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  1. Decluttering on the phone looks good, it's funny how when you cut out games, you realize the internet is addicting as well. I think watches are great, I think you could re-frame the importance of a watch, by thinking about them in a different way. Yea, they aren't as much used because we have other technology, but because of that they are more important in style and fashion. Having good taste is an important quality too, and within that area watches are important. I dunno maybe that helps, haha. Good progress on your journal.
  2. Thanks for the advice on journal starting! 6/17/2020: I guess 6/15/20 can be my sobriety date, ha. I guess I can make it for games, PMO, and I started Noom recently too. I remember when my sister would reach certain milestones in AA, she would get cool coins. I need to get a coin, haha. Anyway, I think the biggest struggle today was to not watch any of my gaming channels on Youtube. I was studying almost all day, and at the end of the day and during my breaks, some of the gaming channels I used to watch popped up. Even though I have deleted all my games, I hadn't yet changed the you
  3. Hey. Thanks for the message. It's great to know that you had a similar situation that happened to you. Its funny how we got wrapped right back into gaming, but at least now we have brought ourselves out of it! Thanks for the support friend, I'll lookout for your posts.
  4. Well, this is interesting. Can't say that I've ever done any journaling online, but I have done a lot of journaling on paper. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to structure this to explain it to other people, or just write it like noone would ever read it. Gonna check some other posts and see. Anyway, today is my first day, and the main things I wanted to do were to (1.) set up barriers from downloading games on my phone and laptop. I've made them both password protected and I threw away the password. Although, in my addicted state I have overcome barriers like that, right now I feel like I am
  5. Hello, A little about me. I grew up playing lots of video games. Most of my life, I've had long periods of being addicted to games like Maple Story, Halo, Magic the Gathering Arena, League of Legends, etc. There were times when it created lots of problems for me, whether it be relationships, school, sleeping, emotional, or other things. There were also times when I did it without many consequences, which is part of why it became such a sustainable addiction in the past. For context, I'm a 29, year old medical student. Until about April of this year, I hadn't played games for about