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  1. This is my story. I also hope to buy myself a paper journal so I can start journalling :). I've noticed a lot of my hobbies most of the cost goes towards learning it / taking lessons so unless lessons are discounted on black friday I won't be buying into building existing hobbies.
  2. Hi all! I have always been into gaming, at the age of 16 I decided to play less and go out more which worked for a while until my friends when I was 18 introduced me back into the world of PC gaming. I managed to finish my degree and play games but I suddenly got hooked onto minecraft last year where I played 2200+ hours over 6-8 months ignoring self-care and sleep in order to play minecraft. It quickly turned into a problem where I realised I was addicted as I developed an RSI type injury and I was forced to quit gaming. I hovered around the minecraft community until September this year when I uninstalled all my games and packed away my nintendo switch into boxes. Since then I have tried to pick up new hobbies and get back into touch with people I used to talk to before the minecraft episode. It is going well and I go out a few times per week to do some of my social hobbies such as improv comedy and board games and just to hangout generally with my irl friends. I currently don't work due to personal reasons. Thanks, Brim59.
  3. Any new hobbies you recommend buying into come Black Friday?
  4. Thanks! Yeah I decided to quit gaming start of September, I decided a mix of playing way too much minecraft (2200 hours in 8 months) hence giving me a RSI type injury it was time for me to quit (given I also had an injury excuse too). Come Black Friday I plan to buy new clothes and a new chair for my bedroom for watching TV or stuff on my laptop. I have tried picking up new hobbies since September, improv comedy and board games being some of my favorites.
  5. Hello! This is interesting, what sort of hobbies do you think you will build upon or buy into come black friday?
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