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  1. Welcome to the forum! You can find many answers in here for your questions. Also, if you can't find any information you want, feel free to ask the community. The first step i would suggest for you is to delete all games from mobile phone and pc, block all gaming friends if you have. Starting a journal will also help you to track your progress.
  2. @Phoenixking I like your progress in Krav Maga, but on the part with Nuttela you are definitely overthinking. It is not healthy for your body.
  3. @Deku Good luck on exam! Trust me, it is really worth pushing yourself to the max in this case. It will be hard with non stop work and countless sleepless nights, but the reward in the end is worth it all. P.s. just wondering, do you have any dreams, what kind of doctor you want to be?(specialisation)
  4. @dwalk77 keep trying buddy! I would suggest trying sports at home or around. Like 10-20 pushups plus situps. Small amount of home training won't be effective as full time at gym, but it will give you temporary motivation and energy to do something useful.
  5. Aww, that's a sweet poem with deep meaning! I would definitely like to see more of them in the future.
  6. @JoshuaKeenan Ahh, i am sorry this happened to you again. I really hope this time you will be successful. Also, I ll be following your progress!
  7. @katsudo19 Thank you very much! That 2nd link is the exact thing i was looking for. Helped me to answer my problem.
  8. @katsudo19 Hmm, so if I understand correctly, my brain is actively searching for source of dopamine and thats why i cant keep my atention for long? Boring information from lectures, studying books doesn't provide dopamine and this is the reason why I loose my concentration, start daydreaming? Correct me if i am wrong
  9. @ketias For loosing that belly you need to fix 2 things: fitness activity and diet For fitness activity try jogging or downloading sports apps. Some programs (like samsung health) tracks how many foot steps you go everyday, so try walking 6k steps daily. It will help not only loosing some calories, but also with spending free time. And for diet, try eating a little bit more healthy!(i know, it sounds to obvious). But you should change one thing at a time, dont try to cut all junk and unhealthy food suddenly. After day or two you will break down and start eating everything again. To avoid this, start changing only breakfast for example, eat vegetable, fruits or low callories food and for dinner and supper eat everything you desire. This will help to build you a habit and adapt towards healthier lifestyle. After some time you will be confident enough to change dinner or supper. Also, counting callories will help to spend free time Btw, welcome to the community and keep it going pal!
  10. Hi! Welcome to the community. I am pretty new myself (joined yesterday), so i really hope you will find your answer here. Personally, i had to loose a person i really loved to delete the games. But this is a bad example, because you still have a person who cares for you. I would suggest you to talk to your fiance, ask her help to get over this problem, mainly to help get rid of warcraft. Also, you need to ignore, block, delete all your gaming friends, because i think they have a big influence why you keep coming back. How to have the guts to do that? I can't answer right now, because as i said, i am new myself. Anyways, first step is realisation that you have a problem and hey, you made a progress by actively seeking for help and joining us.
  11. Hello, In my last two years of life, i have noticed that i am suffering from severe distraction. I became very easily distracted and confused. Sometimes I spend 10-20 minutes reading same page, othertimes i forget important information told by person seconds later. Also, I can't hold my attention for long then i am listening to lectures and tend to zone out very quickly. Often forget visiting shop, library to buy groceries or return the book. Talking with people becomes chore after one hour and my brain starts to ignore them. During critical situations i am very prone to panicking, even though, i know whole procedure step by step, but i just forget everything at that moment. So I wonder, if i am the only person suffering from this lack of attention? Is this thing irreversible? Are there any methods to improve attention? Because i am pretty sure, that gaming destroyed this "system" and it is not related to my age(21) or genes
  12. Welcome to the Club! I am pretty new myself. ? Also, that part with crowbar was hilarious. Hope this place would help you to overcome gaming.
  13. Thanks for support! It means a lot for me at tough time like this.
  14. Hey Lea! I am a new member myself, who just joined this community and quit gaming yesterday. I ll be looking forward reading your journal and following your path. Btw, how about introducing sports in your life? I know it is not your thing, but swimming looks like a great hobby you could do or some short training excercises at home. I have started doing pushups daily myself. Only did 20, but hey, progress is still progress, no matter how small it is. Already i feel more confident! Feel free to pm me if you just need a friendly talk.
  15. Hello, I am 21 year old guy from Lithuania who is studying medicine and I am a gaming addict. In short, my problems with controling gaming started in 6th grade. I was bullied for my physical appearance, so i started using computer to escape my problems. I was spending 12 hours daily and missed 1/4 of my lessons every year.. Well, this was no good for me, because i have developed a severe anxiety being around people and lost all of my friends. Even now, writting this i feel anxiety... Anyways, I was living in alternate reality, in strategy offline games with no real people... Also many health problems, like deppresion, eye problems and anothers, started to appear later in life. But somehow, i got myself in medical university. I thought i ll have better life in there, but soon I realised that being a Doctor requires good communication skills, which i lack. So, as time passed, my fellow students abandoned me, because i couldn't hold a normal conversation with them. Whole gaming thing became even more severe... During summer or winter breaks i was wasting 14 hours on computer and plus 2-3 hours on mobile phone daily... Finally, somehow i thought finding a gf will solve everything, so I downloaded a dating app. After dozens of unlucky attempts found one girl i really liked. We were chating, talking through mobile phone almost non stop and it was first time I felt happy in my life... But we needed to meet and I was afraid to fuck things up... so as weeks, months, almost year has passed, I started to playing huge amount of hours again, she lost intereset in me and left for another guy. This was breaking point for me, i went to depression, anger, suicidal thoughts, but at this moment I realised, who is my true enemy - gaming. So, my main goal would be to repair my communication skills (mainly to loose anxiety being around people) and even some health aspects which were damaged by computer And secondary goal would be to become huge part of this community and help other people to overcome this addiction But first, I am still a patient, who have failed to quit gaming month ago and my second attempt started yesterday, but this time i deleted all 340 gb worth of games and started to seek help in this community, so I feel positive about this!