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  1. They all are wondering why im still here, everyone went to US for masters, even my brother is going and I lose all hair and job and nothing, they all are just stupid but still lucky, tomorrow before I wake up meteorite the size of sun should split earth in half, but maybe space people would know if a meteorite comes but I hope it comes at the speed of light and ends this joke of a animal called human. Gas cloud should cover the entire earth and everyone suffocate in black darkness, atleast a plane should crash into some building at take some lucky lives out, because god made some like me sacrifice, but I guess the best way to end would be for me to end that way everyting ends with me, this world is my perception, I see red but I could see as green but I cant
  2. I am trying to get something I could never get and leaving what I already have which I think is bad. I try so hard but ants might think I could never kill them why is the idiot human trying. I keep baiting them with (borax+sugar), maybe the sin of killing entire colonies of ants is causing all this. Cat ran away from me and dog barks at me which is bad day. If all the work was meaningless then why did god make others better. I left all the meeting and stayed silent as usual, people stopped trying to help me. I think I can curse others but not sure whether it works. Usually if I feel pain after the curse then I think the curse worked. I never see the person I cursed twice so it should be working. I could never be like them and they all just reject me for what. Stupid interns also are just so basic cant believe they got hired but they were made tall and lots of hair by god but took everything from me. Why should I take blame for all, somewhere there should be a god on my side too continue to help me bring doom to everyone.
  3. Oh thanks, all the best for your goals!
  4. I tried fighting resistance, ended up with even worse experiences which will haunt me forever. Ill just play video games and see how far I can go and read others journals here and imagine It is me. Im at 75kg back again and will go back to 80kg, ruining all the progress. Ill retry again next winter
  5. Managed to reach 72kg, need to make it to 65kg before I go bald
  6. There is also character ai, which lets you talk to virtual girfriends and anime characters if you didnt already know Gpt for productive use cases
  7. Ive had my dose of gaming today, played all day from morning. Ill attempt to fight resistance tomorrow once again. The human animal is supposed to be a pinnacle of survival after all, even If I fail I hope my unconsicous physical body will back me up. @Pochatok Thanks for replying, I want to be a macho-infused toxic man though, might not be possible this life but atleast I want to make god think I deserve to be next life @Dark That's great I think spartan way of life is what I truly want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUzhJvlELU4
  8. Looks like you are killing it
  9. @Dark was he also short by any chance? Ive gone back to old ways eating lot, gaming and not working out 73.5 kg, I havent jerked off for a few days not because I am avoiding but because I dont feel like (gg). If I go back to 80kg from here I may never try again. And social anxiety is through the roof. I remember this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4F8kj0TYHs. Maybe if I was brought up like a spartan I woudnt be this hopeless.
  10. I gave up and played video games due to resistance, need to make it to 65kg to have a chance against it. God made me weak to be a sparring bot for the taller and smarter people, but I refuse it, Ill ruin gods plan. You might think I am stupid and @Pochatok can call me a self shaming loser; its okay laugh how much ever you want, remember there is an idiot named "sniper" in gamequitters forum and you are not as bad as him whenever you face any struggle
  11. Cant believe it as i post the comnent the resistance has begun, the world fears what I could be so much
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