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  1. Hi Zeno, thank you for your advice it was a pleasure to read, I will try it out.
  2. Hi guys, thank you very much for reading this, I'll try to keep it simple What I need: write my thesis, study for my degree (and start social life, work towards my dreams) What I tried: planning the day, exercise, pomodoro, writing why I want to finish my degree, hiding my phone, setting a space dedicated for work and free from distraction, chunking down the problem, setting sleep schedule, jurnaling My results: My desk is clean, my thesis document is in front of me and my phone is locked on the other side of the room. I still find it easier to grab it... When I start working my focus is gone after 10 seconds to 10 minutes and I seriously need a break (dose of goo music, Yt video, Ig,...). Some days I am bored, desperately trying to find activities that literally kills time – I am looking forward when I go to sleep to end the day... Background: In a nutshell, I forgot school for a year, started working. At work, I didnt use my brain at all and was bullied, my confidence and beliefs in my capabilities is equal to zero. I got addicted to consuming the internet. In my life I was always motivated to do too many things and didnt fear them, my productivity was not perfect, but quite fine. Now I am unable to do a thing and hating myself while deadlines are rushing closer, I am not sure I am able to pull it off since I already wasted like a year of time
  3. If anyone is interested. Here is the cause and solution togather. In a nutshell it's dopamine and screwed up motivation: link to YT video I am so glad for this video, it explained me my life basically.
  4. A little bit, you understood it quickly. Good prerequisities to become great psychologist. Definitely. This is what you should start with. Interesting thing is I got so manipulated that I am sometimes not sure with my own thoughts. I do this. But I am half a phlegatic and it's not really working. I often find myself in 'nah' condition and with kind of comfort in my head I skip the task for some pleasure. I feel regret or anger at the end of a day, but thats too late. Actually I am a perfekcionist but I am lacking the will to even start. I do not know how it happened but the isolation, sitting at home, made me the most lazy ass. I've never been in such a state. Hats off for following this thread with me.
  5. Are you asking if I played a theatre in Cardiff? No I am not from UK, but I do (did) improv. Why did you think?
  6. Dear Alexanderle, no and pardon me if it sonded like that. I was just suprised how random stranger can so quickly see my inner doubts (when others like the closest ones dont). It got ubearable to me too and I was hiding it from myself. It's strange how inluence of others can change your thoughts in a way that you reject your true thoughts and feelings. I think at this stage - one step (leap) from getting the degree - it would be stupid not to finish it. You are right. On the other hand I was capable of doing school stuff before quarantine and during its first one or two weeks. But now, when I have literally 24 hours each day free. I dont value time, I dont feel any preassure. Thus I cant fight procrastination. Everything that brigs even slightiest joy is far away from those difficult things like writing a thesis. To be closed at home with all the time, with no routine, with all distractions. Going to a library or back at dorms it would help me so much but I cant.
  7. Really? Who are you that you can easily tell (I get it after reading the rest). You are right, every issue I have stems from what to do and I actually left uni but my parents did insist on me completing it. Well now I just want to finish it. I am in 6th out of 6 semester to get my bachelor degree. I hoped for some 'current' productivity tips, not to start from the ground. To finish uni is my goal now. I cant stress enough how much I agree with you and I am happy that you live this way. I actually know about my desired identity more or less (I have multiple). If anyone is interested 🙂 Verb studeō: I dedicate myself (to), direct my efforts or attention (to), strive after, I am attached or favorable (to), favor, support [wiktionary].
  8. First of all I’d like to say I am grateful for any tips or advice. My school closed a month ago. So I am stuck at home bored! When I actually have to write my thesis and study for super-final examination (I am at my last year of university). Ofc I would like to work on myself, my own projects too. But I keep doing nothing. Quarantine changed my day so that I have literally 24 h of free time every day… No motivation, no pressure, no deadlines, feeling of unlimited amount time, comfort HUGE task ahead of me (thesis and revision of 3 years of uni studies) And btw I doubt about what to do after my uni. So actually procrastinating and then extending my studies by one year is a large relief... During the month I tried several things, always relapsed back to this state 😕 What would you suggest please? Gaming window: I downloaded Leauge of legends (I quit a year ago) and thought I will use it as reward for being productive (and to fight isolation), worked for 3 days, then I went competetive, spend a week playing and realized I am in it again. Ended up deleting my lol acc forever.
  9. I missed yesterday, I cant remember why. I feel like there is no meaning. There is some for usre, but I just dont know where or what it is.T oday I did something but far less then I wish, Because of the above reason. I am not productive because I dont know what to do. I was always a type of person that had so many interests and the problem was to choose between them, because there was no time for all. Now I thinks more about their purpose, if they are reasoneble, if they will give me happy futere... and I dont know these answers. One year ago at this time I was driven hard to go abroad and find a summer job. I planned it for this summer holiday too, but I dont feel like it, I dont know if its the best idea. Eventhough I have more experience I can offer to employer, I feel less skilled. I have ~one and a half month of summer holiday but I dont know whats the best way of spending this time for me. I know nothing. I am 20, for the past years I tried so hard to find my path, my pupose, my passion, the best journey I should take. But I still dont know. I feel like it doesnt exist. I feel like there is no reason I should do anything. I wish someone would tell me what to do in my life and I wish not to challange their words.
  10. Writing a journal streak: 3 Days without gaming, YT and Twich streak: 0 Page I read in Respawn: 60 I would define today as a lazy working day. We live in flat and during summers there is so hot I am dying every moment. Throughout the day I was clearing my Shazam mostly. But true joy comed during evening. I was creating a drink for a competition, I came up with recepy and also how to shoot it. The best part was actualy testing it and trying to find out the right procedure how to achieve desired taste. I am still kind of unhappy with my productivity. I am ineffective? I dont go according to plan? I am lazy? And my day streak without a YT procrastination keeps on zero. My 3 Victories: think up a drink for a competition with a photoshoot downloaded ~100 tracks invited my friends to a party I am helping to organize .What would I do differently/ ideas for future me: build a productivity routine - daily planning Tips for you ? have a large cork/ white board. A place where you can hang out your materials and where you know for sure your eyes will cross with them. Put there for example your 'what to do list'. Someone is looking forward to seeYyou tomorrow ? The world is lucky to have You!
  11. Writing a journal streak: 2 Days without gaming, YT and Twich streak: 0 Page I read in Respawn: 55 Quick morning writing: I just woke up feeling exited! It iwas such a great feeling. I really wanted to get up and start working - be productive. I cant even remember last time I felt such a way- This is really great sign ? (I checked the time and it was 6 hours after I went to bed, so I decided to stay and sleep a bit more. Now ~1,5h later I am writing this). Noon: I read Respawn chapter 6. And it was amazing! There are thoughts that I realized on myself before. Also it explained me, how I felt. I remember I told my friend about a week ago, that I feel like my life has no purpose and thus doing anything has no sense. All my life I was the opposite - overloaded with various activities and projects. Chapter 6 explained me why that happened to me. And furthermore it seems like this part is over! I was meditation for some time, but today I tried headspace. It was crazy! I achieved a state where my body was floating upwards with every breath I took, my eyes started watering... so intense compared to all my other sessions. I will meditate for 10mins daily after lunch. I am thinking how to level up this journal thing. If you search how to journal on YT, they are talking about much more comlplicated and serious stuff. My 3 Victories: went out with my friend and had a great time went outside with a book to clear my mind talked with a hairdresser for the first time My Big 3 I am grateful for: In Respawn there is a suggestion on doing this in the morning. So I will propably stick to that and cancel this section in my online journal. What would I do differently/ ideas for future me: not to sit next to TV Tips for you ? If you are feeling weird, bad, without purpouse after quitting games. I can recommend reading first 5 pages of chapter 6 in respawn. make yourself happy, people will feel it and will help you along your path (applies not only to ppl) The world is lucky to have You!
  12. Writing a journal streak: 1 Days without gaming, YT and Twich streak: 0 Page I read in Respawn: 49 Yeah! I did it, for past severl days I was studining and preparing for my last examination all days long. Today I woke up at 5 after 2 hours sleep, traveled with train to different city and I past the oral exam. Now I am officialy in 3rd semester ? Now I feel free of everything. Tommorow I am going to make a huge cleaning and sorting of all the papers, books laying everywhere and most important: go and thing about my vision/ dream life. From now I am going to write my journal without breaks. ? Throughout this day I felt dead after 2h sleep. My feelings were interesting: I didnt have energy for anything, but I felt watching TV or doing other brainless stuff is killing time. Hell yeah I have a good sense in my mind ? My 3 Victories: electromagnetism course finished I reached awareness of time killing more stuff was going on today - taday I make a step in understanding myself My Big 3 I am grateful for: Gaming wont be a problem for me (just need to deal with YT) I am quite frugal and throughout school semesters I saved nice money I can enjoy holiday with trips ? profesor who examined me was good. I forgot lot of things put he gave me the mark What would I do differently/ ideas for future me: divide studying over longer period of time - feel more secure and have time for hobbies - keep your mood up Thoughs: Tips for you ? make yourself happy, people will feel it and will help you along your path (applies not only to ppl) Cheers!
  13. Writing a journal streak: 1 Days without gaming, YT and Twich streak: 0 Page I read in Respawn: 49 Skipped days in journal: 3 Hello lovele people ? Yeah yesterday I skipped. Actually yesterday was a really great day, I learned a lot, I did my time tracking thing and I finished the day with going out till 1:00. For whatever reason after I got home I decided to turn YT on and watch some shit eventhough I was so exhausted. Well I did a bad thing and stayed awake till 3 or 4:00. How my time tracking went: I tracked 11 hours. That means during those 11 hours I know what I was doing and the app was running. The missing hours to complete the day were procrastination or something... 5 hours from 11 were time spent out with my friend (long time crush). 4:50 I spent learning. From 4:50 I was studying 3:23 the rest were breaks. On the other hand today was horrible. I didnt plan the day. And eventhough I started the day by reading respawn and furthermore reading "time is not to be kill but invested" (which was important to me), I spent the whole day watching YT and factorio gameplay. I am totaly OK without gaming (before joining this awesome forum and purchasing Respawn I maneged to stop gaming for some time. The problem I face is Analysis paralysis. I know I should study but thats isnt easy. But bcs I am aware of the fact I should study I can not do any "bigger" activity, thus I end up doing stupid sh*t. I planned tomorrow already and I turned on stay focused web app to block YT from me after 30mins. Also I feel I should work on some guide for myself. Idea: I notice I am procrastinating, look that guide, follow its steps and stop procrastinating. Something from outside, bcs my will powe is not that strong yet. Also I find it hard to focus and manage my life when I am home with parents throughout the whole day. I feel like I need to throw away every distraction, bad food etc. Its not easy when I go to fill my glass with water and I have to pass across my entire family laying on a cauch watching a marvel movie, you know what follows... My 3 Victories: writing this journal planing tomorrow I did sort out a large music folder (I would like to be a DJ or at least try it) ? My Big 3 I am grateful for: I can clearly realize my actions I have easy conditions to live in I am gonna do it! What would I do differently/ ideas for future me: gonna try meditaion before I fall asleep Thoughs: For a longer time I feel that I have much much highter potentional apart from how I do now ? Tips for you ? thinking hurts, thats why so little people think by themselfs Thanks for seeing you around ?
  14. Writing a journal streak: 2 Days without gaming, YT and Twich streak: 1 Page I read in Respawn: 43 Skipped days in journal: 2 I feel really great about antiprocrastination chapter in Respawn. Throughout the years I was actually really interested and involved in self improvement, yet anything worked perfectly since gaming. Now its 0:43. I would like to set a daily goal/ routine to go to sleep before 23:30 but from past experience I know its really hard bcs of the social preassure. And I dont want to ruin my day streaks just bcs of this. Remember, go step by step rather then ffearing yourself and stopping completely. My 3 Victories: installed Toggle app, I am ready to track my time and focus more next day I won over myself and eventhough its late I finish my journal I had a really great talk with my forgotten friend My Big 3 I am grateful for: I am improving everyday my happines was at really pleasant level today ? my health, I visited a doc today and I am ready for a surgery What would I do differently/ ideas for future me: track my time, especially spent on YT realize I am tired and have a break that actually rests me! Thoughs: Tips for you ? YT has a reminder. Set it to 15-30 mins and it will pause you after that time. If you dont ignore it, its great to realize your procrastination try toggle app, it tracks your time, see where your time goes You are a wonderful person!
  15. Yeah, thats what is so important to me right now, that "it's ok thing" Thank You for Your support mate