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  1. Hello to all, My gaming addiction took up a lot of time in my life so i just decided to sell all my stuff. I’m currently feeling very anxious and lonely. I would game through the entire day and question my existence in the evening when im bed. But maybe i can summarise my life/past and what’s going through my Head in a few chapters: My relationship with gaming My most favourite game that i spend about 2.000 Hours in is Rainbow Six Siege. Every time i faced difficulty’s in my life i wanted to “escape” in my so called “safe-zone”. I would game up to 9 hours in a day just so i don’t have to deal with my feelings. I’m currently 21 years old and i have been gaming since i was little. My current feelings As mentioned i feel very anxious, sad, tired and extremely lonely. I have literally no real friends and no girlfriend. The thought of trying to search for friends lets me back with overwhelming anxiety due to no “knowledge” where to find friends. Seeing other people in my life succeed in those mentioned categories leaves me sad. My Relationships with other people I always had problems to win people for my side. I always struggled to make or find friends. I have never been in an relationship with a girl up to this day and want to change everything my life so badly. Do you guys have any advice on how to overcome anxiety caused by quitting cold turkey? I don’t want to tap out but i just don’t know where to start. thx u so much for reading ❤️