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  1. Week 2 I made it another week. It's now two weeks since I last gamed. 🥳 The beginning of last week, I didn't get much done. I thought about returning to video games a lot. I didn't get much sleep, finish much work, or do much. I watched seasons 5 and 6 of Futurama. I was binge watching, so I cut my self off by temporarily misplacing my tablet on Thursday. Later in the week, I started getting better sleep, and waking up earlier in the morning (7 - 8am). I also got more done, and read a bunch of random articles online. As courses are online, it's easy to underestimate how muc
  2. Week 1 So, I decided I would stop gaming on Monday, April 5, 2021. In fact, the night before, I recall removing steam and games. I was moved by something posted in the forum about quitting and benefits. I've not played or watched a game since, and it's been roughly 1 week. 🥳 The first week, I didn't do much. I distracted myself with software tech stack questions, employment opportunities, and skipping a second week of online synchronous classes (my gawd, I'm awful), while watching Ricky & Morty, then Solar Opposite, then half of Futurama. I also roamed the forum and wrote two pyt
  3. Gamers accrue a kind of time debt by spending future gains for the present habit. Just like debt, these future gains compound into significant losses in potential earnings. Evaluating that loss by a factor of the federal minimum wage is a minimum estimate. Income gains accrue with education, experience and time (savings/property/stock). It may not be obvious, but gaming addiction is just as harmful as that of gambling, if not more so, especially if you start young. So yeah, that $82.5k low-ball loss in potential income stings, a lot. Had I spent the first half of that time, from 2013
  4. Sure. Script Code print("The total playtime of steam games.\n") total_playtime = 0 game_counter = 0 title_buffer = "" playtime_history = open("steam-playtime-history.txt") for next_line in playtime_history: if "hrs on record" in next_line: game_counter += 1 playtime = float(next_line.split(" ")[0]) print( str(game_counter) + ": " + str(title_buffer[:-1]) + " " + str(playtime) + "hrs\n" ) total_playtime += playtime print( "Running total: " + str(round(total_playtime,1)) + "\n" ) title_buffer = next_line print( "A total of " + str(round(total_playtime,1)) + " hours across
  5. To add, if you or people close to you have observed that you have a gaming problem, and if you have experienced serious consequences from gaming, then you have likely experienced addiction. If shopping addiction exists, then why not gaming addiction? Addiction rewires our brains to seek an experience repeatedly, because limited exposure and moderation are not enough. If you never wish to experience the consequences of your gaming problem again, then you never want to game again. The hardest step is breaking the cycle and confronting the consequences. The easiest step is
  6. I remember following Jordan Peterson back in 2016. He became a YouTube sensation during the US 2016 race, which is no coincidence. His work is popular among the white nationalist (Trump) crowd in the US. Still, I'm willing to give Verveake a chance, albeit I'm skeptical. I'm not keen on the video medium, so I'll try reading this medium article on Vervaeke's meaning crisis.
  7. I have written and tested a small python script that reads a text file of data copied directly from Steam transaction history to calculate the total spent on Steam games. Spoiler, it's a lot more than I thought it was! Program Code print("The total cost of steam purchases.") transactions = 0 transaction_counter = 0 transaction_history = open("steam-transaction-history.txt") for next_line in transaction_history: if (next_line[:3] in ("Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec") and ("\n" in next_line[:14])): print("\nFound valid date: " +
  8. 3% happens to be the official gambling addiction incidence. Also, many minors are playing games, and according to research, in twenty years, the average playtime has doubled among minors. Of 75 million US children, a 2003 study documents 36% as gamers. Of that number, at least 0.75 million US minors are video game addicts. The APA officially only acknowledges online gaming addiction, so the indidence rate is likely underreported in the US. Gaming adoption among youth is also much higher than twenty years ago, so the real number of addicts is likely ~1.5 (+- 0.5) million US minors. The gam
  9. Day 5 I watched season 3 of Rick and Morty on the AdultSwim livestream and read multiple chapters of A Clash of Kings. I didn't feel motivated to do much else. I had a bunch of disconcerting dreams last night. In one dream, I was video gaming again, and I thought I relapsed. When I awoke, I realized it was just a dream.
  10. Day 4 I got my haircut by a hair stylist, ate takeout and reviewed Python on DataCamp.com. DataCamp has a free week, which I have decided to take advantage of. Overall, my day was better than the one before.
  11. Day 3 I read some articles and watched Blackkklansman and X-men. I didn't feel all that great, so I had a slow day.
  12. Day 2 I cleaned some of the cabinets in the kitchen and watched the last season of Game of Thrones. I also worked through some intermediate algorithm challenges and jQuery problems on freecodecamp.org.
  13. The two main characters have similar personalities to Rick and Morty, but the premise of the show differs. If advanced aliens are stranded on Earth and have to deal with human stuff, then we're humans in an alien ant farm. 🤔
  14. Day 1 I watched Solar Opposites on Hulu. If you like Rick and Morty, then this series is for you. I also looked at some job descriptions for developer openings in my area and revisited freecodecamp.org. I plan to work on their curriculum during May and finish the Front End Libraries and JavaScript sections. I almost finished the JavaScript section during winter break, so I suspect this monthly goal will be very manageable. I watched Cam Adair's video on 5 Reasons Gaming Makes You Lazy, which inspired me to research some information others may find interesting. I will not read article
  15. Thank you. I haven't thought much about back-end development, but I will look into it.