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  1. ketias

    Attempt #2

    Damit!!! i hate myself at times...... I was so sure i learned from my previous mistake. 3 weeks i made it with few urges..... searched for something work related on google.....fell over another news post..... a link.....ended up on a twitch stream for Elder scrolls online.... closed it down and got some dinner. next morning i had played 9 hours of the damn game.... right back where i started. GRRRRRR...... and now its been daily for 2 weeks. Why must i fail every time i'm close to a month, its like a i lag the energy to start doing something else for to long and end up dropping back to gaming again.
  2. ketias

    Attempt #2

    We need a chrome add on to filter out all banners, posts and news about games. I feel no matter where I go it's screaming games right in my face. YouTube is absolutely terrible at it as well as Facebook. ? Got a long weekend ahead of me, due to holidays. First long weekend after I quit again and it was a long weekend that was the cause of me trying to play a little last time. Will try to stay busy and away from the computer. ?
  3. I would tell myself, that in game achievements does not benefit real life and hiding from real life problems in a game, only lasts until the game gets boring. Most importantly, spent time with family, cause one days it's to late and now I can live with the regrets for the rest of my life.
  4. be careful though, i tried that with GTA V cause i found it boring fast, but it quickly turned from GTA to another game and another and another and then i was back to gaming 15 hours a day. ? I know it can be different from person to person, but for me it was all or nothing, there seemed to be no middle ground.
  5. ketias

    Attempt #2

    thanks ? The second time around here i at least know how easy it was to fall back again, before i was sure only an hour gaming wasn't going to hurt. This time around i know there is no such thing as "only an hour". ?
  6. ketias

    Attempt #2

    we gotta fight those urges ? Be strong!!!
  7. ketias

    Attempt #2

    weeks just fly by. today was the return of the gaming urges though, feel a bit under the weather, 0 energy and then the urges came to slack and play a game. trying to keep it off with watching a movie ? gotta make it.
  8. starting over in, attempty nr 2 ?
  9. ketias

    Attempt #2

    oh my, i just realized its been a week already and without any urge to even play. i think before when i was trying to force myself into doing other stuff to pass the time, it didn't work out as planned. Now that i am just going about the day, doing whatever comes up, it feels much less overwhelming. 7 days down, 83 to go.
  10. It is my second attempt at quitting, where the first time failed, cause i tried to keep gaming to just weekends. But that quickly turned into all weekend, every day, all week, non stop.... Now im a week in again, but back then and now, i can see the early changes being that i tend to hangout more with family and friends, where i before would hangout for 30-45min and then start thinking of an excuse to go home, so i could play computer before the day was over (thought still being 8-12 left of the day) ? Other then that, its just the small things, like keeping the apartment looking good, before it was easy to say "naa ill do it tomorrow.....and then the next day, say the same thing", until i was expecting company and having to run around like a madman trying to clean up before they arrived hehe so in short, I have more time with family and friends and i have more time to get things done, rather than pushing them forward. ?
  11. ketias

    Attempt #2

    Thanks ? and good tip.
  12. ketias

    Attempt #2

    First attempt seemed to go great, but a dumb decision to try and just play on Sundays, quickly turned in to daily and then all day.... This time I won't get and force myself into new hobbies, which I think was part of me getting bored of it fast. I'll take a day at the time and see what interests present themselves. First focus is cleaning the apartment again, study for drivers licens, which failed and treats got to old due to gaming, so it's back to page 1 and Fitness.
  13. Yaa.... I failed ? Sick, bored, quick peep in a game.... A month later and roughly 6 hours a day, 15-16 in weekends.... Why must I do this to myself... ?
  14. DAY 22 - Time I woke up: 05:00 AM Time I went to sleep yesterday: 11.00 PM Goals:  Making the apartment, presentable again. - In Progress! (pending new furniture) Drivers License - In Progress! Learning French - Getting in better shape - In Progress! Walk at least 6k steps per day 1h Fitness per day Start Playing Golf again Socialize Made a big mistake today, that almost had me reset to Day 0. I ended up logging into a game, in order to transfer a deed to some friends i used to play a game with, in order for them to not lose it, being in the middle of their town area. The transfer was not hard, i did it, logged out and deleted the game again, but all day i have had that damn game in my head, like "could i maybe keep it to just an hour....", missing the feeling of making stuff in the game. baaaaad cravings today and just proves to myself that not even a peep in a game, is a good idea. ?
  15. nice ? thanks for both suggestions.
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