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  1. @wheatbiscuitThanks for your interest in this post. That's a part I forgot to mention, I am dedicated to my pursuits, and it extends to games as well. I suspect that setting boundaries for myself might not be sufficient, as I will probably strive to be as efficient as possible, which means I will play excessively. Thank you for the advice anyway. Currently, I am part of an amateur football club in a minor league in Poland. Since there is an element of competition, it might provide the dopamine hits I need. I have not relapsed yet, but I can feel it approaching rapidly. If I don't take any action, I will end up in that terrible place again. The worst part is that I know that I will justify that relapse to myself, only to realize a few months later what a big mistake that would have been...
  2. Week 46 Projects: Awaiting for reimbursement for AgilePM certificate to start the learning Miscellaneous accomplishments: I passed Six Sigma Yellow belt certificate I am regularly attending the gym for almost 11 month now Summary of Week 46 I have managed not to play any online/multiplayer games for almost 46 weeks now. I am certain that I will not be playing any online games in the future. However, even though it's been almost a year since I stopped playing, I am still experiencing cravings, which have recently increased. I find myself trying to convince myself that it would be a good idea to play some F1 Codemasters (offline). To address the huge cravings, I am considering setting some rigid rules, like limiting my daily playtime to a maximum of 1.5 hours or If I notice that playing causes me to neglect basic home errands, I will stop playing immediately. Moreover, I will not play every day to prevent myself from getting too used to it. The reason I want to play is that I know I am missing the dopamine/epinephrine shots from gaming. I feel that due to the lack of other stimuli, I crave gaming. Also, being a huge F1 fan adds to my desire to play. Can someone please advise if this is normal? Is it reasonable to think that I can manage this addiction to an acceptable level by imposing these rules?
  3. Week 25 Projects: Getting Six Sigma certificate Miscellaneous accomplishments: I am regularly attending the gym for almost 6 month noiw Summary of Week 25 I haven't been posting much, but I know that posting helps me stay on track. I will try to post more often going forward. Although I still have strong cravings to play, I am proud to say that I have been able to resist the urge so far. However, I do miss the feeling that playing used to give me. It's clear that my brain has developed strong neural pathways that are closely linked to the release of dopamine triggered by gaming. Undoing this process will take time, but it's a testament to how deeply ingrained playing has become in my brain and how closely tied it is to the reward system. Anyway till the brighter day folks. Take care
  4. Week 14 Projects: None Miscellaneous accomplishments: I read 36 books this year Summary of Week 14 Things are going all right. Less cravings recently. I got new app for entertainment finally! It is crossword app. It is not a game, but more like English-learning app. It is really awesome, I have fun and learning a the same time. Take care all of you
  5. I am not fun of any particular sport as we speak. I attend a gym, that’s all - like to shape my body. But I love reading - So I am a “reader” now. Thanks @Amphibian220 I am now at 11 week of detox. It is hard time, and I still did not get the idea for entertainment. I have a 6months son 😄 maybe I will focus more on him. But really, it is not that I am spending days on figuring out what would be mine entertainment activity. I don’t have much time for entertainment anyway, so for now reading must suffice Thank you @Pochatokfor solitary insights. I will definitely develop that area. Again thanks to @Amphibian220 for the psychological tricks with nickname
  6. hmm good question. I think that area might be entertainment. I like reading books and it's ok for me to distract. But due to lack of time, I cannot engage in some different social-entertainment activities. I am solitary kind of person, so it is hard to me to go and hang out with people, that's why games were only option for me, but since it became detrimental for me life - I stopped playing I know I must figure it out somehow, but still have no idea how to provide to myself to same level entertainment as games. Thanks @Pochatok for insightful question. I think I will try to work on that area in upcoming weeks ( hope will not start gaming again, and I feel I am very close to that)
  7. Week 11 Projects: None Miscellaneous accomplishments: I read 34 books since January Summary of Week 11 Just checking-in. Still not playing for 11 weeks now. I must tell I have huge cravings. Cravings increases badly lately, that's why I am posting today. I have varies thoughts about playing... Like yesterday, I have that idea to buy PS5 - and play only occasisonaly. Learing from experience, I know it won't gonna work. But still, I crave gaming tremendouysly. Take care.
  8. Week 1 Projects: None Miscellaneous accomplishments: I read 26 books since January Summary of Week 1 I managed to be out of gaming till end of June. I relapsed badly. I relapsed for the second time. It started with small thing. First I installed this game on android pool(Billard). I explained that to myself that I can play on the phone - what can possibly go wrong? It is not a gaming like on PC. Soon I realized that I had humongous cravings to that game. I don't even play that much pool physically. Pool playing lasted circa 2 weeks. Then I thought why not playing F1 - I am a big fun of F1 sport. So I did. I started go through the races. I explained this to myself that I can play that, as my main problems with gaming lies in Battlefield 3 only -.-. So I was playing F1 for a one month. After that I realised that I missed playing BF3 so much. And on the beginning of the July I relapsed 😞 I stopped a week ago, realizing that I went in the same patterns and habits then when I played obsessively few years back. I started to neglect my daily duties as a husband and a father. Every single leisure during the day I spent on gaming. It was a call to wake up for me, when I started to stay late at night to just play one more game... My wife get upset, bc I neglected her so much. And she was right off course I felt horrible. Still feel horrible. I must say, that I am in the worst mental state ever. I do have a great job, well-paid, in comparison of how others in Poland earn. I do earn pretty good tbh. The tough times comes, and I still have addictions problems and I am 31. I feel so stupid That’s all. This is my 3rd attempt to quit gaming On 5 of September I started be out of gaming again. a third time. I hope this time I manage. I now realize how gaming interspersed deeply into my brain. That sucks, but hey - If you not fighting you lost already, you must keep fighting Take care.
  9. Week 9 Projects: None Miscellaneous accomplishments: I read 11 books since january, most of them in English language. Summary of Week 9 Time passed so fast, I didn't even bother to post every week, as not-gaming has been becoming more as part of my life, than it has been a renunciation. Neverthenless it is still a struggle to keep myself out of gaming, there are cravings and each time I am spending some effort to fight it back. But still it is a great time, I see so many benefits of that whole venture of not playing anymore :). I had much more time to do other things(like reading).
  10. Week 6 Projects: None Miscellaneous accomplishments: I don't drink alcohol for almost 10 months. Summary of Week 6 I am focusing right now on technical knowledge at my new role. Some things to learn are really challenging, but I manage to cope. I had a conversation with my friend about gaming, he didn’t realized that I could have had any addiction problems, so he was a bit surprised when I had told him that have some. I felt relieved that someone from my environment knows, and to be honest I felt anxious and uncertain of what people’s reaction would be. Now I know that I can openly and freely tell anyone that it is an issue for me and causing me difficulties in many areas of my life, and with gaming I can’t lead normal life. On the other hand, it is sad that I can’t play like normal guy. I am conniving myself, - and I actually truly believe in that, that at some level we all are fucked up in terms of having issue with ourselves. That’s what I believe in, and this thought is actually good, because it seems that I am actually normal Take care all of you and don’t give up, no matter how many relapses are ahead of you.
  11. Week 5 Projects: Miscellaneous accomplishments: Advanced English - Finished Starting new job Summary of Week 5 I didn't write as I was busy most of the time. I tried to manage my cravings. I did, as still not playing. I am now focused on new job, learning new things. I am happy that will make lot more money, considering the fact that situation in Poland isn't any better, we have increasing inflation, so it cause the prices being larger and larger. But beside that everything is ok. There are moments when I am thoroughly forgetting that have problems with gaming.
  12. Day 23 Projects: To start classes for getting CAE certificate Scrutinizing the book: Advanced English. It will allow me to prepare in terms of grammar, before starting classes with natives.(84 out of 100 units done) Miscellaneous accomplishments: Summary of Day 23 Another few days left. It was good time in which I have been thinking a lot about my addiction. It seems that I can win this fight, only if I would be focused all the time on the goal. And the goal is to not playing any game, win the craving. I am winning this fight so far.
  13. Day 18 Projects: To start classes for getting CAE certificate Scrutinizing the book: Advanced English. It will allow me to prepare in terms of grammar, before starting classes with natives.(76 out of 100 units done) Miscellaneous accomplishments: Summary of Day 18 I did. I have deleted all games, unsubscribed all game-related emails. Also The environment is also, easy to adapt/change as I don’t have many friends who are playing gamesI am working on new habits either. I am exercising my will power as well, as I think This is my weak spot. Anyhow, I do my best to keep myself out of gaming. Trying to keep my mind off it. Energizing pulse is fact, that I am really efficient in my plans, goals, and endeavours and ventures associated with with goals. I can feel the ppower - I can tell that, So this is huge motivator.
  14. Day 11 Projects: To start classes for getting CAE certificate Scrutinizing the book: Advanced English. It will allow me to prepare in terms of grammar, before starting classes with natives.(65 out of 100 units done) Miscellaneous accomplishments: I didn't think of much aobut playing. Summary of Day 11 @NesteaDrinker Thank you for your good word.That's encouraging - the fact that someone understand as had had similar experience in relapsing into different games. I think I am subconsciously crave for other entertainment in form of gaming, because I was playing games very intensively for 10 years – and it became into some kind of habit. I am trying to distract myself by doing other activities, like reading more, studying, but subconsciously I am all the time seeking for something to entertain myself – and I know that it happen by habit. So I realize that it is good news because every habit can be overwritten by new one, but it takes time and a lot of effort. On the other hand I feel anxious and troubled with the fact that in some near future I will relapse again, because I really want to break it finally, breaking the habit of necessity of resort to gaming
  15. Week 0. day 4 Projects: To start classes for getting CAE certificate Scrutinizing the book: Advanced English. It will allow me to prepare in terms of grammar, before starting classes with natives.(60 out of 100 units done) Miscellaneous accomplishments: I managed cravings in recent days Summary of Week 0, day 4 I can see now how in fact difficult is to manage all the craving. Since my early youthness I was playing some game. Back then I didn't realize that I am addicted to gaming, In fact I would laugh If someone would accused me of such thing. But now I can see how addiction to gaming can be destructive to your life, how unaccomplished and unfulfilled you may feel. The more years I was spending on gaming, the more difficult it would be to get rid of that addiction. In fact I have emerged (subconsciously) some patterns and habits in my brain, that triggered my addiction to be more and more powerful. I am reading a book: “ The Power of habit”, I am on the beginning, but I realized that I need to do something else to replace my addiction and all the habits associated with it. For now I can’t figure it out, as I'm not sure if a proper reward could be sufficient for my brain 😉
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