown. However despite that I have managed to find a job during the pandemic and after that I have managed to find an even better job and relocate to another country. Which was exactly what I needed and what my goal has been. So i have moved to another country, learned (still improving) the language from 0 and even managed to land a promotion recently. The reason why I decided to visit is because a few months ago I had some issues with gaming that caused me to stay awake for too long and affected my job and my sport activities negatively and right now I am already working in front of the computer so an idea to spend even more time in front of a computer after that doesn't look appealing to me. So here I am on my day 28 already
  9. Speaking of a personal experience if someone is playing only 1-2 hours on a weekend a videogame it's not a problem by itself, but as probably many others with similar experience can confirm the problem is that eventually especially if the game is really interesting it will start to occupy a person's thoughts even during the other days and activities, f.e you sit at work and instead of focusing on what you are doing you are planing some game strategies or craving for a moment when you will be able to play again, which obviously affects productivity in a very negative way. I would say a kid should get a push to craft things IRL, because this is what minecraft is all about crafting, cooking stuff etc.
  10. Sory folks thats been awhile since me posting here but its because I am currently busy with my work. I relocated to Miami, Fl one month ago and signed on on one of the cruise vessels.
  11. Day 36 Well recently I had a phone call with my employer we talked out the situation and they said if my visa will be issued they will reassign me to another work schedule. That is good because originally I was expected to be at my workplace today. I mean I am still kinda in a hanging situation but its better than losing a contract I guess. Recently I had a really strong craving to play some stuff interestingly enough it was more like a feeling of interest(related to some game stories), not the urge to game itself. Fortunately, I was busy with outdoor activities and some social stuff so didn't really have much time for it. The thing is that I used to do my workout activities in the evening but recently it became more snowy and colder so doing that became a bit pain in the ass, so I have to figure out a solution for it(maybe change it to daytime when the temperature is the max). Didn't do many things recently(studied some French though) mostly was just chilling listening to synthwave and stuff and ruining my sleep routine, but I have no regrets whatsoever it really did me good. What I noticed that in my social media I got some people who always post their sermons oversharing and stuff that really annoys me, I guess I will be better deleting them. Gotta have a farewell party today's evening with one buddy of mine who is about to join the army soon. Oh and one important note. Due to me being sick recently one jogging session didn't really go well. Actually, I died at the half of the planned distance but somewhat I managed to force myself to run all the planned distance, I just felt like I will die and lose everything if I stop so I kept going. That felt like a huge victory if you ask me because it wasn't as tough physically as mentally. Update: Status of my visa has changed to issued today. Fells good man.
  12. Well man. As one word of wisdom says " sometimes a certain defeat might mean more than a victory" will it be so? Well, it depends on you.
  13. Well, I think it is possible( been playing a couple of games for a month in a sane way) but there is still a risk for you to lose the handle on it. It's like walking on the edge of the abyss or something like that can't think about the better comparison. That is why its not worth it and doesn't make any logical sense. I mean there are always better ways to spend the time after all?
  14. A good word of support is appreciated. The dream was really weird though. It was actually the same experience as if I played something in reality despite me having no interest whatsoever to it in real life and was like the last thing I ever expected to happen because I didn't have time to think about gaming. Yeah the thing is that I had some plans but because my papers stuck under the "administrative processing" at the embassy (makes me wonder if they even touched them actually) I lost my contract(I mean i supposed to fly to my workplace at the 30th) and you know of course I was not happy about it because I just threw some money and time away but the thing was that it also put me out of track because I had a plan which was perfectly scheduled and it kinda ruined it, I managed to catch a cold and also I had a bizarre affair at the worst timing possible lol. Well, all in all, I am back on track that's for sure and objectives remain the same. The thing is that I had to adjust myself to some changes so to say.
  15. Day 32. Well that's already pretty far and that's been a while since me posting here last time ? But its okay because I was really busy with real-life problems that almost led to depression but gladly sticking to the schedule helped me to pull it off. Today I had a pretty fucked up dream, I had a dream that I was gaming some stuff and I was really pissed off because I have ruined my streak lol. Gladly I woke up and realized that it was just a dream. Well didn't do many things today really just had a meeting with a buddy of mine at the evening to talk out some stuff all in all the day was good. I guess tomorrow I will have more things to do so I will be having more to write about.
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