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  1. 11/22/2020 I apologize for my absence since the 18th. Been extremely busy working on something urgent for work over the course of this weekend. In all honesty, I am quite okay doing this. It is better than being lazy doing next to nothing after doing real life dailies. Parents are coming in a few days so I am looking forward to that. Also have had quite a time considering mistakes made as of late and I have spent time doing personal introspection on myself. Found that I need to start appreciating my parents' investment in me more and I need to be more conscious of
  2. 11/18/2020 Not a lot to report aside from the fact that my state is in a low level lockdown status again. I am grateful I can still go outside and take a walk and get groceries when I need to. I am so looking forward to seeing my parents next week + all the food that will come in the weeks to come. At least the weeks will be a bit more varied with my mom staying on for a few weeks. Until next time, peeps.
  3. 11/15/2020 Had a good small group meeting yesterday. It always feels good meeting with people in person. The bible study was good and I got to have a fun experience helping keep an eye on a couple of the <2 year old kids who were quite a handful. XD Hard to imagine that I saw them as < 1 year old babies in baby car seats quietly entertaining themselves just a few months ago. Now, they are scurrying everywhere, getting into things they shouldn't, you know. Normal 1 year old antics. In spite of the antics, I love them a lot and I look forward to future years when they are
  4. 11/13/2020 Days are going by fast. It's again surprising considering I am at home 95% of the time. Yesterday, I had a chance to go out. Had a dentist appointment and spent the rest of the evening doing some more stock up errands before coming home to rest and go to bed. Glad today is Friday and I look forward to a small group meeting tomorrow.
  5. 11/10/2020 Today was another same old day with work. Working on system drawings and detailing in general. Learned a day ago that Blue Bloods Season 11 will be premiering on December 4th. Looking forward to it. I am just hoping they will not include Covid and all the rioting topics in it. We all don't need to be reminded of that as I am certain we will all not forget about these past several months. I am hoping things will calm down with everything going on. Not sure when it will happen though. Till next time, folks. 😄
  6. 11/8/2020 Didn't write for a while due to nothing new to report. Things are still going the usual way aside from the fact that I will be signing up for individual insurance coverage for myself this month. It really feels like you are taking another step towards being a true adult when you have to get off your dad's family coverage due to an age restriction. It's a good thing to me though. It's another cost to concern myself with and it gives me another reason to be financially responsible. In fact, having more costs to concern myself with really stresses the value of mon
  7. 11/4/2020 Today was a good and productive day. Got done with a lot on a technical drawing for work. Just need to fine tune and submit for review. It feels good when I get a lot done in a day. Despite that, I am now feeling frustrated. Currently, lots of blatant cheating going on with the US election. However, there is not much I can do about it. Just gotta keep living my life and let the appropriate people take care of things. Until next time, folks.
  8. 11/2/2020 Wow.... November has arrived. Time is passing fast.... and tomorrow is Election Day in the US. Already stocked up and prepped in case chaos decides to come here to my town and I am unable to go outside for safety reasons. However, I am not fond of the thought and neither do I want such a thing to occur. I hope things die down quickly should this happen. Hopefully, the chaos stays in the big cities and smaller towns are left alone. Till next time, peeps.
  9. 10/30/2020 It's another one of those times i thought I sent an entry and then later realized I didn't. Today felt extremely productive. Maybe because it's Friday? I don't know really. What matters is that I ended the workday feeling good. Got a small group meeting tonight and I look forward to relaxing all day tomorrow. Until next time, folks.
  10. 10/27/2020 Just going to start putting the date I write from now on. Things have gotten so normal that I've lost count of the days. Today was a good day. Started a new set of tasks after finishing another set of tasks for work yesterday. Every time I finish a big set of items, it feels really good. November is approaching and the weather has gotten colder. Continued my daily routine of going out for a walk after work even when it's chilly. Tbh, I prefer colder weather. Hot weather is uncomfortable to walk in. Continuing to drool as I look forward to enjoying my mom's coo
  11. @BooksandTrees It's just something I noticed and it's especially surprising when Covid restrictions had all of us locked up indoors on a daily basis for a good part of those months. Restrictions in my area are loose enough thankfully that we are all able to at least go out to run errands or meet in small groups so it's not super suffocating fortunately.
  12. 10/24/2020 - Day 145 Today is another usual Saturday. As it is my designed day of rest, I intend to spend it doing just that after what felt like a long week at work. Nothing much is going on this weekend. Hoping there will be small group again next weekend. Plus, I can't believe November is just around the corner. The past few months have felt like they didn't really exist due to it passing so fast. Oh well. Such is the nature of time. Until next time, folks.
  13. 10/22/2020 - Day 143 Today was another usual day at work as was yesterday aside from the Town Hall meetings that the company I work for held. Currently, I am eager to return to the office. However, all talk of that from management has stopped completely and I am quite certain this will continue for another few months at least. In the meantime, I do have something positive to look forward to. My parents are arriving in my town just a day or two before Thanksgiving. :D My mom is staying with me for a couple months. Thus I get to be spoiled by her skills as god tier level c
  14. 10/20/2020 - Day 141 It's another one of those times that you have enough going on in life that I forgot to write again. Apologies again for that. Yesterday was a normal start to the week. Last Sunday felt good after having two social events that day. One was a Zoom call with the other being in person. I particularly loved the in person meeting as one of the children of my small group leaders gave me a picture she colored and I was rather touched by that. :) Ate some good snacks and meatballs while I was there and did some catching up with friends. Then I came home and got a go
  15. 10/17/2020 - Day 138 I'm writing now as I am going to be busy with social stuff and cooking for the rest of the day. Finally, today is a day with lots of interaction. Zoom call with my women's small group and then an in person meetup in the evening with another group. I am satisfied. It'll refresh me lots and I'll feel better after the fact. I'm super looking forward to that plus the bowl of wonton noodle soup I'll be making for lunch shortly. Until next time, folks.