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  1. 3/5/2021 Well, time is going by fast. It's already March and thus 1 month before my birthday has arrived. Am 100000% looking forward to it as my parents have informed me that they intend to travel up to where I am for my birthday. I look forward to their company and even more good food. Meanwhile, I am starting to settle down at the new church I started attending and again, it feels good to be around people in person again. I really needed it. That's all there is to report for now. Until next time, peeps.
  2. 2/24/2021 Not been writing much lately as there hasn't been much to report. At least until last weekend. It had been a while since i had any in person contact as cell group was postponed for a while. Went to cell group, ate some REALLY good pasta, had good social time and had a good Bible study. In fact, I had no in person contact for so long, my brain took a bit to adjust to being in a social environment again. Guess that is one of the things about being an introvert. Takes a bit to adjust to social situations after being away for so long. Another thing... I also started atte
  3. 2/11/2021 Well, it's been WAY too long since my last post. Mainly due to having a ton of work to do with work and having to stay up later than usual to get work done. Although I am not getting paid for it, it feels good and a whole lot fulfilling working late instead of playing games late. After all, I did get a good comment from the boss when he noticed me working late during a time he was doing the same. :) The project I am on seems to not be ending as the project engineer seems to have no idea what project scope he wishes to go with (if he even has one to begin with). Plus,
  4. 1/31/2021 Wow, it's the end of January 2021 already. Time is flying by fast. Well, in spite of time going by fast, the days are more or less the same. Maybe it's because its winter and I am inside most of the time due to Northern winters keeping everyone inside. Oh, well. Looking forward to the warmer weather. Aside from work, I've found myself more interested in staying informed and keeping up with the news in past year. In all honesty, when I was still gaming, I never imagined sitting down and listening to talks and podcasts would become a thing. But sure enough it has. And
  5. 1/22/2021 Crap.... it's been nearly two weeks since I last wrote. I got so caught up in the news and world happenings + general busyness at work that i neglected to write for a long while. Apologies everyone. Anyway, work and keeping up with world happenings has been my focus. Miss my parents still and I am just going through the usual stuff with work. I am looking forward to a small group meeting this Saturday and I look forward to when the company I work for starts letting people return to the office at some point. From the update I got today, it sounds like a po
  6. 1/9/2021 Not been writing much since there hasn't been much that happens when I live by myself. All I can really say aside from what I usually think about how things are now is "Midwest winters suck...." Mainly because of the below freezing temps up north and the snow and ice accumulation on my car. Couldn't go to a small group meeting tonight due to being too comfy inside to the point where I forgot I am in the middle of winter and that it takes much longer than 5 minutes to get several days of ice and snow off my car. Going to have to deal with that during the day tomo
  7. 1/3/2021 Well, it was quite a good time with my parents. However, I am really missing them right now. Having the additional company and all the good food made me feel really good. Now that they are not here again, I have to deal with no company for a while again. 😔 I'll deal. It just feels hard is all. Will just keep plowing on.
  8. 12/25/2020 Haven't written for a while. Same reason. My parents are here and I've been keeping a lot of my attention on them. Here's the update: Quite positive that I gained weight over the past month or so. Been incredibly spoiled with food and some simple gifts for Christmas today. Food mainly consisted of fried chicken, potato casserole and some fried wontons for the Christmas meal. Was quite full and am heavily satisfied. Going to have leftovers tomorrow while my parents go shopping during post Christmas sales. Looking forward to having some time to myself.
  9. 12/19/2020 Didn't write much these past 5 days due to being busy with work and spending time with my mom before my dad returns on Monday. Am really looking forward to Christmas break. Aside from what I've mentioned, everything else has been well. Safe to say, I've been incredibly spoiled by my mom's cooking and have certainly gained a few pounds from the Indian and Chinese food she has been cooking for me. I'm going to miss that when she and my dad leave on the 1st of January. Staying safe for the most part and keeping warm in this winter weather. Until next time,
  10. 12/14/2020 Last week and a half of work before Christmas break. I can do this. Looking forward to a week and a half off from work to spend with my parents. It will be good in spite of all the Covid craziness. Aside from work, currently working on a model for the Disney Pixar character WALL-E. Will be a work in progress for a while. Will post when done. Until next time. :D
  11. 12/12/2020 Today was a good day. Had a good time with my mom + good food + good small group meeting that included a small baby smiling at me while I spoke with her mom + in general good social time. I also am writing now to present to you all the Old Fishing Store LEGO model that took a LONG time to make but it was all worth it in the end. See attached pic for the render. Onto the next model. :D
  12. 12/11/2020 These past few days have been very busy as it appears that having company presents something different every day. For the most part, my food has been super good and my mom has been spoiling me with her excellent cooking skills to the point where I am often worried I may have gained weight. XD However, I know my weight will go back down once I return to my original food menu. Other than that, nothing much else to report. Until next time.
  13. 12/7/2020 These past few days have been both good and a bit hard. My mom has breast cancer and is undergoing treatment that is painful both in the physical and emotional sense as it blocks the body's production of certain hormones. This causes bodily aches and pains as well as low emotional states. I've mainly been there for my mom, supporting her and trying to cheer her up as much as I can. I'm trying to enjoy my time and see this through. Until next time, folks.
  14. 12/3/2020 Haven't written for several days as I kept my computer usage as minimal as possible since my mom is here. Have been spoiled with good food all week and I am very content with the time I have had so far. Treasuring all the time I have with her, watching movies and TV together. At the same time, also dealing with my need for independence and space while at it. Until next time, folks.
  15. I am extremely grateful for your vulnerability. I can tell you for sure you are in the right place. A lot of us here have gone through something similar and we have all overcome. I am certain you can too. This forum is a safe place to relate your troubles. As for advice, the journey to recovery starts with you. Start with what you say you want to do. Look your past self in the face and say "You are not who I want to be." Then from there, define specific goals as to where you want to be in the future. What you want as a career, even where you want to be with y