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  1. So gonna update these on Saturdays 24 days down. I heard one of my favorite games was rereleased on Steam which has led to many day dreams over the last week. Snapping myself out of it is relatively simple. Just about keeping myself on task. Same kinda process as meditation when your mind wonders. Just bring yourself back to it. So doing this I've picked up a few good habbits and I'm really seeing the benefits from them. The grattitude journal and meditation set my mindset for the day. Picking up my guitar for the first time in years has been fun and isn't the chore I thought it would be. My mind when I'm working/researching is much more responsive. 24 days in and I'm glad I've quit gaming, I may make it forever at this rate. On the downside of the last week, I've had to re-evaluate my goals. The Iron Man due to an internal injury I've sustained and there's no fast track to healing it, I may have to push back a year as I won't have time to get the training in as I cannot perform alot of different exercises that I would need to do, especially for the swimming section. But I'm not giving up on it, I just need to be patient. Right. Back on next week
  2. Day 16 down. Gonna be doing a new format from now on. I'll do weekly progress reports on here and daily records in my hand held Journal. Today was okay. Still messing about with doctors, medications and painting while on break. I have to stop any form of exerting exercise as my medication causes muscle cramps which suuucks. But aside from that. Reasonable day. Things are easing up with the lockdown so hopefully back to work soon!
  3. Day 15 9 am - I woke up. Really late start today but I couldn't sleep last night till I finally dropped off at maybe 3.30 am. Light jog is all for dismorning till I know more about my medical problems. 10 am - Breakfast and shower. 11 am - Medical consultation. Just my luck to deal with medical issues, in a global pandemic while I'm trying to quit gaming xD 12 30 pm - Lunch time. 1 pm - Painting time again. Think I need to start scheduling breaks xD 3 30 pm - Walked up the hill. It was relaxing but the rain was pretty heavy. 5 30 pm - Dinner time. 6 30 pm - I went back to painting. 9 pm - I came on here. How I'm Feeling? With the medical news, reduced exercise and lack of sleep. Easy to say today was a rough day. The urges to game had never been stronger. I need to reevaluate my time and figure out some more practical things to do now I've gotta sit back and wait for medication to do its thing. Song of the Day? Rise Above This - Seether (Abit of inspirational music to help with the negativity today)
  4. I have never heard of complaining Germans being a thing but I'll take your word for it. Good luck trying to break free from the chain xD
  5. Considering you only played one game and it was for social. I don't think its too bad. Especially considering how addictive that game is. I used to play League and I never knew when to stop xD
  6. Day 14 6 am - Woke up and exercise. 8 am - Breakfast and shower. 8 40 am - Went out and did a family shop. 10 am - Had a call with my Doctor, he's told me to relax on the exercise atm. I've got some medical turmoil ahead it seems 😛 10 30 am - I went and met up with a friend which I haven't seen in about 8 months and we spent most of the day hanging out from this point. 5 pm - Got home, put dinner on. 6 pm - Did some painting. Finished a model I've been working on. Pretty happy with the progress. 9 40 pm - Came on here, later than normal but its been a full day xD How I'm Feeling? So this is 2 weeks of no gaming. There is definitely a difference. My social life hasn't really gone up but I think this would of been a much better social experiment without a global pandemic xD The day itself. It was good to get out with a friend. It's been a while since I've seen someone other than family who I know as a friend so that's good. Song of the Day Right Now - Fire From The Gods (Pretty chill and lyrics and motivational)
  7. Day 13 6 am - Woke up on time this time, High intensity walk and lower body workout. 8 am - Breakfast and Shower 8.40 am - Werk Werk 12 pm - Lunch time 12.30 pm - Did some more research on dieting mainly so I have an end goal. I'm gonna have to wait for a while as I scouted the nearby supermarkets and they are very low on too many ingredients to start it in full. For now, gonna have try some of these as ingredients become available just to get used to the food. 2.30 pm - Got work on painting alot of models up. Basing them all in one long spree so I can get all their details worked on. 3.30 pm - Went on a walk with the pupper. He's very happy with the outside world despite other dogs not being friendly on them. 4.30 pm - Prepared and cooked food with family. We made an awesome Shepherds Pie. 5.30 pm - Dinner time. 6 pm - Played guitar for abit. Getting more confident. 7.20 pm - Back to painting. 9 pm - came on here. How I feel today: It was a pretty relaxing day. Only a half day of work so I managed to get alot of hobby stuff working. Quite happy with what I've done today and generally in a good mood. Since I spent a lot of time in my room painting, people thought I was gaming but I can assure people that I wasn't. Nor am I even tempted today xD Song of the day Cut The Cord - Shinedown (Abit lighter stuff today. Probably because it's been a good day) Back tomorrow
  8. Glad you had a good time at yours friends 🙂 It's pretty surprising when we quit how quickly that days actually go when we fill it with worthwhile things xD
  9. @mks I think its admirable that you are trying to get out of your shell. I think making eye contact in different stores may hit your bank if you're doing it every day though xD But training out of social anxiety is good, aslong as you do it your pace 🙂
  10. Day 12 8 am - Late start today, struggled to sleep. Not really sure why. Running and upper body workout. 9 30 am - breakfast and shower 10 am - Started working again. Actually got passed the problem from yesterday. It was a logic error which I should of suspected to be honest when considering what was wrong. Hindsight... 1 pm -Lunch time and spent time with the pups in the garden again 2 30 pm - Back to work. Almost at the end of this section. 3 30 - High intensity walk. There is someone who I keep running into when walking, guess we just kinda sync out walks around the same time. Its nice to stop and talk for abit even if it does give my legs a break, it lets me socialize with someone outside of the family. 5 pm - Played alot of guitar today. Quite happy with my finger work compared to when I started not long ago. Definitely improving in speed and technique. 7 40 pm - Unfortunately got in a long argument with a friends wife. He didn't want to be involved which I don't blame him but damn that annoyed me and lasted long enough to get on this schedule 😛 8 30 pm - dinner time! 9 pm - Came on here. How I feel today My mind wondered to games abit today. Mainly focusing on that dream from yesterday. It was just strange. Not tempted but not too thrilled it was in my head aswell. As mentioned above. Got in an argument with a friends wife. She was trying to boss me around like she does him. It being my home and seeing him completely restrained and almost colorless in spirit. Not a pretty sight but some of that may be bias. She did piss me off. Let's just hope when I start dating I find someone that isn't looking to change me too much. For the most part, I like who I am, but lets wait for Carona to take abit more of a backseat before I worry about that. Song of the day Beautiful - Eminem (A nice kinda self reflective track with a upbeat chorus) Cya tomorrow
  11. Day 11 6am - Woke up, high intensity walk and full body work out (Who said Sunday was a rest day). 8.30 am - Healthy breakfast, found something which made something so bland taste good. It'll really make a difference keeping to it xD 9 am - Started working on some advanced stuff for my module. Made some really good progress but I hit a brick wall xD 12.30 pm - lunch time. Abit late but I was determined to smash my head into that brick wall xD 1 pm - Playing with the pups in the garden and hanging out with the family. Nothing too special, just relaxing for abit. 3 pm - Started working on the problem I found, didn't fix it. 4 pm - Went on my walk, its getting alot easier to do work outs and long walks. 5.30 pm - Roast dinner 6 pm - Played some guitar, working on some of the fundamentals 8 pm - Back to work. Still couldn't figure it out xD 9 pm - On here to write this and check on peops 🙂 How I'm Feeling Despite hitting a hard brick wall on my work, I'm still in a good frame of mind. Although I did have a dream which was a weird mix of 3 games I used to play. It was almost sublime with the details. When I woke up I was more than a little confused by these dreams but it didn't hold me back from going on about my day. Song of the Day Lonely Feather - Haruka Chisuga (Very atmospheric and calming) Another day down 🙂
  12. @Helen Yeah, luckily for me, the lockdown started around the same time he was born, so I was able to spend most of the time watching the adorable guy grow and raising him xD It was nothing on Teddy's side. We think Peanut was resource protecting his human unfortunately. My brother didn't spend much time socializing him so he's not used to other dogs. Luckily, Teddy came from a litter of 10 so he's abit better on that front. Just need to find a few friends for him so the fun can continue 🙂
  13. @mks I find when I have no reason to get up my insomnia goes wild. I'd end up awake till 5 am for no reason because I had nothing to work towards so why bother to sleep to be ready for the day after. I think that may be a goal in itself, find some you're passionate about, something worth getting out of bed for. I used to be really resentful a couple years ago. It took some meditation and some real healthy mind steps to break passed it. Couldn't recommend meditation using Headspace. One of the first things it teaches you is how to let your thoughts just come and go 🙂
  14. Day 10 6 am - Woke up, gratitude journal, went on walk and when I got back, did a lower body work out. 8 am - Healthy breakfast, shower and watch a couple things while eating and waiting for people. 9 am - went on first walk with our pup Teddy, it wasn't a long one as he just hit 12 weeks and didn't want to damage his joints and then we went round my brothers to introduce Teddy to his dog Peanut. Unfortunately they didn't get on 😞 11.30 am - Healthy lunch. 12 pm - Starting painting. Gotta get to work if I wanna stuff ready for my goal so I spent a good amount of time just painting. 3.30 pm - High intensity walk up the nature trail. My sports clothing was in the wash and went up in my Jeans. Bad idea, my muscle expanded in my legs and the jeans got really tight around the calves and it hurt like hell as there was no room. Next time wait for appropriate clothing xD 5.30 pm - Healthy dinner. 6 pm - Listened to an audio book while painting more. It was pretty relaxing 9 pm - I came on here How I felt today I didn't really have much time today to sit and notice how I was feeling. So I guess good? I don't feel bad. Lots of stuff. Happy with my paint work, the quality is getting better. I spend time searching techniques and then using them on a few models and you really notice by the end of it. Again... Just exercise is jeans when you're working on the lower body is definitely not worth it. Just painful. I'm a reasonably tall guy so getting long jeans and getting jeans with more room around the shins and calves is another problem by itself 😛 Song of the Day Primavera - Ludovico Einaudi (Pretty relaxing while painting. Helps keep the mind focused and its just generally upbeat) Cya tomorrow
  15. Weather or not your here looking for total escape from video games, you're in the right place. Welcome 🙂
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