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  1. This is what I wrote on Day 30: And this is what @codepants wrote in response, which helped: I would emphasize that reducing stress is productive in it's own way, and would add that reading makes you a more interesting and diverse person. Gives you something to use to connect with other people, for example.
  2. That's kind, thank you 🙂 Day 44 Okay, time to talk about WoW. My thoughts on this are very disorganized, apologizes if anyone is reading this. I've just been avoiding thinking about it and it's piled up. I'm not even going to edit or spell check cause I want to do other things today, so expect a word vomit. The new xpac was released and I've foolishly kept r/wow and r/worldofpvp in my reddit subs. I'm fixing that, but it's had an impact. Getting the work in early at the start of the xpac to not fall behind is super important for pvp. This is the time that I should be playing.
  3. So that's been my plan. If I get up around 5:30 that should be enough time for me to get through everything if I stay focused. That said, my success rate for getting up is like once a week at best. I've done 4:30 wakeups for 3-months at one point so I know it's possible. It's just really hard. Whenever I am listening to something that talks about how a person should not give up on their goals, early morning wakeups is the thing that always comes to mind for me that I shouldn't give up on. I've also been paying a lot of attention to daily routines of people. Like all of the people who
  4. Sucks that you're going through a rough patch right now @codepants
  5. I bit the bullet and texted my family that I'm not doing Christmas this year. Wife and I are introverts and we both feel like we're going to need an actual vacation around then. It's not like it's just the one day either, there's the stress leading up to it and after it. Sometimes I feel like people who enjoy the holidays are too un-empathetic towards those who it causes stress.
  6. One of the biggest challenges. Few things are as easily rewarding as video games. There's a hobby finder tool here. Personally, though, I really struggled with starting fresh at something. I'd suggest thinking back to what you enjoyed as a kid. Maybe even ask some people who knew you back then. For me that ended up being reading and exercise/competition. I have a few skills that I pick at developing (coding thorough datacamp, another language through duolingo, and some work-related skills), but reading and exercise take up the bulk of my free time.
  7. Day 43 Bastard journal almost got away from me. Writing in this everyday has been my longest habit streak. I'm sure someday it will fall, but not today! ...tonight I guess that's probably the thing I should write about: habits. In Atomic Habits he talks about one of the most common things to break good habits is boredom. I'm definitely there. I had a great morning routine of Wakeup -> Feed dogs -> Take dogs out -> breakfast -> meditate -> Yoga -> shower -> shave -> change -> write and begin work. I don't have that routine down anymore and three things are t
  8. Day 42 More of the same planned for today. I've got some papers to read, something to write, meditate, workout, etc. etc. etc. I think part of my self-destructive streak comes from looking to add excitement to my life. Even if that excitement comes from messing up. Yesterday was the closest I've come in a long time to relapsing. I was reading Oathbringer, and started craving a strategy game so that I could make my own little world. Something like Civ 6, or even Endless Space. Couple of months ago I would've knocked off work at 11 am and done that. Instead I got some stuff done and fe
  9. Day 41 Had a 1.5 hour massage yesterday. I think I could get massaged for a full day. Should be an alright day today. Same old tasks: Write for an hour and work on data collection. I'm doing my first therapy session today so I'm excited to see how that goes. Among my people I always seem to be playing the supportive role. It'll be nice to be on the other side. Otherwise I'm pretty bored with the days. It might be because the point that I'm at for work isn't particularly challenging, aside from the 'just keep moving' kind of way. I'm working with some machine learning software an
  10. Are you in university? Got another semester coming up to test the new non-gaming work skills on?
  11. That's an awesome rug. We've been keeping an eye on estate auctions for a quality one as well. Jealous!
  12. Congratulations on your new personal best non-gaming streak! One thing that I've noticed with myself is that quitting gaming has made the other negative parts of my life more difficult to ignore. It sounds like you're at that point with drinking. I stopped drinking/smoking weed a while ago, and was sober from them for large parts of my life, but most of my friends drink/smoke probably more than they should. One thing I'd say is that they never mind having a sober person around so I think that you also may not feel as ostracized as you think once everybody gets used to it. It's helpful hav
  13. This has been my experience as well. I don't feel like I get anything from meditation when I'm caffeinated so I just push the meditation to later in the day. This is what usually ends up killing it as a habit for me. I've been meditating for about 2 years now off-and-on and have also felt the contrast. THe techniques I use from meditation to help me stay focused just objectively don't work as well when I'm drinking coffee. It feels like a camera lens trying to zoom in on something but getting stuck halfway. Day 40 This is going to be a complainy post, so anyone reading shouldn't feel
  14. wtf Next major extinction event, ants will be the species that recovers and takes over for sure. Were you gaming this semester? If so, imagine how awesome your next one is going to be.
  15. Day 39 Yesterday was a decent day. Drank more coffee than I wanted to and got all the equipment tested that I needed. Also had Battlestar Galactica going in the background so it was pretty enjoyable. The downside is that it's pretty obvious how much less I enjoy being myself when I drink coffee. I don't know if I'm caffeine sensitive or what but the experience is so similar to other drugs that it's amazing to me how socially accepted it is. There's about an hour or so of energy, mild euphoria , and impulsiveness. Then a comedown where you crave more. Giving in builds tolerance and addicti
  16. The first 3 days or so can be difficult, journelling does help. It was kind of shocking to me how similar the struggles were between people on here and interesting to see what worked/didn't. Anyways, welcome and good luck
  17. Wellbutin was one of the things I was given to try as well. I never got to the point of it becoming effective though because I'm terrified of the side effects and the withdrawal. Hope you make it through okay, tinnitus sounds awful.
  18. Sounds nice. My s.o and I work out together and it's brought us closer + keeps us motivated to be in shape. The sex thing as a guy is hard. Especially since I find it's the guy who ends up having to initiate a disproportionate amount of time.
  19. Keeping busy is the only way I can keep going! Day 38 Mmm steaming cup of coffee. Trying to moderate my intake right now (where have I heard that before). It makes the days more enjoyable, but undeniably increases my anxiety levels an uncomfortable amount. Other than that not much going on today. I want to get an hour of writing in on a paper that I've been neglecting. The rest of my day will be spent testing equipment and moving audio files from one folder to another. The reality of the less-fun side of science. Much as I complain about it, ten years ago pre-university when I w
  20. Day 37 Gee, those number are getting up there I think I'm giving up on quitting coffee. I'm going to try to keep it from becoming a daily habit, but indulge once in a while. My rule will be try not to do two-days in a row, and absolutely not 3-days in a row. So today, I am having no coffee. And the day is less fun 😞 Caught up on some chores, did a good physio-type work out, and about to clean up the office. It got mess-ssayy.
  21. Best of luck 🍀
  22. Day 37 Today was a great day. It had been cold for a while and just today went up to 10c, which is a flippin sauna. Met up with my friend and played some bball. Best game we've had in a long time. Then went down to the beach and had a fun little photo shoot with the wifer. Felt like it was time to start updating my profile photos. The down side is that my province is switching over to the next stage of covid restrictions. We're very well off in terms of the numbers, today was a record day for us and it was only 23 cases, but seeing people is now restricted. Masks have been mandatory
  23. Right there with you man. Amazing to have all this extra time from not gaming and still feeling that way